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Welcome the Rumor Detector to your school for free!

Interested in fighting disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories? Get a chance to host the Rumor Detector squad for a nationally award-winning workshop series!

The CADRE21 launches its training in flexible planning (PAF)

The CADRE21 announces the complete online publication of its flexible planning (PAF) training. This training improves the nine (9) others ...

Explain the screen

It seems to me that an important paradox currently floats over the world of education and pedagogy: the use of the screen in the classroom.

Educational innovation in French: endless possibilities

On the occasion of REFER 2019, we met Nathalie Couzon and Caroline Duret who talk to us about educational innovation in the teaching of French at the secondary level.

Showcase winning practices in your community

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a teacher who wanted to share with me the achievements of her students. They had made video capsules from a project I was doing in class a few years ago.

When the pyramid of the RAI model ends up upside down

Marie-Ève Gagnon, project manager for the deployment of the Digital Action Plan, presents her team's experience in developing teachers' digital skills. This is inspired by the Response to Intervention (RAI) model.

Listening to music online: when algorithms do not favor Quebec artists

While Pierre Lapointe denounced the low income paid to artists who broadcast their content on online music listening platforms, the web giant Spotify saw its profits explode with an increase of 31% in its paying subscribers for a total of 2, $ 5 billion in revenue. What solutions are possible to allow greater equity and social justice?

The "WISE Prize" is awarded to Larry Rosenstock, founder of High Tech High

The WISE Prize has just been awarded to Mr. Larry Rosenstock, director, founder and principal of High Tech High, for his contribution to primary and secondary education and the fight against inequalities.

Support and inspire the creation of educational escape games

On the occasion of REFER 2019, we met Émilie Lebret and Christelle Quesne, creators of the Escape n 'Games website, which brings together escape games and offers tools for those who wish to embark on this educational path.

Educational watch: winning behavior!

Those who are familiar with the field of the media know what a media watch is: a constant look at what is happening in the news in order to share the news and ensure its veracity. The principle can also be applied in the field of education.

Self-enterprise at the heart of educational innovation

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration that aims to inspire as many people as possible to harness their spirit of initiative and innovation. In schools, interest in entrepreneurship as a learning tool is booming.

An educational kit with Biscuit and Brown Sugar now available

Following the Biscuit et Cassonade series of books, the first educational kit based on the works of Caroline Munger is available, just in time to immerse teachers and their students in the Christmas spirit.

New NASA STEM lesson plans celebrate space exploration

Microsoft Education and NASA have teamed up to offer eight new #HackingSTEM lessons about living and working in space.

The animated film: a learning tool

Guillaume Bilodeau reviews some historical elements of the image-by-image technique and presents applications allowing students to produce their own short films in schools.

Financial literacy program for students across the country gets a facelift

In conjunction with Financial Literacy Month, the Canadian Bankers Association is launching the modernized version of its Your Money for Students program, a free financial literacy seminar for students.

"Singles' day": marketing operation!

As part of the planet recollects on November 11 in memory of fallen soldiers, this day has an entirely different meaning for the Chinese. Indeed, it was decreed "feast of singles" because of the repetition of the number "one" in the date (11/11). For the past ten years, therefore, the commercial event has given rise to monster sales, with purchase volumes that are breaking records.

The ABCs of SCOOP!

SCOOP educational guides! are your ideal digital resource for supporting digital competence development and media literacy. See how to use them and get the most from them.

Reading for success: the day of reflection on reading

The Read for Success Day will mobilize the public and professionals from all sectors to deconstruct myths and stereotypes about the practice of reading.

The strength of collaborative projects: when 1 + 1 = 3

We met Annie-Claude Laniel and Karine Godin-Tremblay, elementary school teachers, who talk to us about collaborative projects accessible in the context of REFER.

The Adult Dose tour stops in ten schools in Quebec to facilitate career choice for young people

Academos is going today to meet 2,500 students in ten high schools in Quebec as part of the third edition of the Adult Dose Tour, which will run until December 13.

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