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Discover the full educational potential of Antidote

On June 17th, take part in a #CréaCamp SPRINT in which the Antidote software will be featured! The École branchée is proud to welcome Druide in its programming and as official presenter of the June SPRINTs!

Celebrate Spring at the Canadian Tulip Festival

Each year the Canadian Tulip Festival takes place in Ottawa. Let's take a closer look at what this event attracts visitors from all over the world.

80 % of young Quebecers demotivated at school since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Academos organization today unveils the results of a survey which shows that the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of schools have led to a significant drop in the academic motivation of students in Quebec.

YouTube channels to know in education

We asked teachers via the ICT in education Facebook group to share with us their YouTube channels or directories of useful videos in these times when distance and hybrid education are the order of the day. Here are some great finds among their suggestions. Don't hesitate to add to this list too!

Preschool and Elementary Teacher Training - An Innovative Partnership to Address the Labor Shortage

In order to counter the shortage of manpower among preschool and elementary school teachers, the Université TÉLUQ and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) are concluding a framework agreement to find solutions aimed at the development of skills of those who already have a bachelor's degree and who wish to obtain a diploma that will pave the way for a career in teaching.

Education update

Media press review on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on education.

Top 5 for teaching dance

Dance, an artistic activity that goes hand in hand with physical activity ... Here are our top 5 resources for teaching dance in preschool, elementary and high school.

Create a learning path by enriching its instructional videos using free online tools

In this particular context of distance education, many people provide their students with varied educational content through videos. However, we know that sending a link to a video is not enough to guarantee learning! Here are two tools for creating dynamic and interactive exercises directly in the videos!

Educational differentiation: a CADRE21 training

The CADRE21 offers free training for teachers in Quebec and French-speaking schools in Canada on pedagogical differentiation. It will undoubtedly interest several people, in particular for distance education.

Distance education: the gateway to the integration of digital in the classroom

In 2010, Ruben Puentedura presented a model, called SAMR, to facilitate the choice, integration and evaluation of technological tools in the classroom in order to engage students in their learning. By superimposing on it another model, that of Bloom, things take on their full meaning to facilitate the creation of meaningful tasks, allowing the attainment of higher cognitive levels. Let's take a closer look!

Draw inspiration from the college experience to change its evaluation and feedback practices

The purpose of the evaluation is to promote the progression of learning by informing the learner and the teacher about the achievements and the elements to be improved. The new means at our disposal, especially digital tools, allow us to provide more precise and dynamic feedback. Here are some ideas inspired by what is done at college.

Educational continuity in the digital age

The Le Sommet high school of the Commission scolaire des Premieres-Seigneuries has, like the entire school system, been plunged into a roller coaster of emotions, but above all of possibilities since last March. Its management team tells us about the challenges that the entire school team takes up with passion!

Our team in webinar with eduLAB 🇧🇪

On April 29, 2020, the École branchée participated in a webinar presented on eduLAB TV, the training space of TechnoFuturTIC, in Belgium.

The story of Lexibar software

Lexibar is a technological assistance tool created in Quebec. We met its creator, Francis Haynes, who explains how he used his engineering training to help young people who, like his own brother, have a difficult school career because of their difficulties in reading and writing.

Floods 2020: What is the situation?

Every spring, the floods make many citizens live agonizing hours. Let's see why these natural phenomena can have important consequences on various aspects of our society.

Pocket: a tool for organizing web content

As a teacher, sometimes we would like to be able to better organize our findings and ideas drawn from all over the Web. Here is a very useful application to do this, which will certainly be an asset for the students as well when they are doing research.

New CADRE21 training: Educating in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major issue in today's world. The CADRE21 team has also added a new training course on the subject to its catalog, “Educating for cybersecurity”. The objectives are: to understand the importance of cybersecurity; know how to protect yourself online and integrate cybersecurity into learning activities.

I have an idea! Get started and get involved at school and at home

On May 12, IDÉE entrepreneurial education presented “I have an idea! Entrepreneurship and Commitment at School and at Home ”, an initiative that allows parents, daycare educators and teachers to carry out an innovative education project allowing young people to experience different types of education. entrepreneurship.

Closure of elementary and secondary schools in Montreal until the fall: reactions

Here are the various reactions we received in a press release following the announcement of the closure of elementary and secondary schools in the Montreal region until the fall.

Open letter from the FÉEP - Back to class for high school students: let's trust the school teams

The Federation of Private Education Institutions believes that it would be to the advantage of young people in Quebec to allow communities to implement flexible back-to-school scenarios as soon as possible for high school students, while respecting the requirements of the Department of Public Health.

Back in the past!

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