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Les #EduBrèves - week of February 26

It's Friday and it's also the start of spring break! We offer you a podcast, a scientific educational program and an edutainment game to try out as a family next week. Sign up your school to receive a workshop on fake news or discover the 10 courses of action to rekindle the motivation of teenage athletes. All this and much more!

Espace pour la vie offers a series of podcasts and spring break activities

Space for Life is launching an all-new podcast series for children ages 7 to 9 and offers many online spring break activities.

Farah Alibay conquering Mars

Perseverance: this is undoubtedly one of the greatest technological and scientific advances in our history. Behind the controls of this robot, we find the Quebecer Farah Alibay. Zoom on a historic expedition to the heart of the planet Mars!

Violence in the schoolyard: some practical advice

How can we understand violent behavior in the schoolyard, channel it and prevent it from taking on large proportions? Here are some tips for dealing with a child who exhibits recurring violent behavior.

Recent statistics on the use of digital tools by young Quebecers

Unsurprisingly, the results of the most recent NETendances survey, which provides a portrait of the use of the Web and digital technology in Quebec, reveal that 76 % of young Quebecers aged 6 to 17 have spent more time in front of their screens since the beginning. of the pandemic. Let's take a closer look at the results.

School-community partnership: online tutoring during class hours

Since last fall, teachers at the Deux-Rives school in Saint-Georges have benefited from the support of volunteers from the Mouvement des Aidants scolaire in order to offer personalized tutoring to their students. A service that is available everywhere in Quebec for schools that request it.

Scoloco: an ambitious educational project that works

The project of shoes made from apple leather for a cohort of secondary 4 and 5 students, from the entrepreneurial path of Collège Sainte-Anne, is drawing to a close.

Revision of the Ethics and Religious Culture course - The place of digital citizenship and other themes

In a new opinion to the Minister of Education, the Superior Council of Education of Quebec deals with the review of the Ethics and Religious Culture (ECR) program, issues recommendations to ensure its success and makes certain caveats. concerning the process currently carried out.

The virtual school: let's talk about it!

The virtual school: let's talk about it good or bad, but let's talk about it! On February 22 from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Zoom, education specialists invite you to discuss it.

Les #EduBrèves - week of February 19

It's Friday, here are our #Edubrèves! It was big launch week for École branchée with the release of a how-to guide for parents that you should download right away. Get ready for next week with two events to put on your agenda, a contest for the Semaine nationale de la Francophonie and a site of fun projects for the family and the school. As a bonus, a few finds for you. Good reading!

A digital tool to help students tame their emotions

Living with rejection, being afraid of failure or judgment, developing their self-esteem: these are the situations that are frequently experienced by elementary school students. For educators, it is not always easy to address these topics in the classroom. Fortunately, a new online tool can now support them with this task.

What should a child know about artificial intelligence?

An American task force is currently examining the type of knowledge preschool, elementary and secondary school students should have and the skills they should develop in connection with artificial intelligence.

Launch of the 61st edition of the Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec

The Technoscience Network and its regional organizations are inaugurating the 61st season of the Hydro-Québec Science Fair.

Le Grimoire Spontracté, or when design thinking inspires

A teacher from Collège Sainte-Anne shares with us her experience of a creative team approach to solve a problem related to distance education.

Stress management, place of screens and digital tools, distance school - a free practical guide to equip parents

The school environment is constantly adapting, and families must also adjust to the new reality of recent months. In order to help parents to better support their young people in online learning, the École branchée is launching today a practical guide especially for them.

Parents' roles, stress management and overseeing screen time - L'École branchée launches a free and practical guide to help parents on distance learning

While the school environment is constantly adapting, families must also adjust to the reality of the past few months. To help parents better support their children with online learning, L'École branchée is launching a practical guide today, created especially for them.

Hooked on School Days 2021 kick off: One moment. For them.

The theme of perseverance school days 2021, a campaign led by the Quebec Network for Educational Success which will run from February 15 to 19, is Un moment. For them. “We firmly believe that the support and recognition of their efforts by those around them, by the entire community, can make a difference in the pursuit of their studies. "

The Tactileo online learning platform launches in Quebec

Since being kind and sharing are in the spotlight today, Mélanie Rizk, a mother working in education for more than 20 years, has chosen today to announce the availability of the TACTILEO platform to teachers in Quebec.

The Tactileo digital learning platform makes its debut in Quebec

Press release - On this World Day of Love, benevolence and sharing are in the spotlight! And it was on this occasion that the Tactileo digital learning platform officially made its debut in Quebec, promising to facilitate the creation and sharing of fun educational content for young people, while making it easier to monitor their progress.

Les #EduBrèves - week of February 12

It's Friday, Cupid is spinning around and we lovingly offer you our digest of short news! On the program: #UZPPP, registrations for the AQUOPS conference and the Digital Education Summit, Destidocs for safe travel, 50 school projects supported by the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation, the #JPS2021 will be held next week, the virtual event "At a distance, but present in secondary education" ... then we end with a lot of discoveries (including a really great free training to better assess!)! Happy reading and have a good weekend!

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