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The Association of Quebec Educational Consultants is preparing its next virtual conference and launching its call for workshops

The ACCPQ is receiving workshop proposals until July 5 for its next conference, which will be held virtually on October 28 and 29 under the theme: CP: a constantly changing profession.

After COVID-19… Reboot or Reinvent?

How can we take advantage of the experience of spring 2020 as a lever towards improving pedagogy in our schools? Consolidating and reflecting on what we have learned in order to draw lessons from it is already preparing for the next school year. The RÉCIT private education team offers you four main recommendations, drawn from its support during the COVID-19 crisis, which will allow you to improve your school's teaching practices.

Digital culture and learning among young people

A recent study entitled “Culture and digital inequalities. The question of uses among young people in vulnerable situations in Quebec ”focuses on the gendered divide of digital culture among young people. We can bring out some relevant data related to education.

An unusual end-of-year assessment

Now that the year is over, everyone can take stock of their practice, their desires and their perception of the profession after all this saga. Will you do yours?

Leadership lessons in the context of a pandemic

How can we learn individually about what has collectively transformed our daily lives, our sources of accomplishment and well-being? Marius Bourgeoys shares his leadership lessons learned in the context of a pandemic and Stéphanie Dionne offers questions to turn these lessons into action!

Even in times of pandemic, adult education shines with the My Most Beautiful Story writing contest

In the absence of being able to hold a ceremony to celebrate the adults in training and the teachers who accompany them, the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE-CSQ) and the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ) broadcast inspiring videos that pay tribute to the winning texts of the 17th edition of the My Most Beautiful Story writing contest and to those who wrote them.

Training on the SEXTO intervention kit now online at CADRE21

The phenomenon of sexting among young people is a growing and complex problem with which actors in schools, the police and the judiciary must deal with. This is how the SEXTO team took on the mission of developing a tool allowing rapid, coordinated and benevolent intervention in order to limit the consequences for the young people involved. Training on this kit is now available online to teachers through CADRE21.

Consider collaboration through digital through writing, game creation and video

Collaboration is one of the favorite teaching ingredients of our collaborator, secondary school teacher Laurent Di Pasquale. Here are some ideas for activities and useful tools to stimulate it, in a distance learning situation.

Collège Sainte-Anne: Cultivating commitment despite distance education

Meeting with Isabelle Senécal and Jasmine St-Laurent from Collège Sainte-Anne, who talk to us about the resources and tools put in place to support teachers and cultivate student engagement in distance learning situations.

Free activity books to download for ages 3 to 9

New online resources The Secret Mountain book and music publisher offers useful resources for children ages 3 to 9 in the new Extra section of its website.

École Fernand-Seguin: A community of practice to support the transformation of a school team

The CAEC, “Collaborative Learning and Teaching Community”, allows teachers and students at École Fernand-Seguin, at the Center de services scolaire de Montréal, to develop their digital skills, whether there is a return to class or not in September. One of its protagonists explains the process to us!

The monarch: a butterfly to protect

The monarch is a beautiful black and orange butterfly; one of the largest butterflies in Canada. More present twenty years ago, the monarch is less and less seen. In 2003, it was already considered an endangered species, but with 90% of its population in decline, it has been classified as endangered since 2016. Climate change, the use of pesticides as well as the destruction of its habitat cause its decline. Insights into how we can act on the environment and our community in an ethical and responsible manner.

The Monarch: a Butterfly to Protect

The monarch is a magnificent black and orange butterfly; actually, it is one of the biggest diurnal butterflies in Canada. You may have seen one before since they fly around houses collecting nectar from flowers. However, if you were born 20 years earlier, you would have seen many more. In 2003, the monarch was already considered an at-risk species, but with a population decline of 90%, it has been an endangered species sin 2016. The climate changes, the use of pesticides and the destruction of its natural habitat lead to its demise .

Child welfare: the school called on to do its homework

In its recent report, the CSÉ describes the psychological distress of Quebec students. It draws a portrait of the difficulties young people have in adapting to school, it identifies the factors that contribute to this distressing observation, it names the protective factors to be put in place and offers recommendations. Here is the analysis of our collaborator.

A virtual camp to program artificial intelligence this summer: why not!

A virtual camp offered by Prompt and its partners will allow more than 200 teenagers from Quebec this summer to learn the programming of artificial intelligence.

Online training: social media in the school context

Social media are now present in many spheres of our life. Their use makes it possible to network and obtain information quickly and efficiently. Did you know that CADRE21 offers online training on the subject, free for teachers in Quebec and French-speaking Canada?

The Quebec government unveils its game plan for the next school year

It's confirmed: all preschool, elementary and secondary students across Quebec will return to class next September. The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, made the announcement today, accompanied by the strategic medical adviser to the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social services, Dr Richard Massé, and in the presence of partners from the school network.

Graduates' Day - June 19: let's celebrate the success of our young people together!

The Quebec Network for Educational Success, Alloprof and Télé-Québec are coming together to pay homage to graduates by declaring June 19, Graduating Day! Already, more than fifty Quebec organizations are joining the movement!

New opinion from the Higher Education Council - Child welfare at school: let's do our homework

Since each child is unique, the Conseil believes that we must be concerned about the well-being and mental health of all children who attend elementary schools in Quebec. To do this, it is essential to act in prevention in a comprehensive and universal manner. The Higher Education Council yesterday made public its opinion entitled The well-being of the child at school: let's do our homework, fruit of the work of the Preschool and Primary Education Commission (CEPEP).

COVID-19: CoronaQuest, the experience of a video game to support the return to school

Teaching students the barrier gestures, but also giving them a little smile in a complicated start to school, this is the goal of CoronaQuest, a free serious game produced on an initiative of the public education service of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. . Free and offered in 10 languages, it allows you to address and reinforce health aspects, but also simply to talk about the different emotions felt by young people in class and in the family.

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