Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence

Press Release - As usual, Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support the academic success of young people. Among other things, the organization is integrating new functionalities related to artificial intelligence into its Web platform. 

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Press Release - After two years of absence due to COVID-19, the ministerial tests are back this year at the elementary and secondary levels. As usual, Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support academic success, including new features related to artificial intelligence to its web platform. 

"Assessments can be a source of stress for young people and their parents, especially after the last two school years turned upside down by COVID. Alloprof is always there to support them, especially with interactive recoveries, the MiniRecupsand more than 700 online exercisesThe purpose of the program is to encourage the children and facilitate the revision of the notions they did not understand beforehand", explains Annie Harvey, columnist at Alloprof

A faster, more personalized experience for students 

Just in time for the final end-of-year sprint, Alloprof has enhanced some of its tools with artificial intelligence (AI) to help young people overcome their challenges even faster.

As part of its association with theInstitute for the Valorization of Data of MontrealAlloprof has been able to conduct two AI projects with teams of university students. The first, set up with the Polytechnique, is a recommendation engine which automatically provides explanations related to the questions asked by the students on the Mutual aid zone. This feature aims to speed up the resolution of the problem encountered by the student, a particularly important gain in periods of intensive revision.

The second AI project, developed with the École de technologie supérieure, is a voice synthesizer that "reads" out loud educational resources from the Alloprof website, especially for young people with reading difficulties or who want to learn differently. 

"In Quebec, there are many leading players in high technology, especially in AI. We are extremely fortunate to be working with them to increase the capabilities of our learning assistance solutions. With their contribution, Alloprof has the greatest ambitions for the success of our students," said Marc-Antoine Tanguay, spokesperson for Alloprof. 

"As the school year draws to a close and some semblance of normalcy returns, it is essential for our government to put in place all possible means to help Quebec students better cope with the exam period. Alloprof has been a key player during the pandemic to develop various innovative ways to promote academic success. We are pleased to support the development of the organization's new resources and functionalities, which are in line with the unprecedented digital shift that the Ministry of Education and the school network are undertaking for the next few years. Taking advantage of the latest technologies to help students experiencing academic difficulties is a promising avenue that we wish to encourage," added Jean-François Roberge, Quebec's Minister of Education. 

Various and adapted tools 

Alloprof offers a wide range oftips for a successful study session and reminds us that its team of teachers is available to answer academic questions Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. by text, chat or phone.

It is also possible to ask questions seven days a week on the Mutual aid zone. Not to mention that the site offers revision directories by level and by subject, more than 700 exercises as well as several videos called MiniRecups that allow you to review the material in 30 minutes. Finally, Alloprof's CyberReviews go a little more in depth and cover the material for the major ministry exams. 

The Alloprof Parents section also offers a folder to help parents guide their children through the end-of-year exam period. It includes a complete schedule of departmental tests by grade and subject, activities to reduce stress, study planning resources and tools such as mind maps and timelines to help retain information. 

About Alloprof 

Alloprof engages Quebec students and their parents in educational success by providing free, professional and stimulating tutoring services. This year, the organization will have helped over 550,000 students, 60 million times. The organization is supported by many generous partners, including the Government of Quebec, Rio Tinto, Fondation Desjardins, the Pathy Family Foundation, the Trottier Family Foundation, the TELUS Foundation for a Better Future, the National Bank, RBC Royal Bank, the Valero Energy Foundation of Canada, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, SNC-Lavalin, Ubisoft, Hydro-Quebec, Rogers and Télé-Québec. To see all the partners, Click here.

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