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Nearly 140 M$ to value and recognize the work of school personnel

Press Release - In order to reaffirm and publicly recognize the important role of the 221,477 school staff members in the mission of Quebec schools, the Quebec government will invest nearly $140 million over the next four years to value their exceptional contribution to the educational success of students. The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, made the announcement today at the launch of the Strategy to Value School Personnel.

The #Édubrèves - May 31, 2022 edition

Here are your #Edubrèves. In this edition: a new certificate for non-legally qualified individuals who are already substituting in high school, the Bear Constellation in Nova Scotia, the most used emojis on Twitter, Quebec students shine at the World Robotics Championships in Texas, the Quebec Youth Recognition Awards and much more!

After the pandemic... 5 opportunities for student success in high school

With a post-pandemic perspective, psychologist and academic achievement specialist Egide Royer offers five opportunities to foster youth well-being.

Nanomonx Announces Three-Year Agreement with Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

News Release - Nanomonx, an independent educational technology development studio, announces that its flagship educational product, The Bear Constellation, has been selected to support writing skills for all students in grades 4-6 in Nova Scotia for three years.

Learning through video games (phase 1)

(Testimonial) Edutainment is defined as the integration of game mechanisms into learning situations. It is a fairly common practice in the field of education, however it is not always unanimously accepted.

Male role models for developing boys' desire to read

Reading with Son is a family literacy project that promotes the creation of male trios (dad, son, and student teacher) who share reading time at home. The idea was to build on the reading interests of boys with reading difficulties (or who are not motivated to read) to develop their desire to read... And it works!

The news of Thot Cursus (May 2022)

Each month, Thot Cursus offers three articles from its news feed to École branchée readers (and even some bonuses). Here are May's suggestions: what's new in collective intelligence, for a philosophy in action, the SnatchBot conversational agent.

What if we created the Quebec Network of Curious and Connected Grandparents in Education?

Luc Gendron, a committed grandfather, wants to form the Quebec Network of Curious and Connected Grandparents in Education. In the 21st century, grandparents are very active and have a whole range of skills that could be used to advantage in schools, especially in the digital realm," he says.

Opinion: Grandparents in the 21st Century: An Underutilized Asset in Education or Grandparents: A Unique Perspective in Education

Luc Gendron is a committed grandfather. He dreams that grandparents will find their place in schools in order to contribute in different ways, especially in relation to the use of digital technology. In this text, he proposes the creation of the Réseau des grands-parents curieux et branchés en éducation du Québec.

Meet Charlotte Cardin

The series À la rencontre de... allows teachers to introduce certain personalities to their students. Today, we take a look at the career of singer Charlotte Cardin and the release of her album Phoenix. We also take the opportunity to look at the popular symbolism of certain creatures from Greek mythology!

4 examples of pedagogical strategies for using games in the classroom... and the metaverse

A look back at Maude Bonenfant's conference during ADF Week. She presented different ways of thinking about play in an educational context. She couldn't help but talk about metavers.

École branchée at the REFAD 2022 Gathering

Before concluding the 2021-2022 school year, another great event is on the horizon for the École branchée team as the Grand rassemblement REFAD 2022 will be held online from June 7 to 10, bringing together Francophone distance education stakeholders from across Canada.

3 strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school

At the opening of the Digital Education Summit, Alexandre Chenette, Annie Turbide, Marjorie Paradis and Alexandre Lanoix proposed three strategies for developing citizenship in the digital age at school. We present them to you.

Edteq partners with Centech to support the Quebec educational technology sector 

(Press release) The Edteq Association and Centech, an innovation hub and incubator for technology startups, have signed an agreement that will improve the support offered to the ecosystem of startups and innovative SMEs in the field of digital education, in order to perpetuate the educational technologies developed by Quebec entrepreneurs. 

The #Édubrèves - May 24, 2022 edition

Happy Tuesday! In this edition of #EdSchools: REFAD's Grand Gathering, poetry in a different way, three new words to discover, workshop on sexting awareness, the Edteq Association joins Centech to promote startups in educational technologies, webinar on social and emotional skills, the Demain le Québec awards, the date of the next #EdCamp and much more!

New platform to help youth respond to online hate

News Release - HabiloMedia announces the launch of My Voice is Louder than Hate, a new resource that uses digital storytelling and meme creation tools to encourage youth to take action against online hate.

U.S. divided over abortion rights

Americans have always been divided on the issue of abortion rights. This eternal ethical debate is far from over as a leaked document recently suggested that the highest court in the United States may soon strike down what has protected abortion rights in this country for 50 years.

Slidesgo: educational presentations to make courses more dynamic

Classroom teaching is undergoing a transformation, and many are adopting new strategies and resources adapted to learning in the digital age. It is in this context that Slidesgo was born, a platform that provides teachers and students with Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations designed primarily for teaching. [SPONSORED STORY]

Technovation Montreal announces the winning teams of its 8th edition

Press Release - On May 14th, Technovation Montreal held its 8th annual Pitch Demo Day. The teenagers presented their application and business plan responding to a problem in their community. The topics are important; environment, women's rights, anxiety, school success, the applications of the young girls are promising. In total, four prizes were awarded, in addition to the jury's "coup de coeur".

Alloprof improves its services thanks to artificial intelligence

Press Release - As usual, Alloprof continues to improve its resources to support the academic success of young people. Among other things, the organization is integrating new functionalities related to artificial intelligence into its Web platform. 

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