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The National Film Board offers online learning resources for parents and teachers

As of March 27, 2020, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has been offering Canadian families and teachers free online learning resources to keep young minds alert.

Performance vs learning

(Opinion) “How can we really prove that a student's performance really measures his learning? I'll give you the answer: it's fuzzy ... Learning takes place in the slow cooker, not in the deep fryer! »A text by Alexandre Audet.

How much time do young Quebecers spend on electronic devices?

The CEFRIO NETendances 2019 survey - The digital family contains the most recent data on the presence of young people in Quebec on the Internet and on the use they make of the electronic devices available to them. It also includes data on parenting support.

COVID-19 explained to young people: why is it so important to wash your hands?

As part of the SCOOP series! on COVID-19, we are now talking about hand washing. Why is it necessary to wash your hands, especially during a pandemic? Do you think you can get sick by shaking another person's hand or touching a doorknob? Do you know how and when to wash your hands? SCOOP! explain everything to you!

Strength in numbers to avoid the mistakes of the past

When a history teacher visits the Auschwitz museum, the emotions they feel are particularly strong and remind them of how their profession can have a major positive impact in avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Keeping in touch with your students: ideas and resources

Last week, Quebec's Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, invited teachers to communicate with their students. Here are some ideas to achieve it!

The EcoleOuverte.ca site to support learning at home is now online

Recently announced by Minister Jean-François Roberge, the EcoleOuverte.ca portal was set up to centrally provide resources for parents and learners at home

(Column) Home apps & tips in times of crisis #4

Today, Audrey looks back on her “weekend” and offers two favorite apps to discover. This column shares ideas for the home and thoughts on life in times of confinement. Don't hesitate to participate too!

Do you miss your colleagues? Participate in a #EduProf session this morning 9am (EDT)!

Do you miss your colleagues? Participate in a #EduProf session this morning 9am (EDT)!

Education: the world's most powerful weapon

Returning from a trip to a former Soviet territory (before the current crisis, of course!), Our collaborator shares his thoughts and the parallels he makes with education. Several ideas find particular resonance in the current situation. Today, he explains why he believes that education is the centerpiece of a society that seeks to endure and evolve in its values.

(Column) Home apps & tips in times of crisis #3

Today, our precious collaborator Stéphanie Dionne takes the pen and shares her ideas and thoughts. She talks in particular about social pressure and offers tools to overcome the feeling of guilt that can sometimes invade us.

The Ministry invites schools to lend computer equipment to parents who request it

In a communication sent to "education leaders and partners", the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education adds certain details to the various operations underway.

AQUOPS will offer its members a series of virtual workshops from April 22 to 24!

To compensate for the cancellation of the AQUOPS conference in its usual form, the Association will exclusively offer its members "a most human digital experience" with virtual workshops on April 22, 23 and 24, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. at 12.

Music, science and programming at the heart of a multidisciplinary project

A training course introduced the electronic tool Makey Makey to our employee, Guillaume Bilodeau. This will be the centerpiece of the synthesizer produced by the school's third year students (Fernand-Seguin, from the Montreal CS) as part of their technoscientific art project.

Chenelière Éducation offers all of its digital resources in support of efforts related to COVID-19

(Press release) Until the end of the current year or school term, all elementary, secondary, college and university educational resources offered on Chenelière Éducation's i + Interactif platforms will be accessible free of charge.

For all students who are bored of school: optional tutoring

The Quebec company Succès Scolaire is launching a new series of online workshops with the aim of supporting students in their school career while confinement at home continues in compliance with public health measures.

(Column) Home apps & tips in times of crisis #2

Ideas for the home and reflections on life in times of crisis, by the employees of the École branchée. Don't hesitate to participate too!

The Educational Lab of the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs CS: Learn, create, innovate

First came the idea of collaborating. Then, that of a common place to exchange. Then, finally, of a team that bites its teeth into collaborative culture, leaving its fears aside to move forward: here is how digital is spreading its wings at the Fleuve-et-des-Lacs School Board, told by its actors !

Adding good manners to the educational equation to prevent bullying

Stories of bullying strike a chord with many. It is all the same sad that a law was necessary to force Quebec schools to guarantee the safety of students in their own school. What if we went further by raising savoir-vivre to the rank of essential knowledge?

Mazaam, an application that spreads classical music, not the virus

(Press release) Mazaam offers its edutainment and music application free of charge to help parents of children aged 4 to 6 who are confined to the home.

Back in the past!

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