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Les VenteTIC: a community of practice for CSDM pedagogical advisers

Annie Dumay and Manon Desrosiers, educational advisers at the local RÉCIT service of the Commission scolaire de Montréal, present the concept of VendTIC to us.

Departing from traditional education: why it's so difficult

Having to justify a new type of activity or evaluation to your successful students, to be told by parents that their child is the victim of your “experiences”, does that mean anything to you? Why is it so difficult to depart from traditional education? Here's what the research says ... and the experience of a director!

An audio documentary tells the story of the creation of a new school by passionate teachers

A school that would give more meaning to lessons, where decisions would be made by students and teachers and whose objective would be to include everyone, especially the most precarious, with the front: "Learn to be free". A dream come true, documented in 6 podcast episodes. And it's not in Finland this time!

Environmental protection: because every little gesture counts, at school too!

Environmental initiatives in schools help make our young people future citizens aware of the options available to them to protect the planet. What are the ones in place in your community?

It's time to register for the 38th AQUOPS conference

The program for the 38th AQUOPS conference, which will be held from April 7 to 9, 2020 in Quebec City, is now known. You can already register online and several workshops are already full.

(Re) discover the GeoGebra platform

On the occasion of the last virtual meeting of #RÉCITqc, a webinar helped update participants' knowledge about the Geogebra digital platform, a very useful toolbox for teaching and learning mathematics.

14 activity ideas for a fun and safe recreation

Carl Provost, a physical education teacher in an elementary school in eastern Montreal, shares 14 ideas for activities to revitalize the playground.

The "Megxit", a royal emancipation

So when Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they wanted to distance themselves from the monarchy, the news quickly spread around the world. A look at a start that continues to generate a lot of ink.

The Lab-School to create inspiring schools

Guylaine Plourde, grade 6 teacher at the Chemin-du-Roy school board, tells us about her participation in the work of the LAB-School on the project of the municipality of Maskinongé, in the Mauricie region.

Improve your school today while thinking of tomorrow's

Until April 30, 2020, students aged 5 to 18 from across the Francophonie will be challenged to think about the school of tomorrow by taking concrete action that improves their school today.

A conference on giftedness in education

Stakeholders in the education sector and parents interested in the issue of giftedness are invited to participate in the La douance en education conference, on February 17, 2020 in Drummondville.

The repository for competent action in educational counseling

The Referential to act competent in educational counseling was drawn up following consultation with 238 educational counselors, 19 directors and 15 Quebec teachers. Here's what it contains and why it was designed.

Management strategies and professional practices in the digital age

REFAD has published a study entitled “Management of educational establishments in the era of digitalization”. The guide is intended for all those involved in distance learning and digital technology within their establishment.

Escape games and virtual reality at the Rendez-vous virtual du RÉCIT

The RÉCIT Virtual Rendezvous on January 15, 2020 offered 5 free online workshops for teachers. Here is a summary of the workshops on escape games and virtual reality.

Nine lessons from a school principal in the middle of a professional life

A former history teacher, now a school principal, looks back on lessons learned from his perspective as a principal after his first 15 years of professional life.

Thank you teacher! : a promotion campaign in preparation for Teachers' Week

It is on the occasion of Teachers' Week 2020 that a major campaign will be launched inviting young and old to publicly thank the teachers who have marked their lives! Here's how to participate.

Develop student autonomy with digital devices

We met Andréanne Pelletier, grade 5 teacher at the Millennium Pavilion, who talks about the development of student autonomy with the use of a digital device in the classroom.

SIDE 2020: first edition of the International Education Summit in May in Montreal

Healthy emotional and relational lifestyles in educational settings, climate change, eco-responsibility and entrepreneurship and the revitalization of indigenous knowledge and education will be the themes of the first International Education Summit in May in Montreal.

Two new tools to support the Digital Competence Reference Framework

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MÉES) presents in a webinar the Pedagogical Guide and the Digital Competence Development Continuum, two new tools with the mandate to operationalize the Digital Competence Reference Framework.

Academos launches digital campaign showcasing women pursuing careers in science and technology

Academos, a benchmark in virtual mentoring for young people, is launching a digital campaign aimed at fostering the interest of girls and young women in careers in science and technology.

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