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Covid-19: 1.3 billion students and young people affected by the closure of schools and universities

“The reopening of schools is a positive development because we know that closures have serious consequences, especially in terms of increasing inequalities. It is essential that educational institutions reopen their doors in an orderly manner, in accordance with a number of preconditions, said Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO.

Educating for entrepreneurship: getting involved in meaningful projects for your community

A joint file from Carrefour education and L'École branchée Authors: Simon Bonenfant, youth projects officer, Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi d'Argenteuil the team of the Quebec Council for Cooperation ...

Learning to be an entrepreneur through cooperation

The cooperative entrepreneurship project brings added value to the projects carried out in class. The approach used is based on cooperative pedagogy. This aims to learn and acquire social, intellectual and cognitive skills. It is based on cooperative values, including care, solidarity, equality and fairness.

Education in the spirit of entrepreneurship at school

Observation of teaching practices over the past 20 years by the OSEntreprendre team has made it possible to identify four intervention levers which, combined with one another, increase the impact on student development. We present them to you here.

Educating for responsible entrepreneurship: A project up to the challenges of our century

In 2017, Université Laval introduced responsible entrepreneurship in its Strategic Planning, mentioning that projects with positive social or environmental benefits would henceforth be promoted and favored. What lessons can be learned from this experience for entrepreneurial education along the school continuum? This is the subject of this short article.

Different, but not indifferent ...

In order to raise public awareness and promote the inclusion of students with an average intellectual disability (IMD), the class of Mrs. Joséphine Machalani, from Polyvalente Lavigne, is involved in various entrepreneurial projects.

Five female teachers and distance education

They come from all over Quebec, from Maria in the Gaspé to Montreal, via Saint-Georges de Beauce. Their students benefit from the fact that they are addicted to the School in a Network (ÉER). And fortunately, because in times of confinement, it is a real lifeline.

Distance learning: feedback from the European School of Varese in Italy

As we know, Italy has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. How is the educational life going there? Here is a testimonial and advice from a math teacher.

Laval Hotel School

For two years, École hôtelière de Laval has been learning to become a conscious entrepreneurial community school (ECEC). The teaching team is therefore called upon to set up a pedagogy focused more on the development of the person, to ensure that each student becomes an entrepreneur of himself, equipped to build himself in all conscience.

Le C-FIER: Responsible interactive and environmental training center

A team of inspired stakeholders, teachers taking the posture of learner, a committed community, these are the three ingredients needed for school life to continue in St-Elzéar, in the Témiscouata region. Here is the little story of C-FIER!

A Special Feature on COVID- 19: What Can History Teach Us?

As part of a series of SCOOP! on COVID-19, today we address what history can teach us about ways to cope with a pandemic. COVID-19 has been quite active for a few months and leaves its mark all around the globe. Much like the Black Death (a type of plague), the Spanish flu, SARS, the avian flu, or even Ebola, COVID-19 will also make history in its own way. Unfortunately, these diseases are responsible for millions of deaths. They also allow society to make tremendous technological progress, medical advances, and foster human growth. Have we learned from the previous epidemics? Which lessons will we draw from this very exceptional situation which is undergoing at the moment?

Educating for Conscious Entrepreneurship: Acting for Sustainable Environments

Conscious entrepreneurship is a learning model designed to educate for sustainable environments. In other words, to learn to act for sustainable development and the common good of human living environments. Rino Levesque, founder and leader of Entrepreneurial Education Idea, talks to us about entrepreneurial culture in schools.

Alloprof launches new online game to support learning at home

Alloprof offers parents and students a new educational game aimed at maintaining skills and stimulating new learning: Alloprof course. This game offers young people the opportunity to take up educational, fun and digital challenges lasting 15 to 90 minutes.

How to promote remote interaction?

The research in distance learning is clear: as in traditional teaching, interactions (learner-instructor, learner-content and learner-learner) remain essential. In the current context, here is how the teacher can promote them.

News, for a world of educational possibilities

During the virtual workshops offered by AQUOPS to its members from April 22 to 24, a workshop allowed students to learn how the regular integration of current affairs into their teaching can promote the development of digital skills among students. students and media education. The workshop was led by our colleague Maxime Laflamme.

Reactions following the announcement of the school reopening plan

Many associations and organizations have spoken out publicly following the announcement of the gradual reopening of schools for preschool and elementary education students in Quebec. Read some of the press releases received by our newsroom here.

Quebec: Schools and daycare services will reopen gradually and on a voluntary basis from May 11

The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, and the Minister of Families, Mr. Mathieu Lacombe, announced, together with the strategic medical advisor at the General Directorate of Public Health of Ministry of Health and Social Services, Dr Richard Massé, a gradual reopening of preschool and primary schools and educational childcare services as of May 11, in cold areas.

Did you say confinement? Not for the Networked School!

Some of our neighbors like Ontario or some countries like France and Israel already had plans B for online courses. In Quebec, we wondered when schools closed. Yet the Network School (EER) shows that in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we also have tools that can work and that have been proven. Again, you have to know them.

Universal Design for Learning: Benefits and Challenges

We met Cathy Brazeau, director of pedagogical development at Collège Sainte-Anne, to talk about universal design for learning (CUA), an inclusive course planning approach that takes into account, upstream, the needs of all learners. .

Launch of the lecterdehors.ca website, a new tool for open-air education

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation announces the launch of the lecterdehors.ca web platform on open-air education, a pedagogy that is on the rise in schools across Quebec.

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