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The Burst of News Briefs - week of November 6

Every Friday, you look forward to them ... here are the highlights of the week! We're talking about: CréaCamp trainings, the Student Engagement Summit, coding workshops for Indigenous youth, Youth Recognition awards, movement = health, the free Curium magazine in November, DevProf opportunities to come ... Happy reading!

LearningApps: the creation of interactive activities and mini-games for everyone

It can become boring for the pupils to multiply the exercises in order to deepen certain knowledge. The LearningApps platform offers an opportunity for teachers to make practice more enjoyable by allowing them to create or reuse interactive and varied exercises. Here are its main features.

What if the way to reach the full potential of our students was through their hearts?

Amélie Bédard, a school inclusion professional at the CSSDPS, presents a metaphor on the theme of the balance between the heart and the brain, as well as its influence on the development of cognitive skills.

Interactive slides with the Pear Deck app

As a teacher, we like to vary the activities offered to students (quiz, identification, classification, short answer, process, etc.). With digital, in class or remotely, it's child's play! Ghislain Mireault, Secondary 5 teacher in the social world at Académie Lafontaine, introduces us to the Pear Deck tool, which makes Google Slides and PowerPoint slideshows interactive, in addition to offering interesting monitoring and feedback options.

Two bulletins this year, what does that change?

[VIDEO] The Minister of Education of Quebec recently announced that there will be only two report cards for the 2020-2021 school year instead of the usual three. We discussed the implications for teachers with Mélanie Ducharme, educational consultant in evaluation and responsible for the certification of studies at CSS de Laval.

Evaluating from a distance: breaking the circle of cheating and plagiarism

When we think of the evaluation of learning at a distance, we can wonder about the possibilities of plagiarism and cheating: is there more falsification in the presence or at a distance? Discussion with Serge Gérin-Lajoie, professor at TÉLUQ University, who offers some tips to implement.

Everything you need to know to fully understand what is at stake in the 2020 American elections

Here we are: the 2020 US elections will be held in a few hours and we will finally know the identity of the President of the United States for the next four years. Here is an active learning journey to grasp the ins and outs of this unprecedented election.

L'École branchée is surveying parents to find out about their challenges in the age of distance learning

École branchée, in partnership with the English Parents 'Committee Association (EPCA) and, Fédération des committees de parents du Québec (FCPQ) is launching a survey to learn more about parents' concerns in regards to distance learning.

École branchée asks parents to learn about their challenges in the age of distance learning

The École branchée, in partnership with the Federation of Quebec Parents 'Committees (FCPQ) and the English Parents' Committee Association (EPCA), launches a survey to find out the concerns of Quebec parents in the era of distance learning .

Online Speaker's Guide to Better Engage Your Audience

Are you preparing for an online training or conference? This new guide aims to equip you to promote interaction with your audience in a remote presentation context. You will be able to maximize your experience as a speaker as well as that of your participants!

November 2020: Resourceful Month for the family

Young people aged 6 to 12 and their families are invited to celebrate science and technology as part of the Mois des Résouillards en famille.

My 3 lessons of home teaching

Confined, Ms. Julie taught from her home for 8 days to her students who were in class. Here is today the continuation and the end of her adventures, where she reveals to us the three most important things to remember, as well as several tips and tricks in the process.

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