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5 reasons to start a class blog

Too many teachers ignore their benefits and strengths. And yet blogs are a wonderful tool for reinventing a course. Here are five reasons that should convince you to start blogging for your class.

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Too many teachers ignore their benefits and strengths. And yet blogs are a wonderful tool for reinventing a course. Here are five reasons that should convince you to start a blog for your class.

Content open to all

Parents are often told to get involved in their children's schoolwork. But with the pace of life for parents these days, it is not impossible that it is difficult for one of them, from time to time, to fully show their appreciation for the work that their children do. The blog provides easy access to the content of all the children who have participated in it. Parents can read and comment on the texts written there at any time.

It's fun

To all the students who complain about boring writing exercises and spend their time on social media, the blog answers your complaint! Writing a blog post is the opportunity to be read by everyone, it is writing “for real” on the Web, it is being able to share. The experience is really different from “conventional” writing.

A chameleon formula

The blog, since it is above all a means of communication, adapts to almost all subjects. You can blog for a project in French, to discuss geography, or even ecology. It only takes a little imagination. Take the example of ecology: you can mandate your students to do a research report on a theme of the course. Blogs are ideal since students can insert diagrams, photos or videos. These additions are particularly interesting to enhance their presentation and motivate them to surpass themselves. It is also a fabulous tool to promote self-evaluation and personal reflection on one's learning.

Team work

Working on a blog post is great for teamwork. For those who do not know, before being published, we systematically save a copy of the text which remains accessible online. This copy can be adapted and corrected as needed. During production, the ticket can therefore be saved by a member of the team who will then let his colleague do the rest of the work. In this way, the work is truly done thanks to the efforts of all. Much more practical than a group discussion with a single scribe who copies everything!

A way to show who we are

Some students are more shy than others. In elementary and secondary school, they often go unnoticed because they speak a little less loudly than their peers. In their case, the blog is a platform of choice. These students can show everyone else what they are thinking, how they perceive the events that have taken place, in short, what they are inside, beyond their appearance. Once again, blogging allows one thing that paper cannot: showcase talent, even the lesser known.

About the Author

Succès Scolaire
School successhttp://www.successcolaire.ca/
School success offers tutoring services throughout Quebec for students from elementary to CEGEP. Since 2006, School Success has helped more than 10,000 young people. The services are offered at home, at the school success, online or in a public place. Here is a video who presents them.

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