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Digital books are coming to school libraries

The loan of digital books has started its gradual deployment through the network of school libraries with the Biblius Project.

My virtual 100 % school

Here is the inspiring testimony of Alexandra, pedagogical advisor of a virtual 100 % school. “I have the chance, no, the privilege, to accompany this school team since the beginning of the year, to see them grow in digital mode, but also in educational mode. "

The Flurry of News Briefs - week of November 27

Every Friday, you look forward to them ... here are the highlights of the week! We are talking about #UZPPP, a box offered by Les Débrouillards, digital citizenship (X2), an app to manage your mental state, a philanthropic competition and the next École branchée training activities! Good reading!

The wheel of educational innovation

At the last ACCPQ convention, there was talk of innovation in schools and the role of educational advisers in supporting everything. Our collaborator Laurie tells us about the stages and the process of commitment towards this state of innovation.

Feedback and correction via Google Classroom: no more notebook collection! (Replay)

Using Google Classroom for planning and communicating with students is the basics. But this platform contains several features to provide quick feedback and correct discounts with computer, iPad and stylus.

How to capture what's happening on screen and make it into an educational video (Replay)

Finally, discover how to create your own explanatory video clips for your students by "recording" what is happening on your screen. We explore native Mac and Windows PC tools, plus a foray into Screencast-o-Matic and Flipgrid. We also discuss other sometimes very simple alternatives, in addition to discussing tips.

Seesaw: favorite activities

Come and discover the digital portfolio that everyone is talking about! Seessaw will blow you away with its limitless possibilities and you will not be able to do without it. Transform your practices, discover Seesaw! The presentation also discusses how to best present the difference between Seesaw Family and Seesaw Home Learning to parents.

The Legault government's green plan: bold, but insufficient?

The government of François Legault recently presented its green plan to Quebecers. We are talking about $ 6.7 billion in investment over five years which should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 million tonnes. Bold, but insufficient? Insights into the fight against climate change in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Quebec high school ranking: are we on the wrong track?

Are we on the wrong track with a high school ranking? Marc-André Girard, school principal for 15 years, is of the opinion that it does because according to him, a school is not chosen only according to the results of the examinations of the ministry.

An application to promote reinforcement

How is it possible to promote the reinforcement and reactivation of certain notions in the students, without it becoming exhausting, stressful and boring for them? Technology is becoming a solution for the students of Collège Sainte-Anne.

Google Expeditions and Tour Creator: it's (soon) the end!

Google recently announced the upcoming end of its Expeditions and Tour Creator applications. Laurent, our collaborator, offers you alternatives for those who wish to continue using immersive technology to promote learning.

Mozaïk-Portail: to simplify classroom and distance education

The Mozaïk-Portal is used in all public primary and secondary schools and several private establishments in the province and facilitates, among other things, the management of learning, communication, collaboration and monitoring activities.

Online Course for Teachers - Media Creation

MediaSmarts is offering a new free online course for teachers on how to create media in K-12 classrooms.

The burst of news brief - week of November 20

Every Friday, you look forward to them ... here are the highlights of the week! We are talking about the Digital Summit, the Éducaloi Day, the 10,000 hours of code challenge, the Digital Trophies and upcoming training activities with the École branchée! Good reading!

“I would need someone to talk to me alone from time to time. "

If you were a distance student, what would you need to feel that your teacher was there for you? We asked teachers to join in and answer this question. Here's a look at their responses.

How to track (better!) without homework or lessons (Replay)

In elementary school, homework has no impact on academic success, in addition to increasing the stress of students and families when we should all think more about our well-being. And the lessons often turn into homework. Your precious class time can be better used to make everyone a winner. Here's why and how!

Google tools for tracking management (Managerial pathways) (Replay)

Education managers: become more efficient with the tools of the Google suite while having an approach focused on employee well-being (GMail, Google Keep, Google Tasks & others will be covered).

Maximize Google Disk and Gain Efficiency (Manager's Path) (Replay)

Tidy up your huge virtual filing cabinet and maximize the use of Google Drive's organization, prioritization and search tools. As a bonus: sharing tips and practices for organizing and classifying favorites in Chrome.

An online course on the dimensions of digital competence

Since November 2, the Canada Research Chair in Digital Education has been offering a MOOC (free course) which aims to better understand the dimensions of digital competence. We have written a full summary for you.

Vaccines and COVID-19: where are we exactly?

November 18, 2020. Just over eight months after the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic and a frantic race for the miracle cure, two vaccines appear to be effective and safe at 95% according to the full results of their clinical trials. Insights into how a vaccine is made.

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