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Digital intelligence webinars that prove that digital is not new

As part of its activities, the Network School offers a series of four webinars on digital intelligence. To access it this fall, you must register quickly. An opportunity to see the digital world differently.

Autumn: festival of colors and enhancement of the territory

The fall colors are certainly one of the most beautiful natural spectacles offered by Quebec. Here are some ideas for activities to help students discover how this beautiful season is beneficial for the development of the territory.

A humanizing school year (or praise for the unfinished)

Our collaborator Marc-André Girard looks back on the end of the 2020-2021 school year and expresses a wish for the year 2021-2022. Will resilience, flexibility, solidarity become values at the center of teaching practices?

"Distance learning will always have its place"

It is not because the majority of students have returned to school that distance education is no longer on the schedule for some young people. We met (virtually) Nathalie Angers and Étienne Roy, from the National Service of RECIT for Distance Education (RÉCIT FAD), to discuss it.

Applied Neuroscience in Education: Learning Better by Doing Better

Learn better by doing better ... and not more. This is what the 7 neuroeducational principles of Steve Masson propose. In this dossier, our collaborator Marie-Andrée Croteau presents each of the principles in order to guide teachers in their practice. It is not a question of adding steps to learning, but of adjusting them in order to optimize them to have an influence on the quality of student learning.

3 tools to assess your digital competence

What does “develop digital skills” mean? And how do you take a look at yourself to find your place? We offer 3 tools to help you see more clearly.

Les #Édubrèves - September 26, 2021 edition

Here are the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: the Order of Excellence in Education of Quebec, the École branchée Reading Club, the students also elected a liberal minority government, agriculture is invited to school, a teacher from the Quebec among the best in the world, Kahoot is now in French, a host of upcoming events and more.

Tel-jeunes expands its service offering: New services by and for young people

Press release - Tel-jeunes launches the new Espace TJ forum where young people can anonymously ask and answer questions in an environment designed by and for them, as well as the Young Experience chat tool, where it is possible to exchange views with a peer trained by the organization.

The ins and outs of a minority government

The day after an election in Canada: Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party and outgoing Prime Minister, takes back power in a government, this time, in the minority. Zoom on the functioning of a minority in the House of Commons.

A Quebec digital school agenda being tested in preschool and elementary school

Planitou, a digital application first designed to allow early childhood center educators to communicate more effectively with parents, is being adapted to meet the needs of preschool and elementary school. About sixty teachers from the Quebec school network are currently testing the tool.

Putting Students in the Driver's Seat with Learning Paths (Rediffusion)

Reducing the teacher's task, involving the students in their learning and making everything motivating ... What challenges! However, it is possible to achieve this by involving the student more, by giving him the wheel. Come and discover with the help of our facilitator what tools, strategies and thoughts can help you make everything concrete and effective.

How to create an engaging learning environment? 8 strategies and observations

It is by focusing on examples and contexts that speak to all participants that we can achieve the best during a training. And this is effective with both young people and adults. Here are 8 proven strategies.

"It's a beautiful language, with superb words ..."

Do your students know that French is spoken in Canada other than in Quebec? Here is an opportunity to make them aware of this reality through meetings with francophone students from Alberta and activities aimed at enriching their vocabulary by discovering surprising expressions!

Promotion of the teaching profession - Minister Roberge unveils the list of members of the 2019 class of the Order of Excellence in Education ...

The list of members of the 2019 promotion of the Order of Excellence in Education of Quebec was unveiled this week. Audrey Miller, Executive Director of École branchée, is included in this prestigious list. Congratulation!

When educational advisers take ownership of social networks!

Alexandra Coutlée, educational advisor in digital integration at the local RÉCIT of the Laval School Services Center, leads educators to think about their presence on social networks.

Characteristics that promote collaboration between teaching professionals using digital technology

During a virtual workshop, Audrey Raynault, educational advisor at Polytechnique MTL, demonstrated that collaboration in schools (and even in other sectors) could take a higher speed thanks to digital technology. 

Digital technology is rolling out in the life of educational advisers

For the first time, training days on the integration of digital technology in educational counseling were organized at the beginning of September. The pedagogical advisers of the École branchée will share the report of the various workshops they attended on this occasion in the coming days.

Les #Édubrèves - September 19, 2021 edition

In this edition of #Édubrèves: two activity kits for the construction of French-speaking students' identities, the fall programming of Academos, those of the Grands Explorateurs and the first CréaCamp Sprint of the year, training in artificial intelligence for teachers , a directory of free digital tools and more.

New products to discover in digital platforms

A lot of new things have been rolled out recently in various digital platforms that you may be using. We've taken you through what should grab your attention from Teams, Classroom, Flipgrid, Edpuzzle and Wakelet.

Class management strategies in the anti-COVID-19 response: an experience in Cameroon

Our collaborator testifies to his experience of teaching mathematics at the secondary level in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, during the resumption of post-containment COVID-19 classes. It appears that distance education efforts during confinement were reinforced by the resumption of the same face-to-face courses. 

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