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A new football helmet in the NFL: a Quebec creation!

At the invitation of the NFL (National Football League), a group of Quebec engineers created a helmet that absorbs the energy of the blows to redistribute it. Let's take this news to learn more about the history and culture surrounding American football, discuss the science of injury prevention in sports, and discover other inventions from home!

Programming for the Professional Development Summit is now available

Press release - On December 9, the 3rd edition of the Professional Development Summit (PD) proposes to highlight good PD practices in the field from three angles in particular: continuing education, leadership and support as well as professional integration. Three discussion panels are on the program. Here are the details.

iDoceo as a daily management tool (Rediffusion)

In this first workshop, discover all the potential of daily management thanks to the iDoceo application, a powerful tool for organizing and planning. Include your schedule, the names of your students and your preferences to create a tailor-made schedule as well as lists, notes and more!

7 recommendations for improving science and technology education in secondary schools

In the UK, the Education Endowment Foundation recently issued a series of recommendations for improving the quality of science and technology education. Here are 7 concrete intervention avenues to apply in the classroom.

The Québec-Finland educational expedition: departure on December 3

An educational expedition is being prepared. As of December 3, two school administrators will leave for Finland to travel approximately 3,000 kilometers from south to north, via east and west. The aim is to visit around ten schools and some faculties of education which train future Finnish teachers. We are happy to share their columns here with you!

Youth and Social Media: Beyond Prejudice

Jérôme Desjarlais-Lessard and Annie Turbide from the Service national du RÉCIT, in the field of personal development, offer a host of activities to address social media and its issues in the classroom. The themes are numerous: from private life to body image, including political engagement.

Les #Édubrèves - November 28, 2021 edition

Good Sunday! Here I am with the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: the Digital Education Day conferences are available online, La Prof d'Éduc's Advent Calendar, a royalty-free image bank that meets certain diversity criteria, a literary caravan in Quebec, the winning schools of the LCDF Challenge, several educational resources and much more!

Keep Up With The Beat, a new free digital game for ages 4-6

Press release - Mazaam Interactive, in partnership with the Faculty of Music of Laval University and the Royal Higher Institute of Music and Pedagogy of Namur in Belgium, launches the edutainment game Let's follow the rhythm for children aged 4 to 6 . This is offered free of charge on the mazaam.com site.

The winter issue of École branchée magazine focuses on teaching social-emotional skills

The good news is that social-emotional skills are life skills that can be learned, taught and assessed. That's what we explore in the Winter 2021-2022 issue of École branchée magazine.

The École branchée Meetings: Interview with Maryse Lassonde, President of the Higher Education Council

Maryse Lassonde is president of the Higher Education Council. In this interview, she talks about her professional career and the work of her organization, but also the challenges that await the school community in the coming year, the integration of digital technology in schools and the changes caused by the pandemic.

The government is investing 50 M$ to ensure a prominent place for Quebec culture in all schools

Press release - The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, and the Minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy, announced this week an investment of $ 50 million, or $ 10 million per year for five years, in order to increase access for schools to Québec cultural works and to ensure better integration of culture into teaching.

What will remain of e-learning?

Pupils and students had the opportunity to comment on their online learning experience over the past year during a panel discussion recently presented by REFAD. Among the panelists, future teachers testified to certain learnings that will guide their approach to their careers.

Quizlet and Quizlet live: combining fun and learning (Replay)

Discover the potential of Quizlet, an online platform that allows your students to study and revise while having fun. In addition, it offers a live version that allows you to organize friendly competitions between students where collaboration is a key element. Learning while having fun with digital technology is what your facilitator will make you experience!

Antidote announces new products to mark its 25th anniversary

Press release - Druide informatique recently announced the release of Antidote 11 to mark the 25th anniversary of its famous software. The Antidote Web cloud edition inherits all the new features associated with Antidote 11, and the Antidote Mobile edition for iOS benefits from improvements in dictionaries and guides, including pronunciation.

When technology increases the human

Caroline Smith, educational advisor, shares her experience of support in times of pandemic and in the context of the creation of a new mentoring program at the Educational Services of the CSS de Montréal.

From Facebook to Meta

In the following activities, we learn about Mark Zuckerberg and imagine the back cover of his biography. And since we're talking about applications that are used by young and old people alike, we look at the app design process while keeping in mind the importance of an inclusive design.

Start programming with ScratchJr or Scratch in class

Sonya Fiset and Luc Lagarde, of the Service national du RÉCIT, field of mathematics, science and technology (RÉCIT MST), offer teachers and their students resources to simply learn about programming using fun platforms like ScratchJr and Scratch.

Call for participation - Digital Youth Month 2022

Press release - For the third edition of the Digital Youth Month, the Digital Spring is joining forces with partner organizations that have digital literacy issues at heart in Quebec (such as École branchée). The call is now open for organizations wishing to include an activity or a resource in the official programming.

Black Friday or No Purchase Day?

In the following activities, we learn about the origin of “Black Friday” and No Buy Day, compare the two ethically and create a crazy math review quiz. crazy!

Be informed: It doesn't change the world. Truly?

Radio-Canada's MAJ (Mon actualité du jour) platform has just posted a new series of videos on the news world. Six capsules to understand the importance of going to see what is happening behind the TV camera, the microphone of a radio or the hidden face of an algorithm.

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