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How educational leaders can actually change the system, says Michael Fullan

Why are some leaders successful and others not? This is the big question that was at the center of a recent conference by Ontario researcher Michael Fullan, presented online by the Association québécoise du personnel de direction des écoles (AQPDE).

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 30, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: resources to help teachers and students end the school year on a high note, a podcast on concentration and a wanted poster for the facilitation of scientific activities.

A mixed success for distance education and avenues for the future

After more than a year, researchers find that the quality of online training is still uneven. While there are many challenges to making distance learning more engaging, solutions do exist.

New interactive recoveries: the ultimate boost to passing high school end-of-year exams

Press release - It is a year marked by many innovations which ends for the organization Alloprof with the launch of MiniRécups.

The people against Shell

Historic day in the fight against climate change: this is the first time in history that justice has ordered a multinational to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and obliges it to respect the Paris Agreement on the climate .

Learning and living citizenship at school

On the occasion of the most recent ACFAS congress, Marjorie Flon, specialist in citizen and public participation at the Institut du Nouveau Monde, presented some current gaps in relation to education for democracy, while insisting on this subject needs to be taken into account in schools.

Canva: a broadcasting tool with unsuspected potential! (Rediffusion)

See how to use an eye-pleasing and effective presentation creation tool. Whether for your students or for you, Canva offers several models to adapt to your needs, from poster to presentation, including video, banner or even social media publication. Who does not dream of being able to personalize their teaching tools as much as possible?

Decktoys : a platform for online fun (Rediffusion)

Find out how to use the Deck.Toys platform to create learning paths just like a video game! Gamification of learning allows students to learn while having fun. It's also a great way to engage students and energize your lessons. This CréaCamp is relevant for both secondary and primary.

Vaccination passport and ethical issues

While some European countries have already implemented a vaccination passport, Canada is considering following suit very soon. However, the initiative raises many questions ...

Your first trio for an active pedagogy, even at a distance (Rediffusion)

How do you easily and simply create active learning paths? What tools promote involvement, collaboration, interaction, contextualization, feedback? The use of the Edpuzzle, LearningApps and Flipgrid platforms to support the teaching-learning sequence allows students to develop their disciplinary and digital skills, while promoting autonomy in class or at a distance. Participants will therefore see how, from their virtual work environment (Teams, Classroom, etc.), they can integrate an active learning path, easily accessible by the student and responding to the different educational intentions of the before by the teacher throughout the school year.

New interactive tool: discover the ABCs of safe travel with children aged 5 to 8

With the nice weather, are more of your students walking to school? Help them learn about road safety by discovering Axelle and Pitchouf: on the move!

For the practice of philosophy with children

On the occasion of the most recent ACFAS congress, Professor Mathieu Gagnon of the University of Sherbrooke presented what could be described as a plea for the practice of philosophy with children.

Vittascience offers a new classroom management module

Vittascience, the online platform dedicated to programming in the educational environment, offers a new functionality to facilitate the allocation of educational content and the monitoring of learners.

Education, a bulwark against populism?

What role can education play in the face of the problems linked to the rise of populism in society, in its various variations and manifestations? Feedback on discussions on the subject during the ACFAS congress.

What if students simply cheat because they lack motivation?

Researchers have studied the correlation between students' motivation, what drives them to succeed, and their propensity to cheat. Their observation is clear: motivation is much more effective against cheating than any other means of surveillance.

Les #Édubrèves - week of May 23, 2021

In this delivery of #Édubrèves: a webinar on co-modal education presented by the Ministry of Education, young girls awarded for their techno projects, indoor gardens and the promotion of outdoor education. There are also a few more surprises!

De Marque - partner in education for 30 years

De Marque, a Quebec company, offers teachers a selection of resources geared towards student success. | Infomercial

Distance learning: between change and continuity

Steve Quirion and Danny Legault, advisers at the RÉCIT national service, social universe domain (RÉCITus), share observations, practical tools and avenues for reflection in connection with distance education after one year of a pandemic. These can easily be transposed into other disciplines.

GRICS is nominated for the OCTAS competition

Press release - GRICS announces that it is one of the finalists of the IT recognition competition - OCTAS, in the Digital Solution - SME category, for the project "The artificial intelligence of Mozaïk-Portail serving the educational success of all pupils ”.

Resurgence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

For several days, the eyes of the world have been on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Why such a resurgence of violence in the Middle East? Insights into a historical conflict with multiple origins.

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