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Les #Édubrèves - October 31, 2021 edition

Good Sunday! Here I am with the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: a bit of history and technology, the conference call for the next AQUOPS conference and the one for the RUNED22 conference, the new program “Manage your subjects”, evaluate using digital technology, virtual tours of Amazon's fulfillment centers and more.

Druid celebrates 25 years of Antidote

Press release - On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its writing assistance software, Druide informatique highlights the milestones in Antidote's history and continues to invest in the future.

NHL Hockey: Back to Playing in Front of Fans

With the sanitary measures that are still changing, many fans wondered if the new hockey season would take place as planned. It is therefore with great pleasure that they will be able to cheer on their favorite team on site or at home! And this is all we needed to get started on activities related to the hockey theme!

A virtual programming club is born at the Montreal CSS

Following the success of the Code MTL training program, three ICT pedagogical advisers from the CSS de Montréal are creating a virtual programming club, whose activities will begin in winter 2022. They present the project in this article.

Accompanying parents in the digital age (Rediffusion)

Learn how to create a tangible co-educational relationship with parents using a two-way communication channel, put the student at the heart of your school-family communications by establishing a personal success plan for each and guide parents in framing screens at home by building a contract with their child.

Supplements and references of the magazine, Vol. 24 no 2 (winter 2021-2022)

Complements and references of the magazine École branchée, Vol. 24 no 2 (winter 2021-2022)

Move better to be happier

The activities proposed in this guide will help your students to find ideas for preparing to move and for relieving stress in the classroom. They will also make it possible to learn more about the professions that surround the practice of a high-level sport. Ready, Set? Let's go!   

The future of (Quebec) technologies in education

In recent months, considerable efforts have been made by all education stakeholders to integrate digital educational technologies in complementarity with traditional teaching methods. This does not mean that there are no more challenges to overcome. On the contrary!

What does the digital identity of young Quebecers look like?

Some believe that, from birth, every millennial would have traded their pacifier for a smartphone. And yet, the natives of the 21st century are not necessarily all equal when it comes to digital technology. A sociologist looked into the issue and presented her findings at the MTL Connecte 2021 event.

JoeZoo, the AI that lowers the piles of corrections

The concrete benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in education are slow to be felt in Canada. While applications using AI do exist, few have any real impact in the classroom. In this article, our collaborator presents an application that relieves teachers of the heavy and repetitive task of correction.

Beauties and Colors of the Fall

Fall colors are one of the precious delights offered every year for our enjoyment. Here are a few activities which can help students realize how the fall season and its beauty contribute to enhance the value of our territory.

NHL hockey is back in front of its fans!

Even though the start of the season has not been successful so far for the Montreal Canadiens, coach Dominic Ducharme says “now is not the time to panic or go crazy”! It did not take less to attract our attention and make us want to suggest activities to live in class on the theme of hockey!

Culture and Quebec Citizenship will replace the former Ethics and Religious Culture program

Press release - The Ethics and Religious Culture program will be replaced by Culture and Quebec Citizenship. The new themes of the program will be based on three main axes: culture, Quebec citizenship as well as dialogue and critical thinking. The program will be implemented throughout the network at the start of the 2023 school year.

4 essential ingredients to (finally) change the system and bring the school closer to the students

École branchée offers you a double look at a conference by education expert Michael Fullan: that of our journalist Martine Rioux and that of Laurence Beaunoyer Pinsonneault, school principal at the Marie-Victorin School Services Center.

Les #Édubrèves - October 24, 2021 edition

It is Sunday! Start the day with the #Édubrèves. In this edition: the winners of the Youth Digital Literacy Recognition Award, the new edition of Action Parents magazine, a new series to introduce young people to news media, Media Literacy Week 2021, a new Canadian youth film festival and more.

Youth Digital Literacy Recognition Award 2021

Press release - The Youth Digital Literacy Recognition Award rewards initiatives that aim to equip and educate young Quebecers about digital skills. Three projects won an award and a mention was given to a young company offering an educational technological solution. Discover them.

An activity to talk about artificial intelligence in high school

Teaching emerging technologies and how they relate to current events can be a challenge for teachers. The AI, follow your algorithm workshop is an asynchronous activity that allows high school students to discover artificial intelligence and the functioning of artificial neural networks.

To better manage screen time, distinguish between “good” and “bad” practices?

Research shows that we have to look beyond screen time when it comes to regulating digital uses. The type of use is also important: in many cases the negative effects would be caused by the passive use of the screen, while the interactive use can have positive influences, such as better academic results and abilities. increased cognitive skills.

The #SommetDP 2021, the great virtual meeting of professional development in education in Quebec

Press release - On December 9, 2021, in a virtual 100 % format, the third Professional Development Summit in Education in Quebec will be held. This free day, focused on the sharing of practices, will bring together education stakeholders who will propose concrete achievements for the development of professional development (PD).

MOOZOOM, a platform that helps young people develop socio-emotional skills

Partner | Moozoom offers an explicit teaching approach that immerses students in a fictional universe from which they can create their own story and make connections with their everyday issues.

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