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Reflection on the learner position

Learning is a word that we hear more and more in speeches and in circles. A teacher can now position himself as a learner. But concretely, what is it? What do we have to gain from it?

The 5th edition of the e-colloquium opens its doors to education specialists from the Quebec public network

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Services Center (CSSMB) announces the opening of registrations for the 5th edition of its E-colloquium, now 100 virtual %.

Digital Education Day 2020 - A promising training day for more than 6,240 teachers and education professionals #JNEQC

(Press release) As part of Digital Education Day, which took place Friday, November 13, more than 6,240 teaching and professional staff from public and private education networks as well as Indigenous education organizations attended. was able to become more familiar with digital technology for educational purposes.

#JNEQc (Return to the round table) The importance of the relationship with students in distance education

Digital Education Day (JNÉ) is in full swing! Here is a report of the educational meeting hosted this morning by Stéphanie Dionne, who talks with RÉCIT, CADRE21 and École branchée. A great opportunity to discuss the importance of maintaining the teacher-student bond when teaching takes place outside the school walls.

The Burst of News Briefs - week of November 13

Every Friday, you look forward to them ... here are the highlights of the week! We are talking about the continuing EB community of practice (with a course for managers), a new diagnostic tool for digital skills, a blog on tech assistants, new MOOCs for teachers, ideas for gifted students, girls and techies. and more! Good reading!

Digital ecodesign: taking into account the impact of virtual on the environment

Is it possible that educational technologies and content are designed with respect for human diversity while minimizing their ecological footprint? Our collaborator Marc Tremblay is interested in the question and discusses it with Kristen Girard, Web developer certified in Green-IT and specialized in "ecodesign".

New versions of Antidote software

Druide informatique announces several new features related to its popular writing assistance software, Antidote.

My Bitmoji Virtual Classroom (Replay)

In elementary school, creating a virtual classroom is a fun and effective way to keep a close bond with students and their families, especially in a distance education context. Using Google Presentations (or Genially), your Bitmoji avatar and Canva, have fun creating a classroom environment just like you!

Learning how to get students to collaborate, an unprecedented training from CADRE21 and the School in a network

The CADRE21 and the Network School announce the launch of a new training course on collaborative work.

BDvasion: to get away from it all with reading

Do you and your students love comics and escape games? Jean-Baptiste Oddou, educational advisor at the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs School Services Center, imagined an immersive scenario, called BDvasion, where the learner is the protagonist in charge of delivering a message of the greatest importance to the president of the World.

The "sandwich" method for the first meeting of parents

Parents' meetings take many forms depending on the school, level and subjects. This is particularly true this year, when many will be done virtually, by phone, or two meters away. Here is a teacher's advice to make these meetings as effective and friendly as possible.

CDSL: Rethinking pedagogy with the Place of Possibilities

Press release - Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert has begun construction of its new pavilion, the “Lieu des Possibles”, which will be inaugurated in 2021. It will be designed to foster the creation of bridges between communities and the sharing of resources and expertise between school, community, business community and experts.

Cool tools that teachers can use to keep students engaged

Some cool tools to help keep kids engaged and entertained.

New for learning to read and write

Appligogiques has improved its applications Madame Mo et Mots sans mal and created a new platform that facilitates remote work.

Ideas to make your students active in distance education

While we thought we would find a semblance of calm with the start of the year in our classes, some had to apply distance learning faster than expected, many classes also found themselves in both face-to-face and remotely. Here are some ideas to encourage students to take action.

Mozaïk-Portail: it's simple!

Mozaïk-Portail is a collaboration and communication platform created specifically for the education community. It allows teachers, parents, students, management and stakeholders to stay in touch easily. [Sponsored reporting]

5 tips for creating your educational YouTube channel

With distance education, more and more teachers are producing video clips. Have you thought about using YouTube to stream them? Here are 5 tips to do it effectively!

Mental Health and Pandemic: How to Feel Better

Accepting the emotions you are feeling might be the key to feeling better. During these exceptional times, what would you like to do to ensure a healthy balance in your life? Remember, it's okay not to be okay.

Academic motivation: why do we persevere?

Although the theme of school perseverance is well documented, the École branchée wanted to take a new look by taking into account the current situation and by dealing with the determinants associated with school in particular.

The parent-teacher conference in coeducation mode (Rediffusion)

To make a successful teacher-parent meeting, technology is not lacking: it is rather how to communicate with the parent so as to develop a relationship of coeducation and jointly define the actions necessary for the child to be ready to learn. What do parents care about? What do they want to know? How to enable them to engage in the school career of their child? What tools to use throughout the year to maintain the parent-teacher relationship?

Back in the past!

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