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École branchée at the Digital Education Summit

Another great week is on the horizon for the École branchée team as the 10th Digital Education Summit takes place on May 5 and 6 at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. Yes, yes, another event in attendance! Here is where you can find us!

Print your own 3D printer!

Why buy a 3D printer when you can make one? Especially if it can be part of an educational process? This is what Joseph Issa, inventor of the Ulio 3D, proposes. He was at the 40th AQUOPS conference recently to present the device and the educational project that brings it to life.

May 4: a day to celebrate the Star Wars saga

Every year on May 4th, Star Wars fans celebrate their favorite saga by saying "May the 4th be with you!". Let's take a closer look at the reasons why moviegoers' fervor has continued to grow since the first film in the saga in 1977.

The Culture of Compassion: Back to the Purpose of Being a Teacher (Replay)

Come hear about the benefits of adopting a compassionate culture with learners. It's a key for you and your students to relive happiness every day. How do you get there? By looking back at the deeper reasons why you are a teacher.

Using Discord to create a community of learners

Belgian teacher Quentin Carpentier dared to use the Discord app with his students, starting in 2018! What is Discord? It is an online communication platform, very popular in gaming communities, which tends to become more and more democratized. 

There is still time to participate in the first edition of the Canadian Children's Film Festival

The Canadian Youth Film Festival provides a showcase for youth films made in school settings at both the elementary and secondary levels. The deadline for student film submissions is May 15.

The Petapan Project: Supporting the Educational Success of Urban Aboriginal Students

In its most recent webinar in the Research at a Glance series, École en réseau presented the Petapan project, which integrates Aboriginal knowledge into the teaching of science, technology and the social universe in the first and second cycles of elementary school.

Call for entries - 2022 back-to-school edition of the magazine

The editorial team of École branchée / Engaged Learning Magazine is launching a call for submissions for its fall 2022-2023 issue. Have you recently conducted a research or action research project on the use of digital technology in schools (primary or secondary), have you found particularly promising avenues and would like to share your findings with our readers? You can submit a proposal now. Deadline for submission: June 1, 2022.

The news of Thot Cursus (April 2022)

Each month, Thot Cursus offers three articles from its news feed to École branchée readers (and even a few bonuses). Here are April's suggestions: what do retired teachers do, assessing vocal pitch in a melodic context, the portfolio as the ultimate showcase, and Wakelet, a curation tool with endless possibilities.

Unlocking the full potential of your formative evaluations (Replay)

Discover how simple adjustments to your formative assessments can significantly advance your students. From learning targets to double marking, all while "withholding" the grade... here are some adjustments I invite you to make to your assessment practices.

The #Édubrèves - April 24, 2022 edition

Here are the #Edubrèves of the week. In this edition: the complete Press Week program, the new BeReal social network, a pan-Canadian book club, are we getting dumber and dumber, resources in bulk, the Girls' Code evening, the launch of the Observatory on Minority Language Education, Amazon supports the next generation of robotics and much more!

44th edition of the Hydro-Québec Super Science Fair, Quebec Final 2022

Press Release - The Hydro-Québec Super Expo-sciences, Quebec Final 2022, is being held virtually from April 22 to 24. Spread over three days, this event is an opportunity for the public to discover the best scientific projects in Quebec carried out by young people aged 12 to 20 from all over the province.

Alloprof : 25 years of building a persevering, committed and dedicated generation

Press Release - More than one million students have been helped and supported since Alloprof was founded in 1996. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the organization looks back on its successes and looks to the future by unveiling an overview of its major projects.

From passive to active students: let's adopt the work plan

Dominique Bernier and Marie-Andrée Arsenault are both Secondary 1 teachers at Collège Saint-Hilaire. They have adopted the work plan as a teaching strategy with their students. They shared their experience (and some tips!) during a workshop presented at the AQUOPS conference.

Queen Elizabeth II breaks all records

Queen Elizabeth turns 96 on April 21, 2022. Here are some activities that will allow students to learn more about the highlights of her life and the roles and responsibilities of her representatives in Canada, as well as learn about Canadian currency. As a bonus, we visit Buckingham Palace in 3D!

Data to better intervene with at-risk students

When Minister Jean-François Roberge announced the digital intelligence project in education a few weeks ago, the Centre de services scolaires au Cœur-des-Vallées was given as an example of a school already using artificial intelligence. To find out more, we spoke with the director general of the CSS, Daniel Bellemare.

Télé-Québec in the classroom: current content linked to the training program 

Simply find current, free content that is linked to the Quebec school curriculum and accessible in an ad-free environment... It sounds too good to be true? But that's what the Télé-Québec en classe platform offers Quebec teachers and students. // SPONSORED REPORT

The #Édubrèves - April 17, 2022 edition

In this issue: a tool for training in narrative writing, the Digital Plan podcast, sustainable materials for Quebec schools, calls for papers for upcoming events, infographics on the creation of creative labs, pedagogical inclusion in virtual learning environments, news from the Observatory of Innovative Practices in Learning Assessment and much more!

Antidote 11 now networked

Press Release - Druide informatique announces the release of Antidote 11 v2, for network installation. Launched last October, Antidote 11 introduced more than 100 new features for English and French. In addition to the features specific to networked operation, the free v2 update brings several new linguistic and functional features.

Zelexio: jumping into the future one evaluation at a time

Press release - The Zelexio platform is the first digital product in Quebec education that allows the teacher to have a global portrait of the student (the academic profile, the emotional profile and the profile of perception of competencies in relation to self-perception).

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