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Educational guides made available to teachers

The youth publishing house, La Montagne secrète, recently posted new educational guides related to its musical albums.

Education and citizenship at the heart of Quebec's new Youth Action Plan

The Quebec government recently launched its 2021-2024 Youth Action Plan. This reflects the priorities expressed by young people aged 15 to 29, gathered in recent months during a consultation. Education and citizenship find prominent places there.

Digital technology in Quebec schools: the equipment is there, uses still need to be developed

Although there are still disparities between schools, since 2014, we have observed "a significant increase" in the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools in Quebec. This is the main finding of the most recent survey carried out by the Academy of Digital Transformation.

Les #Édubrèves - week of June 27, 2021

Don't go on vacation right away! We invite you first to browse the #Édubrèves. In this edition: the successes of the last year, resources for student-athletes, the Charter for the rapprochement of Canadian Francophonies, a webinar on outdoor education, the Truth or Pandemic game. And more!

3 good things to remember from the last year: well-being, co-education and digital skills

On May 28, the Federation of Quebec Parents' Committees (FCPQ) presented the festive digital meeting. During this evening, Stéphanie Dionne, from École branchée, was invited to name 3 success stories from the education community in this very special year.

Spread its wings in the digital age with the École branchée

Our team takes stock of the resources that have evolved in the last year at École branchée, in order to always better support you in your professional development.

We move thanks to a digital path

Rue Richard, on the grounds of École Coursol, in Laval, a digital path with twenty stations has been built thanks to the good care of thirty students of Marie-Josée Blanchette. Enough to make us want to explore the outdoors!

Look in the rearview mirror: you are good!

As the school year draws to a close, Marie-Claude Harnois, general manager and educator of ÉtudeSecours, invites school stakeholders to look in the rearview mirror. “We can give ourselves a nice pat on the back and tell ourselves we're good. "

La GRICS, winner of the OCTAS competition

Press release - GRICS was named the winner of the DIGITAL SOLUTION - SME category with its Mozaïk-Portail Artificial Intelligence project serving the educational success of all students at the OCTAS Gala on June 17.

Schools invited to propose innovative projects for distance education

The Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ) invites school service centers to set up projects to continue experimentation with distance education in different contexts. Schools will be able to propose projects throughout the year.

Where does the word “pedagonumeric” come from?

When it was launched in 2018, the Digital Education Action Plan (PAN) put forward the word “digital pedagogy”. This term has since been widely adopted in schools. Recently, on Twitter, Benoit Petit promised to document the origins of this term in Quebec and its adoption within the RÉCIT. So here is where it all began ...

Secondary 3 students recreate monuments in 3D

The third secondary students of Annie Lévesque and Keven Poulin, from Collège Sainte-Anne, took part in a 3D modeling project this year. The two teachers tell us about the course of the learning activity.

It's the end for Carrefour education

The Carrefour education website will be inactive as of July 30. The Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ) recently announced that its content will be transferred to the new open school platform. For Quebec schools, this is the end of an era.

An approach to take stock of the year in order to better plan the next

At the end of this school year, the school teams are invited to take a break to take a look at the learning achieved in order to better project themselves into the future. The RÉCIT resource persons propose an approach to carry out this assessment.

People in the education sector who are not specialists in the use of digital technology sought

The Quebec Transfer Center for Educational Success (CTREQ) is organizing a second consensus conference, this time on the theme of digital in education, and seeks to constitute the jury. You have until June 30 to submit your application.

Les #Édubrèves - week of June 20, 2021

It's the end of the school year and it shows. Several galas have made people happy and highlighted innovative projects in recent weeks. We present some of them to you. As a bonus: a few finds you should check out now!

Introduction to Genially: taming the beast and its basic features (Rediffusion)

Explore the Genially Web platform, a tool that enables the creation of interactive presentations, escape games and more. Do you want to engage your students in active and fun learning? Genially allows you to push the limits of interactivity and share interesting and current presentations.

Changing the Way We Assess: The Story of Scott's Home School (Replay)

Following the publication of one of the most widely read testimonials in our history, we invited the authors to share their story in person during this CréaCamp Discovery! Start thinking about what you want to change in the way you assess with the team from Scottish Reception School. Ideas, tips, testimonials ... in short, something concrete awaits you in this workshop which will give you the little help you need to change things.

Teach and assess mathematics differently in high school

A wind of change is blowing through the teaching and evaluation practices of secondary mathematics teachers at the Center de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM). Indeed, the constraints linked to the pandemic and the obligation to teach at a distance have given rise to questions and reflections on several subjects, and more specifically on evaluation.

5 essential resources for successful planning

We're getting ready for the start of the school year, have you started your planning? Here are 5 must-see resources to inspire you!

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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