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Motivating our students from a distance: a few tips

Quebec secondary school teachers will not find their students in their classrooms, but they must continue to teach at a distance until the end of the year. Many of them will push their limits and explore new horizons with this approach. Here are some tips, very simple and which do not reinvent anything at all, but which could inspire you in a practice which will know how to keep your students active.

Apple Education Learning Series: Distance Learning Resources for Teachers

On April 20, Apple Education launched a video series led by a team of leadership and learning specialists to help educators use Apple products to facilitate distance learning.

The large-water river: developing the feeling of belonging to the St.Lawrence

When teachers from Saguenay work together to develop a sense of belonging to the majestic St. Lawrence River, this results in an extraordinary educational project supported by the École en Réseau (ÉER).

TELUQ-MEES agreement: Survival kit for distance education

The online course "I teach at a distance", prepared by TÉLUQ under an agreement with the MEES, began last week to help teachers who are taking their first steps in the field. Our collaborator met (virtually!) Two teachers involved in its development, Cathia Papi and Steve Bissonnette.

Young people and distance education

There are several resources to help teachers start distance education. What about the other side of the screen? Students must also adapt to this new reality. Here are some ideas to share with them.

C Plaaate: humorous capsules to help teens experience confinement better

Maison Jean Lapointe unveils its brand new “C Plaaate” channel, created to help Quebec teenagers to better cope with this period of isolation linked to Covid-19.

Youth Science Canada's online STEM Expo allows young creators to showcase their projects

Your students did a STEM-related project (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) in French or in English, such as a Science Fair project, and were unable to present it due to Covid-19 ? They can submit it to Youth Science Canada's online STEM Expo! Registrations are open from now until May 18.

A plastic art activity outside… much more than drawing!

On a beautiful spring afternoon last year, I wanted to have my 1st and 2nd cycle elementary students do a plastic art activity that I had seen on Pinterest. I had no idea the lot of learning they would do that day. When teaching outdoors, there are more surprises than in the classroom. Interaction with the elements of nature offers plenty of opportunities big and small.

Google Jamboard, a little wonder to teach at a distance and in presence (Rediffusion)

Jamboard is the Google family whiteboard. Here's how it can be used for distance education and collaboration.

All CADRE21 training courses available free of charge to the Quebec college sector

The CADRE21, thanks to the renewal of financial support from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, now offers its training to all staff in Quebec colleges.

(Back to school column) No recess? Really?

The return to class of primary school students is upon us. While some circles have announced that there will be no recess, how can children be allowed to move and get fresh air, whether inside or outside their school, depending on their context? Here are some leads!

5 things to consider before embarking on distance education

Distance education is more suitable for post-secondary education. Despite everything, at the moment, teachers have to do something right, however imperfect the solution may be. How do you support your students when you yourself are confined and, in some cases, you also have to home school your own children? Here are 5 elements that could guide you!

(Column) Home apps & tips in times of crisis #9

Today, we are talking about co-education in the era of the pandemic. Everyday life is full of authentic learning contexts to allow children and adolescents to keep their brain active. Now is not the time for parents to take over from teachers. We need each other, and it's going to be fine.

COVID-19 - CNESST equips schools to reopen preschool and primary schools safely

Curious about the tools that guide the implementation of return-to-work conditions in schools? The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) makes available the tools produced to support school stakeholders in their management of occupational health and safety.

Being bilingual: not a cognitive advantage, according to new research

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) recently published the results of research on bilingualism conducted by researchers at the University of Western Ontario. This study shows that bilingualism does not present significant cognitive advantages.

A “GIF” for our seniors: a creative workshop for students that will do good!

This Wednesday, May 6 at 4 p.m., the organization Grandir sans frontières will host a free online workshop to learn how to create an animated GIF. The learning can be reinvested as part of the A Thought for our Seniors challenge, offered by the REFER.

COVID-19: a story of proteins

Public Health is doing the best it can to protect the entire population against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The latter kills thousands of people on the planet every day and we realize that adapting to health is not easy at all. What if we learned more about what goes on in the cells of humans infected with COVID-19?

Redefining pedagogy to save a small school: the history of the Borlon school

45 pupils from kindergarten to grade 6 attend school in Borlon, Belgium. Divided into two classes, they evolve at the rate of an inclusive, creative and active pedagogy, to which digital offers a rich support. One of his teachers, Jonathan Ponsard, told us the story of his transformation during a virtual workshop offered by AQUOPS on April 22.

Agreement with the MEES: TELUQ University offers free distance education training

In order for teaching staff to familiarize themselves with distance education or to deepen their knowledge in the field, distance education training will be offered free of charge via TELUQ University from May 4.

Train your students to type, from the comfort of their own homes

If you are looking for educational activities for your students to continue their learning at home, know that the school edition of Tap'Touche is accessible outside of school.

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