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Design thinking to rethink student engagement

During the month of November, more than thirty teachers took part in an extraordinary exercise in a school context. At the initiative of Collège Ste-Anne, teachers from several establishments participated in 3 design thinking workshops to conceptualize ideas aimed at fostering student engagement in the current situation.

The Basics of Remote Assessment (Rediffusion)

Even before choosing an ICT tool for remote assessment, there are several things to think about. But what exactly? What do we have to do? What should we associate our evaluations with? It is important to plan them well and to ensure that they will give us information on the progress of our students in order to be able to make better judgment when producing the report card.

Teaching outside is discovering the world! (Replay)

Teaching outdoors means taking advantage of the riches of nature, the elements of the neighborhood and the life around it to learn, discover, create and develop your digital skills while oxygenating your brain. During this discovery evening, multidisciplinary activities will be offered around the school, in the parks and if… we have to teach at a distance.

Formative and Classkick - A great combo for digital teaching (Replay)

Among the many resources with which our presenter has worked in recent years, Formative and Classkick stand out and revolutionize his teaching. Exercises, assessment, self-correction, quick and precise feedback; less correction and less management; more fun and efficiency! With him, take a look at the strengths of each tool as well as the wide range of possibilities they offer the teacher.

News in brief - week of December 18

It's the last FRIDAY before Christmas !!! Here are the news of the week! We are talking about the new Verified! Series, a game for families produced by the UPA, a Christmas podcast offered by the École de la Tortue-des-Bois, the webfiction I have a friend blanc !, from a YouTuber math teacher, from the conference "Young people facing the consequences of COVID-19" ... and we end it all by offering you our best wishes !! Good reading!

Why should we avoid gatherings over the holidays this season?

Remember that this is only one Christmas in a life with so many others. If everyone puts in the effort, we will be able to go back to life as usual sooner. But why should we avoid gatherings over the holidays this season? Answers in this guide.

Crimes and prohibited behaviors online

With distance education, more and more teachers are asking questions about what is allowed or prohibited online and want to do prevention with their students. Here are some ideas offered by Éducaloi.

Kind words for you, from the parents (it feels good!)

A few weeks ago, our team conducted a survey with parents to find out their concerns about distance learning, with the aim of preparing a new special issue of the magazine, for families. Some respondents took the time to write a few words of encouragement. Here are a few!

Why should we avoid gatherings at Christmas?

The issue of illegal gatherings during the holiday season is of great concern to healthcare workers. Why should Christmas gatherings be avoided at all costs? Thoughts and answers in this guide.

Call for applications - Multidisciplinary teams for the production of e-learning modules

Groupe Média TFO is calling for applications from Francophone professionals in Ontario to form a multidisciplinary, innovative, creative team that enjoys new technologies and education. (Sponsored article)

Create active learning paths with the Teams Class Notebook

Have you heard of the Teams platform notebook? It allows you to create learning paths and make digital all the famous "duo-tangs" that make up the life of a class! Here are several examples of interesting uses, proposed by our educational advisor, Maxime Laflamme.

“I have a white friend! "

Satire to make people think ... This is the mission of the project "Me, I have a white friend!" »With various video clips that highlight the stereotypes present in our society. Perspectives on ways to undo these prejudices with the students.

Digital technology finds its place in the Referential of the teaching profession

The second edition of the Professional Competency Framework for the Teaching Profession mentions digital competence as a transversal competence, which means that it should be reflected in each of the other competences of the Reference Framework. Let's take a closer look.

When the entrepreneurial community supports the school environment: a webinar to review

How can the entrepreneurial community support the school environment? Here is the summary of a recent webinar aimed at fostering links between Franco-Canadian schools and entrepreneurs in the educational technology sector who are members of the Edteq association.

The Burst of News Briefs - week of December 11

It's Friday!!! Here are the news of the week! We talk about the hip-hop group Taktika which will offer a virtual writing workshop (register QUICKLY!), We reveal how to turn into a pixie, we celebrate the fact that our workshop was one of the favorites of Digital Education Day, and we suggest a movie to relax on the weekend! Good reading!

Teacher's Tips for Using QR Codes (Replay)

A QR code is super easy to create, but the possibilities are incredible! Discover unsuspected ideas that will simplify your professional life and allow you to vary your digital activities.

The Bear Constellation, an immersive writing platform (Rediffusion)

Have you been hearing about it for a while and would like to see what it looks like? Fall under the spell of the Constellation of the Bear, a game that inspires young people to write, at school and at home. This discovery session will focus on the game and the different educational possibilities it offers, a question of inspiring and making people want to try it!

Google Sites to simplify the staff guide (Manager's Journey) (Replay)

Google Sites is a great tool for sharing information with staff: find ideas to revamp your staff guide in this training! Even teachers will find useful tips to improve the look of their Google Sites!

The Educator… online!

Who says physical and health education can't be taught at a distance? We share with you the resources created by a teacher from Quebec, who takes advantage of the possibilities of digital technology to push her passion even further!

Easy or difficult? The possible consequences of the choice of words

Many teachers accompany their instructions with words that are intended to encourage the students. How many times have you wanted to encourage your students by telling them that the task was easy? Or difficult, but that they can do it? Probably often. But is it helping? Our collaborator asked herself the question.

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