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Educational advisers have become "digital guides" during the pandemic

"The accompaniment, support and training related to digital clearly emerge as mandates that have been added to those already existing", we read in the report entitled The function of counselor or educational advisor in Quebec.

#DevProf - Teacher agency: the importance of taking action

In the context of teaching staff, agency refers to the ability to act in the school system. Our collaborator, Michelle Deschênes, presents the concept to you and invites you to share the initiatives that you will undertake during the next school year.

Les #Édubrèves - August 29, 2021 edition

Here are the #Édubrèves of the week. In this edition: The future of education, a student voting program, tools to intervene in cases of sexualized behavior in the classroom, an educational video channel in geography, the professional integration of teachers and much more. Good reading!

Debate: Why digital must be learned at school

If the constraint of distance education of the last year had the merit of accelerating the appropriation of digital technology by teachers and students, it also highlighted issues that did not date from yesterday.

What do the professional development activities in which Quebec teachers take part look like?

A study carried out among 708 Quebec teachers aimed at compensating for the lack of information on the nature of the professional development (PD) activities in which they participate made it possible to draw some very interesting findings. This dossier summarizes them and allows us to take stock of the characteristics supported by research of so-called effective PD activities, in addition to learning about avenues of intervention to be considered to promote the participation of teachers in their continuous professional development.

An approach to effectively plan your professional development

Even within a united team, each teacher is unique, he has his own way of seeing his class and, above all, his way of dreaming it, of guiding it. To meet personal and professional aspirations, it may be important to stop, think, and take the time to “align your #devprof”.

What forms of professional development should be promoted in your community?

The CADRE21 team has drawn up a professional development matrix that allows the different actors to draw up a variety of forms of support that respect the conditions and the organizational culture existing in their communities. This aspect appears vital: when it comes to professional development, the conditions of each environment will often dictate the level of individual or collective commitment. 

Chronicle - Come to think of it!

I'm still hesitant to say out loud what I'm about to tell you, but the 2020-2021 school year has been one of the best of my career. As uncertainty and frustration seemed to creep into every crack in my life, I decided to apply a very simple principle.

10 questions to ask yourself to improve your teaching

Sometimes it is necessary to stop and think more generally. This allows you to set and review your goals and plan more ambitiously what is possible to do in the middle of a school year. If you are ready to improve your teaching as part of such reflection, here are some questions to consider.

Professional development at the heart of Vanier high school's digital transformation

Vanier High School, located in an underprivileged area in Quebec City, has approximately 350 students. Yet, from the inside, there is nothing small or disadvantaged! And here's why. 

The Role of Managers in Professional Development - Turning Duty into Opportunity

The new school year offers a privileged opportunity for leaders to keep alive this posture of learner that we have all had to experience in spite of ourselves for over a year. How can a management act now, and how can it influence the continuation of this professional development process among its teachers?

One more step towards you - Guiding young people to the right services for them

As a school worker, you are in a position to spot young people who may have difficulties, but remain silent or hesitate to seek help. Here are some ideas offered by Tel-jeunes.

5 postures to favor for an active pedagogy

How to adopt a more active pedagogy which adapts well to distance thanks to digital tools? Here are 5 postures to favor and tools that can support you, in addition to training suggestions to better master them.

Shaping Professional Development Significantly Through Technology

How can we create effective professional development opportunities through technology? The co-founder of EdTechTeacher offers 5 characteristics drawn from their experience of the last 13 years. For him, the key to improving teaching is the mindset of educational staff; therefore, the primary focus of professional development should be the teacher's view of technology in student learning, not the technology itself.

In our favorites - Sites and apps to discover

Like every issue, here are our suggestions for websites and apps to check out!

[The final note] How education leaders can actually change the system, according to Michael Fullan

Why are some leaders successful and others not? This is the big question Ontario researcher Michael Fullan tries to answer in his work. And he has several answers! Here are a few from a recent conference for school administrators, which we attended.

#DevProf: Several new features in preparation for CADRE21

The École branchée took advantage of the summer to discuss with the director of CADRE21, Sébastien Stasse. The organization dedicated to the professional development of French-speaking school personnel will have several new features to offer in the coming months.

Doing math differently in high school (Rediffusion)

Discover Web resources that will revolutionize your classroom (especially in high school). Meyer, Kaplinsky, Banting and many others will boost your practice! Welcome to the world of Maths Autrement!

Corneille: the reading companion for 3-8 year olds

Press release - The Corneille application offers fun screen time around the different stages of learning to read by 3 to 8 year olds.

8 principles that guide the actions of school administrators in a crisis context

Researchers from the University of Quebec at Rimouski conducted a research project to better understand the role played by school principals in a crisis context. Their work helped identify eight management principles, in addition to highlighting the importance of leadership.

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