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7 minutes, 12 seconds. This is how long the video uploaded to Facebook by Joyce Echaquan lasts just before she dies in troubling and racist circumstances. Insights into the complexity of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people throughout history.

Unexpected absence? Everything is planned! A tip to implement without delay

Managing your absences (planned or not) and transmitting your planning to the substitute is sometimes a headache? Here is a tip shared by Julie Chandonnet, primary school teacher at CSS de la Capitale, who takes advantage of digital technology to alleviate this task and reduce stress. You will be ready to face any eventuality.

A Quebec – Belgium educational exchange in a social universe in high school… at a distance!

High school social teachers Laurent Di Pasquale (Belgium) and Mathieu Mercier (Quebec) are preparing to experience a transatlantic collaboration project with their students around the Netflix documentary on the effects of social networks, “Behind our smoke screens” . Here is what it is and how they are preparing!

Writing on paper or on a tablet, what are the differences?

Researchers are interested in the differences between handwriting on paper and on a tablet screen, as well as the best time to introduce digital tools in learning to write. Find out where they stand in their work.

Leadership, a solution to the teaching challenges of tomorrow

How can leadership help meet the challenges of the current school year? Roberto Gauvin, with 32 years of experience in education, suggests interesting avenues to answer this question. We wanted to share them with you!

TikTok: stop or continue?

With more than two billion downloads since its creation in September 2016, TikTok is arguably the fastest growing application ever. Donald Trump wants to ban its use in the United States. Zoom on a generational phenomenon larger than life and with deep ethical considerations.

ACELF wants to celebrate educational initiatives making way for the French language in times of pandemic

The ACELF (Association canadienne de langue française) wishes to celebrate innovative practices in identity construction on October 23, 2020 during its virtual event "ACELF live: my well-being, our well-being!" ". Here's how to contribute and submit inspiring projects by September 30!

Additional investments to strengthen support and safety for students and staff

$ 85 million in additional investments were announced Saturday in Quebec. Hiring and training of personnel, maintenance of ventilation systems, school transport and distance education are targeted. In fact, an additional $ 25 million will be devoted, in particular, to the acquisition of subscription licenses to digital educational resources, the hiring of computer technicians, the training of teaching, professional and support staff and the development of resources. for the parents.

A practical guide to switching to distance learning in 24 hours

You may have seen it circulating recently on social networks: a team from the CSS de la Baie-James has developed and shared its “Pense-bête” to simply and concretely guide a possible switch to distance education. To learn more about this reference tool, we spoke with Marc Nolet, resource person at the local RÉCIT of the CSSBJ.

The week in burst

It's Friday, here are some briefs! We talk about the next CSSMB E-colloquium, Novascience to finance your (big!) Projects, a FabLab for young indigenous people, Profweb which joins Collecto and a new dossier on teaching and learning with digital technology by TO LAUGH. This week, it's not a cat GIF, but a bunny GIF that concludes it all! 🙂 Have a good weekend!

6 classroom activities inspired by social networks

The use of social networks is rarely done at school ... However, it is possible to capture the attention of students by offering them activities that are similar. Here are 6 inspiring ideas, along with downloadable models or interactive simulators.

Distance learning science: ideas and tips

The main challenge in teaching a practical subject such as science at a distance is figuring out how to allow students to experiment, test and explore through manipulations. Here are some ideas to make it easier.

2nd edition of the Digital Education Day of the Ministry of Education, November 13

This year, due to COVID-19, the Digital Education Day organized by the MEES as part of the Digital Action Plan in Education and Higher Education takes on a whole new meaning and will bear its name even better since it will take place entirely online, on Friday, November 13, 2020.

Create a digital escape game with Genially (Rediffusion)

Genially is an online tool that allows you to create interactive resources in the form of images, posters, cards or even mini sites. This training allows you to learn the tool by starting to create an escape game.

What if we changed the school? A forum on the school of tomorrow in webcast

On September 24th will take place in Paris the event “What if we change school? », Which we can watch from anywhere in a webcast. Intended for parents as well as education professionals, this meeting will give a voice to the pioneers of the school of tomorrow, to those who, in the field, innovate and experiment to change educational practice.

Can we reverse the biodiversity decline before 2050?

The observations are troubling and unmistakable: two thirds of the wild fauna has disappeared in less than 50 years. This shocking declaration of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is sounding the alarm, identifying the primary cause of this decline as human activity. It is approximately 4,000 vertebrate species, spread across 21,000 animals across the world that have disappeared following the destruction of their natural habitat, mainly for agriculture.

[Creative activity] Pizza boxes, green paint and… action!

An article published recently on the ISTE blog presents a very interesting activity to do with kids from kindergarten to grade 2 (and even older!). It's about transforming your classroom into a video creation studio ... at a low cost!

The week in burst

It's Friday, here are some briefs! It talks about 71 ideas for teaching and learning at a distance; AQUOPS scenarios for its next conference; Anaïs Favron, from the transfer session from the School to the Network; Twictation, professional autonomy for innovative teachers, learning data and pedagogical support, advantages of schools that have already gone digital in the event of confinement, issues for families and French-speaking schools outside Quebec ... And we end with a cat GIF to wish you a good weekend!

Take the example of children to have a memorable year

Testimonial from a CSS de Montréal teacher on the current start of the school year: “I'm back to school and I see happiness in the eyes of the students. The school is reborn from its ashes, they are happy to find it. »And you, what is beautiful in your environment?

Google Expeditions to surpass the limits imposed by the pandemic

Today, we are presenting you various ideas for taking advantage of the Google Expeditions application in order to forget, at least temporarily, the constraints of school trips related to the health situation. And take the opportunity to go even further than expected!

Back in the past!

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