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Interested in fighting disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories? Get a chance to host the Rumor Detector squad for a nationally award-winning workshop series!

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Is the Earth REALLY flat? Has Man REALLY been to the Moon? Do the Reptilians REALLY rule the World? Is this REALLY true? Are you interested in fighting disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories? Have a chance to welcome the squad of Rumor Detector for a nationally award-winning workshop series!

Indeed, the Science-Presse Agency, an independent non-profit media organization which is at the origin of this competition, won the joint FJC- Prize in the spring.Facebook Journalism Project for the promotion of information culture. The prize won by Agence Science-Presse will be reinvested in the community to offer journalism residencies to three classes in Quebec.

The proposed activity takes place in a context where young people are closer than ever to technology. They have had access to the Internet to do their research in class, for their assignments, and must learn to navigate the flood of fake news.

Context of the project

The pilot phase of the project took place over a period of eight weeks in a fifth grade class in Montreal. Developed and run by a freelance journalist wishing to share her passion for the profession of journalism, the activity enabled young people to identify the traps of disinformation by debunking false scientific news and then by producing a text, an audio document as a team. or video to explain their verification process. The final results were presented to family and friends during an evening at the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve to close the eight weeks of workshops.

Well appreciated by young people and teachers, the project has evolved taking into account comments and experiences in the classroom. He went from eight to five sessions to focus on the practical part of the activity which proved to be the most stimulating for the students.

It interests you?

This competition is aimed at upper secondary school teachers from all regions of Quebec who care about quality information, based on facts rather than beliefs, rumors or opinions.

Participating is simple! Teachers who wish to register their class must complete the Registration Form and submit before 23:59, on December 15, 2019, a short video (less than a minute), explaining why it is THEIR class that should host the Rumor Detector team.

The videos must be published on the Science-Presse Facebook page with the hashtag in the comments #reallyTrue. Videos can be shared from a computer or mobile.

If you choose to share from a computer, meeting on the Facebook page of the Agence Science presse. In the box " Create a post », Choose the option« Photo or video »and select your video to upload it. In the comment box, enter the name of your school, that of your group and the hashtag #Vreally True.

If you prefer to share from a mobile, go to thea Facebook page of the Agence Science-Presse and click the icon to send a message. Tap the arrow at the bottom left, next to the comments box, and choose your video. Upload it by indicating the name of your school, that of your group and the hashtag #reallyTrue.

The selection of the winning videos will be made by a committee made up of the members of the Rumor Detector team after the competition closing date.

feel free to contact the Agence Science-Presse team for all questions.

Be creative and good luck everyone!

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