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3 steps to successful backward planning

The beginning of the school year means lesson planning for teachers. Have you ever thought about starting with assessment? Backward planning would be appropriate to promote learning (Wiggins & McTighe, 1998). This planning should focus on three main areas: the assessment objectives (learning targets) to be achieved, the assessment methods to be chosen, and the instructional methods to be used.

3 examples of virtual schools that work

"Virtual school is not for everyone, but let's face it, school is not for everyone either," says Marie-Claude Harnois, executive director of Étude Secours, an online educational service that allows high school students to complete certain core courses. She participated in the presentation of various virtual school projects at the most recent Digital Education Summit.

4 key elements to plan effective techno-pedagogical training

After a forced adjustment for teachers in the use of digital tools during the pandemic at Covid-19, the return to the classroom for 21-22 has come in different ways for many in terms of digital. More than ever, it will be important for schools to maximize digital teacher trainings to counteract the growing digital divide in education.

The #Édubrèves - September 20, 2022 edition

Here are your #Edubrèves. In this edition: a new information site for 8-12 year olds, beware of nostalgia, school helpers are 15 years old, inspiring initiatives in education, professional development opportunities, interactive and live virtual field trips, a study on the new Quebec Culture and Citizenship course, the RÉCIT in numbers, and much more!

Thinking now about the potential of metavers in education

You hear the expression metavers and you smile? Wait a minute! These new digital collaboration environments could well offer opportunities for the world of education... and this, in a not so distant future. Here's an overview with Alexandre Chenette, Marie-Eve Lapolice and Benoît Petit.

💬 Chronicles

Fall issue of École branchée magazine: Spotlight on research - When digital technology supports educational practices

There has never been so much talk about research in education and the importance of enhancing experiential knowledge by using evidence to guide teaching practices and evaluate the effectiveness of certain interventions. In the Fall 2022 issue of the magazine, École branchée explores recent findings where learning is supported by uses of digital tools.

Quebec Principals' Week: Exceptional leadership sought!

The Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE) and the Fédération québécoise des directions d'établissement d'enseignement (FQDE), in partnership with École branchée, are launching an initiative that will highlight the achievements of school principals and recognize their outstanding work.

École branchée's Executive Director joins the Quebec Order of Excellence in Education

On May 30, 2022, 44 new individuals joined the ranks of the Quebec Order of Excellence in Education. Among them, the Executive Director of École branchée, Audrey Miller. The entire team would like to highlight this well-deserved recognition.

🙌 News from network partners

Lü donates technology products to schools in La Tuque and Repentigny

News Release - Two Quebec schools can now offer an immersive learning experience to their students thanks to the donation of systems by Lü Aire de jeu interactive. The Quebec City-based start-up is transforming school gyms into interactive educational experiences that promote learning, movement and collaboration.

Education: not much of a campaign issue

Quebecers will be called to vote on October 3, 2022. The election campaign is in full swing between now and then. Groups have recently come out to ask the various political parties to make more room for education in their proposals.

A free interactive educational platform to bring Riopelle to schools across Canada

Press Release - The Riopelle Foundation launches the Studio Riopelle educational platform, which will allow teachers in Canada to discover the work and vision of world-renowned artist Jean-Paul Riopelle.

A laboratory of innovations at the service of teachers

Our contributor presents a testimonial on how the staff of the Moser School, a trilingual educational institution for students aged 8 to 18, in Switzerland, has weathered the pandemic and has perpetuated the use of digital technology, in particular by setting up a Teams space dedicated to sharing content among teachers.

GIS for learning anchored in the environment

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are part of our lives on a daily basis. They are particularly useful for stimulating and motivating young people to learn through concrete and dynamic projects. What place could they take in education?

The wheel of educational innovation

Innovation is about successfully implementing a new idea and creating value. Creativity is not the same as innovation. Creativity means coming up with a new idea. Innovation is taking that novel idea, engaging in a problem-solving process, and creating value.

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Back to school: the parent-child contract for healthy technology use

Going back to school becomes an opportunity to return to a certain family routine. In many families, this is also the time to establish rules for children's screen time. The parent-child contract becomes a concrete tool to formalize these rules and allows a dialogue between parents and children around these rules.

Resources for teaching online

Like it or not, distance education will continue to be a part of the reality of many schools for months to come, whether through a widespread distance switch announcement or the closure of targeted classes. We have therefore decided to group together here a selection of our articles related to online education.

Co-teaching to stimulate the taste for writing in 2nd year: a challenge taken up by two teachers… from two different schools!

Tanya and Janie, from CSS des Sommets, fell in love with education. By working together, each in their own school, they simplified their teaching task, in addition to making their students' writing process even more meaningful and stimulating. Their collaboration enriches their teaching and assessment practice, while increasing their professional motivation and their impact on their students' learning.

Testimonial: Stepping out of the box to evaluate differently

Annie Guay, teacher and educational leader at L'Accueil de Scott school, shares with us the results of an approach that has led to the implementation of new assessment practices in her community.

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After COVID-19… Reboot or Reinvent?

How can we take advantage of the experience of spring 2020 as a lever towards improving pedagogy in our schools? Consolidating and reflecting on what we have learned in order to draw lessons from it is already preparing for the next school year. The RÉCIT private education team offers you four main recommendations, drawn from its support during the COVID-19 crisis, which will allow you to improve your school's teaching practices.

Online Speaker's Guide to Better Engage Your Audience

Are you preparing for an online training or conference? This new guide aims to equip you to promote interaction with your audience in a remote presentation context. You will be able to maximize your experience as a speaker as well as that of your participants!

Revisiting the SAMR Model for ICT Integration and Action Learning

While there are many frameworks for effective ICT integration in education, the SAMR model is one of the most widely used. It is not perfect for guiding the effective implementation of all technology initiatives, but it does give a good idea of what not to do! The International Center for Educational Leadership's Rigor and Relevance Framework focuses on what the learner does rather than the technology. Although there is no perfect alignment between the two models, Eric Sheninger proposes an interesting form of alignment.

Web Exclusive Articles - EngagED Learning magazine Vol. 2 no 1 (Fall 2022)

This document contains links to web-exclusive articles to complement the Fall 2022 issue of EngagED Learning Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 1.

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Combining academic and culinary learning is possible!

Marie-Claude Bernard, technician in nutrition and food management at the Pavillon du Millénaire (CS des Rives-du-Saguenay), presents the workshops and projects aimed at educating young people in healthy lifestyles.

Unleash children's creativity with digital technology

On the occasion of the 6th Digital Education Summit, we met Paul Carrière, plastic arts teacher at the FACE school of the CSDM, who shares with us his strategies for developing both artistic and digital skills in students. .

An entrepreneurial project to rekindle the scientific flame

On the occasion of the CréaCamp on May 17 in Valcartier, we met Pierre-Olivier Cloutier and his secondary 5 students from Mont-Saint-Sacrement school who spoke to us about their entrepreneurial outdoor classroom project focusing on collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

AQUOPS: a place to be inspired and live the passion of teaching

On the occasion of the 37th AQUOPS conference, we met Suzanne Dansereau, retired teacher and volunteer committed to the workshop selection committee, who shares with us her affection for this unmissable event for teaching enthusiasts and educational technologies.

Back to school: the parent-child contract for healthy technology use

Going back to school becomes an opportunity to return to a certain family routine. In many families, this is also the time to establish rules for children's screen time. The parent-child contract becomes a concrete tool to formalize these rules and allows a dialogue between parents and children around these rules. launches a crowdfunding campaign to improve its platform

News Release - is a free, independent and inclusive online research platform helping parents choose a high school for their children based on their needs and interests. The crowdfunding campaign will, among other things, improve the user experience of the platform and develop a tool to measure the level of happiness in schools.

Co-education: positive benefits for teachers

After unveiling the results of a survey about coeducation conducted in France recently, Editions Nathan brought together parents and teachers in a round table to discuss concrete coeducation actions that they have put in place to strengthen the school-family bond. We present to you a summary of the discussions.

Co-education, crossed views of teachers and parents

Editions Nathan unveiled the results of a major survey conducted in France on coeducation. It emerges that the definition of parent-teacher co-education is not the same on both sides. Nevertheless, a consensus emerges: "We must find ways of doing things together". 

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