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Literary networks: to tell your story differently! (Rediffusion)

Discover the basic principles of literary networks as well as the approach behind the development of a first network. Several documents to help you carry out this activity in class are shared, and also some tech tips to facilitate the use of this engaging and stimulating method for students!

War in Ukraine: Trusted news sources to reach your students where they are (including TikTok!)

Young people get a lot of information through social media. In these universes, misinformation and editorial commentary abound. While the conflict in Ukraine is causing a lot of concern among young and old alike, here are some sources of information within their reach that you can invite them to consult, even on TikTok!

One system to manage your critical school communication

Nowadays, people are used to reading news or weather forecasts on screens in malls, airports or hospitals. The trend is now broadening to educational institutions. The new TOAlert communication system improves the distribution of emergency messages and alerts in schools.

A friendly programming and robotics competition

Since 2018, the educational services of the Center de services scolaire de la Capitale have offered teachers a computer programming contest that targets the deployment of a digital culture in its establishments. It's time to register for the 2022 edition.

Robots that can be used at school with links to self-training

Description of robots that can be used for robotics at school with link to self-training (in alphabetical order, according to the list of the Center for Governmental Acquisitions of Quebec)

Les #Édubrèves – edition of February 27, 2022

Good Sunday! Here I am with the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: the 40th Colloquium of AQUOPS, a virtual book club, an educational pot contest, web conferences on children's health, become a volunteer member of the Superior Council of Education, a webinar on programming in social universe and much more!

News from Thot Cursus (February 2022)

Each month, Thot Cursus offers three articles from its news feed to École branchée readers. Here are the suggestions for the month of February: Forget to learn better?, Philosophy against ambient relativism, Edpuzzle - Interactive lessons from any video.

Increasing student services in speech therapy with digital technology: a reality at the CSS des Patriotes

The pandemic has brought forward new ways of providing services to students in the public school system. Remote speech therapy has proven to be more than conclusive, making it possible not only to provide services but also to improve existing practices. At a time when waiting lists are stretching for school speech therapy, is the key at hand?

March: month of the Francophonie

Over 270 million people speak French in the world. March is an opportunity to promote this rich language .

What is going on in Ukraine?

Nothing goes on in Ukraine. For several weeks, observers had feared the worst, but were hopeful of a diplomatic resolution to the standoff with Russia. Unfortunately, the armed conflict has started. The activity ideas and resources in this guide are designed to help you develop students' critical thinking skills and encourage them to seek information from a variety of sources.

Higher Education Council urges new normal

The Superior Council of Education (CSE) recently published one of its most comprehensive and interesting reports. Without detour, the objective of the CSE with this publication is to avoid a return to "normality" and thus take advantage of the collective awareness to improve the education system for good. Here is our summary.

Complements and references of the magazine, Vol. 24 no 3 (spring 2022)

Complements and references of the magazine, Vol. 24 no 3 (spring 2022)

Additional References - EngagED Learning magazine, Vol. 1 issue 3 (Spring 2022)

Additional References from EngagED Learning magazine, Volume 1 issue 3 (Spring 2022)

Start your flipped classroom (Replay)

This article is an introduction to the flipped classroom with a teacher who has been using this method for six years now. She talks about her experience, presents her flipped classroom model, a plan to get started, and a planning template.

Social networks and educational advisors as sources of professional development for teachers

The use of social networks has become the main source of professional development for teachers, from March 2020. Pedagogical advisers have also been strongly called upon to support them in the rapid changes they have experienced. This is what research reveals on the autonomous professional development of teachers in the context of the pandemic.

Redefining the science lab to provide authentic learning contexts

Dominic Tremblay, an education consultant who taught for more than ten years in a French-language school in the Toronto area, invites teachers to review their definition of what a “science laboratory” is. “You can do science anywhere,” he says.

Teachers are lifelong learners

During a recent online activity presented by the Edteq Association on the development of teachers' digital skills, Maxime Pelchat, digital strategist at CADRE21, discussed with Pierre-Olivier Garand, doctoral student in education and lecturer at the University from Quebec to Trois-Rivières (UQTR). A plea felt to listen again in podcast.

Ubisoft Education launches “Young people decode”, a technology podcast for 12 to 17 year olds

Press release - Ubisoft Education is launching "Young People Decode", a new 6-episode podcast series for 12 to 17 year olds. In each episode, experts present new technologies that have a positive impact on social and environmental issues.

Les #Édubrèves – edition of February 20, 2022

Good Sunday! Here I am with the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: Opération Avenir, a 2nd public session of the consensus conference on the use of digital technology, 29 organizations that will contribute to the development of digital skills, the podcast Jasons pedagogy, creating new words in French, a CoP of managers of complementary educational services and much more!

SCOOP! Using news and digital technology as a learning tool (Replay)

Learn how to maximize the potential of SCOOP educational guides! Facilitated by our educational advisor Laurie Couture, creator of the SCOOP! Guides, this workshop will allow you to explore all the educational possibilities in connection with the #1 tool to work on current events in class while developing students' digital skills through stimulating activities. (Having access to SCOOP! Is an asset, otherwise it will be a great opportunity to learn more!)

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