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3 strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school

At the opening of the Digital Education Summit, Alexandre Chenette, Annie Turbide, Marjorie Paradis and Alexandre Lanoix proposed three strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school. We present them to you.

The #Édubrèves - May 24, 2022 edition

Happy Tuesday! In this edition of #EdSchools: REFAD's Grand Gathering, poetry in a different way, three new words to discover, workshop on sexting awareness, the Edteq Association joins Centech to promote startups in educational technologies, webinar on social and emotional skills, the Demain le Québec awards, the date of the next #EdCamp and much more!

Reading voices: A project to reconcile young people with reading

The Clin d'œil sur la recherche webinar series of the École en réseau continued on April 20. On this occasion, the project presented was a pedagogical approach to support reading fluency in the first cycle of elementary school. The purpose of the series is to allow teachers who participate in participatory research to present their experience.

Tips for making mental health an integral part of your classroom

If the adage "a healthy mind in a healthy body" resonates in our heads, its application remains a challenge and even more so when it comes to children. How can we make them aware of their emotions from a very young age in order to manage them in the most benevolent way possible?

The #Édubrèves - May 17, 2022 edition

Here are the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert inaugurates the Alinea, socio-financing campaigns in education, Festilou, the storytelling festival for youth, the "We love teachers" contest, a transfer tool on the perseverance and educational success of Aboriginal students, a quiz for Global Action Week for Education and much more!


École branchée at the REFAD 2022 Gathering

Before concluding the 2021-2022 school year, another great event is on the horizon for the École branchée team as the Grand rassemblement REFAD 2022 will be held online from June 7 to 10, bringing together Francophone distance education stakeholders from across Canada.

École branchée is hiring! Coordinator of Educational Services

New position! If you have education in the digital age at heart, love management as much as mentoring, instructional design and direct delivery of continuing education activities, you'll be happy with us! Help us grow our pedagogical services in support of the school community! 

École branchée is hiring! 🥳 Bilingual Educational Delegate

If you are fluent in English, have a passion for the advancement of education, love to explore uncharted markets and are motivated to support schools in the digital age, you'll be happy with us! Help us develop lasting relationships with our schools' #RockStarEDUs! 

News from network's partners

Edteq partners with Centech to support the Quebec educational technology sector 

(Press release) The Edteq Association and Centech, an innovation hub and incubator for technology startups, have signed an agreement that will improve the support offered to the ecosystem of startups and innovative SMEs in the field of digital education, in order to perpetuate the educational technologies developed by Quebec entrepreneurs. 

New platform to help youth respond to online hate

News Release - HabiloMedia announces the launch of My Voice is Louder than Hate, a new resource that uses digital storytelling and meme creation tools to encourage youth to take action against online hate.

Slidesgo: educational presentations to make courses more dynamic

Classroom teaching is undergoing a transformation, and many are adopting new strategies and resources adapted to learning in the digital age. It is in this context that Slidesgo was born, a platform that provides teachers and students with Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations designed primarily for teaching. [SPONSORED STORY]

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Van Gogh at school: a new digital educational service in French

Press Release - The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is offering a new digital educational service in French for primary and secondary school students. Among other things, it presents virtual tours of the Museum and educational resources (games, interactive quiz, etc.).

Resources for teaching online

Like it or not, distance education will continue to be a part of the reality of many schools for months to come, whether through a widespread distance switch announcement or the closure of targeted classes. We have therefore decided to group together here a selection of our articles related to online education.

Co-teaching to stimulate the taste for writing in 2nd year: a challenge taken up by two teachers… from two different schools!

Tanya and Janie, from CSS des Sommets, fell in love with education. By working together, each in their own school, they simplified their teaching task, in addition to making their students' writing process even more meaningful and stimulating. Their collaboration enriches their teaching and assessment practice, while increasing their professional motivation and their impact on their students' learning.

Testimonial: Stepping out of the box to evaluate differently

Annie Guay, teacher and educational leader at L'Accueil de Scott school, shares with us the results of an approach that has led to the implementation of new assessment practices in her community.

My internships came to my rescue

This is a story about the daily reality of Ariane who, after four years of study, wakes up one morning in September, a 4th year teacher. After an incoherent, confusing and despairing first week, a past reality saves her life: her practical training! The purpose of this text, proposed by a retired UQO professor, is to help teachers remember basic techniques!

This digital that has a wide back!

In this opinion piece, Patrick Giroux, professor of educational technologies, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, Jacques Cool, educational consultant, speaker and trainer, and Stéphane Allaire, professor of educational practices, University of Quebec at Chicoutimi, provide three arguments which can be useful in reaction to any position unreservedly condemning the use of digital technology in education.

Low motivation for writing: a primary school team transforms its entire approach

Annie Guay, teacher and pedagogical leader at L'Accueil de Scott, continues her reflection on the keys to success when a school team decides to change its approaches in order to give more value to student learning.

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In Depth

Themes explored in depth

Carl Parent: My iPad Class, One Step at a Time

Today we are chatting with a teacher who has created his own iPad class! It was far from easy, but possible by going one step at a time.

Change of educational model… at the University!

We discuss innovative pedagogy in the university environment with Iannis Aliferis, physicist and teacher-researcher at Polytech Nice Sophia.

Pierre Lefebvre: Supporting teachers in using the iPad

The digital pedagogy advisor explains to us how the support for teachers is going in the use of iPad tablets in his environment.

Vision and action in Mr. Éric's class

Today we meet Mr. Éric, a “rebellious and against the grain” grade 6 teacher, who introduces us to his premises and his “team”, his students! launches a crowdfunding campaign to improve its platform

News Release - is a free, independent and inclusive online research platform helping parents choose a high school for their children based on their needs and interests. The crowdfunding campaign will, among other things, improve the user experience of the platform and develop a tool to measure the level of happiness in schools.

Co-education: positive benefits for teachers

After unveiling the results of a survey about coeducation conducted in France recently, Editions Nathan brought together parents and teachers in a round table to discuss concrete coeducation actions that they have put in place to strengthen the school-family bond. We present to you a summary of the discussions.

Co-education, crossed views of teachers and parents

Editions Nathan unveiled the results of a major survey conducted in France on coeducation. It emerges that the definition of parent-teacher co-education is not the same on both sides. Nevertheless, a consensus emerges: "We must find ways of doing things together". 

School-family relationship: What to say, when and how?

At the start of the school year, it is important to take the time to lay the foundations for the parent-teacher relationship so that it remains solid throughout the coming months. The quality of communications and information shared between school and family can make a difference to the well-being and success of students.

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