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Through the development of its large communication network, the vision of École branchée, a non-profit media, is that of a recognized and valued education community, promoting the adoption of winning educational and pedagogical approaches for the youth success. We warmly invite teachers and other education professionals to use it to promote the flow of information and ideas about education in the digital age.

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Who can publish a text to the École branchée? 

  • Actors in the school environment, such as: teachers, administrators, educational advisers, professionals.
  • Professors, researchers and university students;
  • Education retirees;
  • Education bloggers, influential teachers, consultants;
  • Representatives of organizations or businesses linked to education.

What types of texts are accepted? 

ACCEPTED (with a good chance!)

  • Pedagogical reflection (example), testimony, research results, event report, educational discovery, opinion piece, class project, etc.
  • Article taken from your blog, always including a mention to your original article (example);
  • Objective description of the novelties of your company (example)
  • Announcement of the launch of a site, a project (example)
  • Article written in an impersonal tone ("XYZ site now understands ...") (example)
  • Article positioning your expertise with useful content that does not necessarily require you to call on you (example)
  • Unveiling of the results of a survey you conducted (example)
  • Press release (examples)

REFUSED (until they are improved!)

  • Text that commercializes your products or services (for example, emphasizing the price, a promo, a call to action, etc.)
  • Text written in a personal tone ("We now offer you on our site ...")
  • Article including superlatives such as "the best", "never seen!" "," The one and the greatest! "," Finally an innovative solution ", etc.
  • Other examples of formulations to avoid: “is the leader”, “the unmissable event”, etc.

Consider our advertising options, like the format Infomercial! It will allow you to promote your project or product as you wish, by more explicitly demonstrating its benefits and features! (example)

frequently asked Questions 

  1. Minimum or maximum length Text: Around 300-400 words, but don't hesitate to do more if it's relevant!
  2. Editorial line: favors the provision of constructive solutions to problems.
  3. The text does not contain not of faults and is sign.
  4. The text is written taking into account that the majority of readers of École branchée are at Quebec and French-speaking Canada (so don't forget a more elaborate contextualization if necessary).

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Note that we reserve the right to edit submitted texts so that they meet our standards.