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Les #Édubrèves - special edition of July 20, 2021

The #Édubrèves do not take any vacation. In the heart of summer, we share with you news on current affairs in education. To be enjoyed on the terrace or by the pool!

Nature makes strong children, send them outside to play!

Studies confirm that "the natural environment plays a beneficial role in academic performance, since exposure to a green environment would have a positive effect on various issues such as lack of motivation and concentration".

New online video training courses to develop digital skills #devprof

Our team has prepared a series of thematic routes to guide the members of the CréaCamp Découverte through the catalog of 50 training courses in video replay. Discover them here! Some clues: evaluation, video creation, interactive questionnaires, dynamic presentations, active pedagogy ... and even a course for managers!

Discover active pedagogy

Through this continuous self-training course in videos, deepen the active pedagogical approach, which puts the student in action and takes advantage of real contexts in order to engage him in meaningful educational situations, promoting long-term learning, and discover digital tools that make it easy to get there.

Evaluation and feedback

Through this continuous self-training course in videos, refine your conception of evaluation and feedback in the service of learning and explore different tools that can support you in your change process.

Summer courses and remedial schooling: Alloprof always present for the students

Press release - Alloprof would like to remind you that its student support services will be fully accessible from July 12 to 27, 2021.

Four conditions for offering distance learning ... even in the classroom

Some institutions are considering offering mixed formulas, that is to say face-to-face, hybrid, distance or all these modes at the same time. But beware, four fundamental pillars are necessary for this type of approach to be a success for students and teachers.

Use interactive questionnaires

Through this continuous self-study course in videos, discover various applications that can support you in creating interactive questionnaires for your students.

Training for school leaders

Through this continuous self-training course in videos, discover the technological tools that can support managers in their daily tasks.

Discover Google tools

Through this continuous self-study course in videos, discover the Google tools that can support you in the classroom.

The educational use of smart phones in my classroom, is it possible?

Although the educational potential may seem promising, there are challenges and issues related to the use of mobile devices in the classroom, particularly with regard to inappropriate use by students. Michelle Deschênes and Séverine Parent discuss the issue in this article.

Look beyond the pandemic and the constraints

Beyond all the inconveniences associated with the pandemic, it is important to stop for a moment and take a look at the road traveled since March 2020, to consider the rest with optimism. There are gains that will benefit from being maintained once the sanitary measures are lifted.

Codesign as an innovative pedagogical approach

Codesign, also called participatory design or participatory design, refers to an innovative working method centered on the user. Despite the fact that it is often associated with the entrepreneurial world, it can inspire the world of education.

(Oops! Filled) L'École branchée recruits: Pedagonumérique Rockstar

Wanted! In-service training project manager focused on developing the digital skills of primary and secondary teachers. This time, it's YOUR chance! Do you firmly believe in digital-supported pedagogy, your enthusiasm is contagious and you love to communicate, network and, above all, conduct training? We want to know you!

Create presentations in your image

Through this continuous self-study course in videos, discover a multitude of ideas to create creative educational presentations, in your image.

Using video in class

Through this continuous self-study course in videos, discover how to create, distribute, share and use video in the classroom.

Mobile library of Quebec literature: a web platform for teaching classic works from the Quebec literary corpus

A new digital tool for teaching literature is now available: the Mobile Library of Quebec Literature. This free web platform facilitates access for teachers and students to a selection of works that have marked French-Canadian literary history.

Back in the past!

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