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Make learning fun AND effective by drawing inspiration from video games

We spoke with a video game designer and a neuropsychologist about how motivational elements of video games can be used to support student engagement.

The 8th edition of the Digital Education Summit will be held on April 30 and May 1, 2020 in Montreal

By registering now and before January 24, 2020, participants benefit from a discount of 35% on registration fees.

The tenth edition of the WISE summit will be held in Doha, Qatar, November 19-21, 2019

2,000 teachers, decision-makers and experts from more than a hundred countries will meet in Doha next month around the theme “Unlearn, Relearn: What makes us human”.

The "evolution": no more grades, now we learn!

“A numerical note does not say anything about a person's strengths and weaknesses and does not indicate how to support them in their learning. »A look back at the workshops of the GRMS congress which questioned the traditional evaluation!

Build learning with students

We met Marie-Noëlle, trainee in Ms. Manon's AVAN class, who shares with us her findings on the place that technologies can take in learning.

Generate well-being and engage through education in conscious entrepreneurship

More than 300 teachers, school administrators and professionals from the world of education from six Canadian provinces and five countries gathered Thursday and Friday in Lévis for the second edition of the Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education.

Feedback: guiding the student to the right path

With an increasing workload, teachers are looking for ways to reduce the number of tasks and make them more efficient. Feedback is a wonderful tool for making the most of your time and better understanding your students.

A CréaCamp is good, but four is better!

The CréaCamp formula allows me to seek continuing training in a specific way and to take a step back and then come back to the classroom energized, inspired and even more competent.

The Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation launches new educational capsules on ADHD

On the occasion of ADHD Awareness Month, the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation is launching educational capsules as well as a guide to help parents and teachers explain this disorder and intervene with children struggling with ADHD.

Pedagogical differentiation and feedback thanks to the AVAN approach

We visited the class of Ms. Manon, a 3rd cycle teacher at La Mennais school and precursor of the AVAN project deployed within the Affluents school board.

Tablet or laptop? Paths for an informed choice

Resources for informed reflection: what to choose between the tablet and the laptop for school?

Mastering the keyboard: unsuspected advantages

Besides the speed of execution, what are the advantages of a good mastery of the keyboard? Several researchers have looked into the question, and their results are astonishing!

CADRE21 adds new training on educational escape games

The CADRE21 adds a ninth training at the heart of the axis of development of educational strategies, called educational escape games (JEP).

The AVAN class at the service of autonomy and progression

We visited Stéphanie Proulx and Lucille Gagné's class at the Affluents School Board to find out how the AVAN project is placed at the service of students with autism spectrum disorder.

One million school-aged students to vote in federal election

Even though they are not yet of voting age, more than one million elementary and secondary school students will have the opportunity to vote for a local candidate in the 2019 federal election, from 15 to October 18.

"Before crinkling the academic, we must crinate the human being"

During the last CréaCamp, the workshop in which I participated allowed me to develop a more current and adapted vision of evaluation, which must be at the service of learning and not the other way around.

Publication of the report "Generation Z of Quebec and its vision of the workplace"

Academos today unveils the results of a major survey on the fears and expectations of Generation Z in the world of work.

(#EDUsummIT2019) Cyber well-being: empowering to emancipate

Feedback on the findings and courses of action of the group that worked on the issue of online well-being among young people during the EDUsummIT 2019.

A successful mission at Ludovia16

But what exactly is Ludovia? It is a large gathering bringing together actors in the field, researchers, associations and representatives of the ministry to share and network around the digital issue.

Symposium “Building together in a moving world. The human I take care of it. "

This conference addresses the theme of the human being and aims to enrich reflection on the actions that can be taken in schools in the face of issues of mental health, anxiety among young people, work-life balance and professional development.

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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