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Netlift launches an eco-responsible mobility project for several private colleges in Quebec

Program to reduce congestion and the risk of accidents related to the large volumes of car-soloing in the vicinity of educational establishments.

Camp iA offers teenagers a free conference with the Chief Scientist of Quebec

The virtual conference by Mr. Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Quebec, will take place on August 13 - Press release

Distance education challenged by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. A teacher from Algeria testifies to the adaptation necessary to teach at a distance.

Is being good at tech innate or acquired?

Several teachers experienced the end of the school year as months of rediscovering their profession. Many will take advantage of the summer to recharge their batteries, but also to better appropriate educational technologies and thus better integrate them into their educational activities from the start of the school year. Some, not to be caught by a possible new closure, others because they saw advantages! Our collaborator Marc-André Girard shares his thoughts on this subject.

Call for collaboration: The primary-secondary transition, as seen by the students

We chatted a few times with Alexandre, a young high school student, who created a website to share school organization tips with his peers. Now he is interested in facilitating the transition from primary to secondary. Here is an invitation that he launches into the large École branchée network!

Virtual reality in education: we take stock (educational)

Virtual reality, augmented reality: terms that gradually pass from the representation of a gadget, to that of an educational tool. Where are we now with this technology?

When a virus shakes our convictions… for the better!

After a certain moment of disillusionment in which we watched in disbelief as some of our most stubborn ideas about the conduct of school activities collapsed, great things happened in our closed schools. Faced with these various successes, our collaborator Marc-André Girard shares three observations.

School 42 will see the light of day in Quebec City: Investment of 5 M$ to support the training initiative in the information technology sector

Inspired by a concept born in Paris, 42 Quebec school will offer an alternative post-secondary training in information technology. The path is based on a philosophy of learning by projects which allows participants in particular to deploy their creativity. Progression is represented by experience levels inspired by video games.

Back in the past!

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