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Develop your digital skills within a CSS de Montréal virtual programming club

The meetings of the Programming Club of the Center de services scolaire de Montréal, which we have already told you about, will begin shortly. The three ICT educational advisers at the origin of the project present the state of progress.

Young people trust science, survey finds, but situation remains fragile

The Canada Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with Acfas, conducted a survey to find out the perceptions of young Canadians aged 18 to 24 on four scientific issues. The results shed light on the media ecosystem in which young people are immersed and the importance of carrying out awareness-raising activities with them.

3 ways to unite the teaching and development of oral skills in French and English in secondary school

In this article, our collaborators, France Legault, Maxime Paquet and Dave Parenteau, offer a few ways to maximize efforts and promote collaboration between all language teachers.

Les #Édubrèves – January 16, 2022 edition

Good Sunday! Here I am with the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: resources to support you in teaching (online or in person), youth and labor law, virtual digital cafes, online events you won't want to miss and much more!

Academic motivation: teachers play a more important role than parents

Based on the results of their most recent study, Julien Bureau and Frédéric Guay of Laval University reaffirm the teaching effect to mobilize the motivation of young people and guide them towards success. “The teacher has a privileged learning context,” they write.

Meet… Martin Luther King Jr.

January 17 is Martin Luther King Day. From his full name Martin Luther King Jr, the man is known for his fight for the civil rights of African-American people in the 1960s.

Directory of applications: mind maps and concept diagrams

Here is a list of useful applications for making mind maps and concept diagrams.

How to make responsible and sustainable digital uses

We hear more and more about digital sobriety and sustainable digital. A new term has also appeared more recently: responsible digital. Do all these terms mean the same thing? No, and we tell you more!

Fostering Co-Education as a Manager (Replay)

Find out how a healthy co-educational relationship can strengthen the bonds between your staff members and their students. Indeed, it is thanks to the creation of tailor-made tools and effective communication that parents can take concrete action on the success of their children. As a manager, what is your role in this relationship?

Co-teaching: one is good, but two is better!

Have you ever considered co-teaching as a process bringing together a teacher and a remedial teacher? We offer you a text that presents the benefits of setting up such a duo in three schools, and some bonus tips if you decide to get started.

Placepourtoi.ca: Discover engineering in schools

Opening up to the world of engineering is quite a program! Aimed at high school and CEGEP students, Place pour toi's range of activities sparks their interest in engineering at key times in their academic career.

Alexandra Coutlée's top 10 tech tools of 2021

In this article, our collaborator Alexandra Coutlée shares her top 10 tech tools for 2021. What great discoveries!

Meet ... Steve Jobs

This guide from the "Meeting..." series offers resources and ideas for educational activities aimed at learning more about the journey of an important character. Here, we are interested in Steve Jobs, the successes of the Apple company and this key concept for the businessman: “Failure is part of success”.

Fablab Onaki opens up a world of possibilities for indigenous youth

Thanks to the FabLab Onaki, set up by the First Peoples Innovation Center (CIPP) in 2018, young Indigenous people who have dropped out of the school system can learn about technologies and discover new horizons. At the same time, they gain confidence in themselves and in their learning potential.

Students create an augmented reality escape game

About thirty students from the Pionniers high school in Trois-Rivières had the opportunity to create an escape game in augmented reality as part of an extracurricular activity experienced last fall. 

Les #Édubrèves - January 9, 2022 edition

Throughout the week, we felt that teachers were mobilizing and many shared resources in social networks to help their colleagues with online teaching. We have spotted some suggestions that we present to you in this special edition of #Édubrèves. Obviously, we are aware that you cannot make all of these tools your own in a short time, but they could still be useful one day.

Entertaining projects for teachers and students

Sara Hurley and Kali-Anne Monneret are two teachers from Quebec who are currently working at Lycée Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry in Santiago, Chile. They are passionate about educational innovation and have undertaken various educational projects aimed at improving education in their primary school. They tell us about it here!

Edulastic, an online training and evaluation tool (Replay)

Discover a complete tool to replace a workbook and assess students. With a wide variety of questions, the flexibility of its platform for all subjects and unique options, Edulastic is the ideal tool for checking prior learning, learning, giving feedback and keeping track of student progress from a learning perspective. 'evaluate otherwise.

Resources for teaching online (part 2)

Like it or not, distance education will continue to be a part of the reality of many schools for months to come, whether through a widespread distance switch announcement or the closure of targeted classes. We offer here a second selection of our articles related to online education.

Mass tourism: when there are "too" many tourists ...

The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand have suffered significant environmental impacts due to mass tourism. The famous Maya Bay, immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film The Beach and forced to close in 2018 to avoid an ecological disaster, must reopen on January 1 ... The archipelago has been healing its wounds since the start of the pandemic and the authorities are promising to invent another development model. Here are activities that will introduce students to the concept of mass tourism and its consequences.

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