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The 12 works of the educator in the time of the pandemic

We recently came across this text with a particularly catchy title for any amateur teacher of the universe of Asterix, "The 12 works of the teacher at the start of the school year", by Alexandre Audet. He has agreed to share it with you, dear readers, in order to help you establish your professional benchmarks for this special return to school.

Between information and disinformation: how to disentangle the true from the false

Sorting out between information and disinformation these days is almost a feat. Here is a text on the subject and a reading comprehension quiz for high school students, in addition to additional activities offered to teachers.

General culture at the service of education and lessons from COVID-19

Press release - The autumn edition of the École branchée magazine presents 2 topical issues: General culture at the service of education and Lessons from COVID-19.

School motivation for young people on the rise for the start of the school year

On the eve of the start of the new school year, the Academos organization carried out a vast consultation with young Quebecers in order to find out their level of academic motivation. A similar exercise, carried out in the spring, sounded the alarm on a major drop in motivation caused mainly by the current situation. Fortunately, respondents are much more optimistic than in the spring.

School sport and artistic activities in schools at risk

In this open letter, David Bowles, President of the Federation of Private Educational Institutions, asks Ministers Charest and Roberge to allow school cultural and sports activities to move forward, while respecting the health rules imposed by the public health department. “Not only will the risk of an outbreak be reduced there, but the motivation and school perseverance of our children are at stake in a context already weakened by the pandemic. "

Sowing seeds of leadership

[In the eye of the principal] When it comes to school leadership, we most often refer to the principal. Yes, a school administration is expected to be a leader in its community. However, should she be the only leader on board? What if leadership wasn't quite that? A reflection by Marc-André Girard.

3 ideas for positive reinforcement and better transmission of emotions in distance learning

In the classroom, a teacher is expected to use positive reinforcement, gradually giving advice to move their students forward and giving feedback on their work. But now, with the distance, things get complicated. Here are three avenues drawn from personal experiences to improve this decisive point. A text by our collaborator Laurent Di Pasquale.

Back to school 2020 with Groupe Média TFO: Inspire, Create, Learn at the time of the new digital boom

Groupe Média TFO is unveiling a refresh of its brand image to better serve its Francophone and Francophile audiences, in a context of changing content consumption patterns. Around its values: education, vitality and the influence of the Ontario and Canadian Francophonie.

Quebec launches a third call for projects to enrich the cultural offer in the educational path of young Quebecers

Quebec is launching the third edition of the Call for projects in support of the cultural offer in the educational path of young Quebecers, which runs from August 24 to October 2, 2020. This call for projects aims to increase and diversify the offer cultural activities for young people from infancy to college taking place outside of school hours.

Planitou, a school diary and a digital portfolio offering videoconferencing!

Planitou is a platform for monitoring student progress that facilitates and improves communication between education professionals and parents. Both a school diary and a digital portfolio, it even offers video conferencing. [Sponsored report]

The week in burst

News in brief this week: virtual schools in Quebec, rebroadcasting of the workshops of the summer congress of the TA Institute, school eco-financing, new French vocabularies in IT, the new colors of the School in a network, a new essay by the duo Cavenaghi / Senécal on the challenges of online teaching, the solution to the puzzle of schedules with multiple constraints, and we are talking about us in the Awakener of the UdeS! It's gone!

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Services Center sets up the EVA virtual school for students with a medical restriction

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Services Center (CSSMB) announces the creation of the ÉVA school (Virtual Assisted School), a virtual establishment at preschool, elementary and secondary levels for students in its territory who must stay at home throughout the pandemic period for specific medical reasons. [Communicated]

Prime Minister of Canada announces support for a safe return to school

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces an investment of up to $ 2 billion through the Safe Back to School Fund. It will help provinces and territories, for example, to support adaptation of learning environments, improved ventilation, increased measures for handwashing and hygiene, as well as the purchase of 'personal protective equipment and cleaning products.

The Studyo application unveils its improvements for the start of the school year

Inspired by comments and suggestions received over the years by users, the Studyo application, developed in Quebec, unveils its new features in time for the start of the school year.

Lexibar software now available as an app for iPad

Considering the growing popularity of tablets in many schools, Haylem now offers the iPad version of the Lexibar LP5 software. [Communicated]

Discover Universalis, reliable online resources

At the time of the start of the school year and the development of distance education, the selection of the best online content is more than ever a priority. Students have access to a wealth of information, but is it verified and adapted to their needs? Appropriate resources for all French-speaking clients [Report commissioned by Encyclopædia Universalis]

Lab-School concepts now unveiled

The Lab-École team today unveils the concepts of the 6 schools that will emerge in 6 regions of Quebec at the end of the architecture competition launched in August 2019.

In bursts: briefs and finds of the week

A few short bursts of news this week: 1. Virtual Rocky Mountain Symposium 2. Can e-learning be compared to learning in the classroom? 3. Switzerland: Why ban “smartphones”? 4. The AQEP is preparing some surprises for the start of the school year

Alloprof unveils a new educational and intelligent platform

Seeing significant growth in demand for its online services, Alloprof is unveiling a brand new web platform to support young students and their parents in staying in school. [Communicated]

At the dawn of an uncertain year: openness, local solutions and other related tasks

[In the eye of the director] Marc-André Girard, director of a public elementary school in the Laurentians, talks about the challenges of the coming year. He invites management to be more open than ever! “The opening up of management has significant mobilization potential. In fact, in times of crisis, empowering all stakeholders is a demonstration that management does have confidence in its team, even when there is little room for maneuver. "

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