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Quebec - Finland educational expedition: answers to your questions (part 2)

Several of you have sent us questions to ask Finnish education professionals. Here is the second and last part of the answers you have been waiting for!

The slow decline of Finnish education

Surprise! Finland has climbed to the top of the list of the best school systems in the world. Since that time, Finnish education has exercised a certain fascination among many education players from all over the world, including Quebec. However, since then Finland has started its slow decline in the same list. Why ?

iDoceo as a traceability tool (Rediffusion)

In this second workshop, it is about the full potential of the Idocéo application, a powerful tool for linking your planning to concrete traces such as forms, custom grids and more! Basic knowledge of the application is required.

Resources for teaching online

Like it or not, distance education will continue to be a part of the reality of many schools for months to come, whether through a widespread distance switch announcement or the closure of targeted classes. We have therefore decided to group together here a selection of our articles related to online education.

"Mini-techs" participate in the establishment of learning hubs at the CSS de Montréal

On December 15, a very special virtual gala took place. It was an opportunity to recognize the work of some 50 “mini-techs”, young digital experts, who act as peer helpers in their schools. This event came to close the first stage of a collaborative project between the Montreal School Service Center (CSSDM), the Network School (EER) and Grandir sans frontières.

Les #Édubrèves - December 19, 2021 edition

Good Sunday! Here is the last edition of the #Édubrèves for the year 2021. You will be back in 2022. In this edition: the climate concerns of adolescents in Quebec, digital literacy for better living together, a new self-study on collaborative work, the algorithm of pancake batter, the Essor Recognition Award winners, a community of practice for teachers who want to teach outdoors, Education Canada's new podcast and more.

Day 10 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: vocational school

The Finnish vocational school ... a hybrid model between vocational training and Quebec CEGEPs, where digital technology plays a major role as much for the teacher as for the student who is at the gates of the job market.

Here's how high school students in Quebec experienced a pandemic school year

Professor Sylvie Barma and her colleagues at Laval University surveyed teenagers in Quebec about the pandemic. They found the prevailing climate of uncertainty particularly difficult. “The physical place of learning fluctuated in ways that were unpredictable for them. They didn't like the changes in their routine and a majority said they were bored of school, which had a big impact on their academic motivation. Read for other findings!

Day 9 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: educational research for the benefit of businesses

Day 9 of the Quebec-Finland expedition: There is often talk of educational research in Finland and, naturally, it is contextualized in the school environment. However, the Finnish business community is very interested in the digital aspect in education, and this is having a definite impact.

Alloprof's confirmed pandemic impact: Study reveals that the organism is a valuable ally for students and parents

Press release - Alloprof has unveiled the results of a national study carried out in collaboration with the Center for Studies on Learning and Performance (CEAP) at UQAM. In addition to demonstrating the importance of Alloprof's resources in the educational success of students, the results highlight the extent of the educational support offered by parents during the pandemic.

(France) Teaching with and digital training: two fundamental challenges for the coming decade

While the crisis has had the merit of putting schools back in the spotlight and demonstrating the potential of technological tools, much remains to be done to fully exploit their strengths. It is no longer just a question of allowing distance learning, but above all of promoting more effective learning.

Day 8 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: the dropout of the teachers

Day 8 of the Quebec-Finland expedition: While we are led to believe that everything is rosy in Finnish education, a chance meeting with a teacher ready to reorient himself lifts the veil on a problem that is known to us in Quebec: dropping out teachers.

The effective approach to distance teaching

In this text, Véronique C. Plouffe proposes a series of strategies aimed at maximizing learning results in a distance education context while minimizing the amount of effort provided by teachers, in order to reduce the risk of burnout. professional.

Day 7 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: Finnish inclusive education

Day 7 of the Quebec-Finland expedition: What the students call the “comprehensive school” translates into an “inclusive school”. It is the heart of the success of the Finnish school system. And the winning elements of this inclusion may not be what you expected!

Operation #MonOrdiAuLycée: French high school students receive laptops

As part of Operation #MonOrdiAuLycée, 50,000 French second year students (4th year of secondary school in Quebec) attending public and private regional high schools in the Pays de la Loire region received a brand new laptop computer during the fall.

Day 6 of the Quebec - Finland Expedition: the eight Sami seasons

A small new Lappish school, half Finnish, half Sami. Story of an extraordinary school adventure, on the 70th degree of north latitude, 450 km from the Arctic Circle.

A serious game to discover the Canadian Francophonie

The Canadian Association for French Language Education (ACELF) will be working in the coming weeks on a serious game concept aimed at introducing young people to the Canadian Francophonie.

Quebec - Finland educational expedition: answers to your questions (part 1)

Several of you have sent us questions to ask Finnish education professionals. Here are some of the answers you've been waiting for!

Les #Édubrèves - December 12, 2021 edition

Here are your #Édubrèves for the week. In this edition: the Winter 2022 season of the CréaCamp Découverte, a podcast on information literacy, can video games teach history, screens less harmful than you think, the 2022 Education Games, the Ludovia Spring University, vote for the digital word of the year and more!

Fir and spruce: the same since the days of the dinosaurs

Researchers have found that the genome of fir, spruce and pine has not changed much in over 100 million years. Let's take the opportunity to situate this discovery in time and review the characteristics of these trees.

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