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Live on Venus? Possible 700 million years ago

Currently the hottest planet in the solar system with 450 degrees Celsius and rains of sulfuric acid, Venus is hardly synonymous with hospitality. Yet until 715 million years ago, scientists argued that Earth's neighboring planet could have been habitable, with mild temperatures and several bodies of water. A look at what sets the eight planets in our solar system apart.

An innovative Canadian Francophonie

The ACELF will be holding its 72nd Congress in Ottawa from October 3 to 5 around the theme New world, new horizons - Inspiring young people with innovative approaches. The École branchée will be there to lead a workshop.

A cheeky teacher in search of balance

We met Julie Fortin, kindergarten teacher at École au Millénaire, who talks to us about work-life balance, caring and professional identity.

Greta, the face of reverse education?

Today, let's be proud of our young people. “Failing to have done what was necessary to preserve climate balance, we provided them with the right tools to take their place in a world where adults sometimes take up all the space. "

Being digitally ethical, or citizenship behind the screen

The center of the digital frame of reference diagram is occupied by the digital citizen who acts ethically. Here are some ideas for behaviors to adopt to help our students become the ethically digital citizens we want them to become.

Share and reinvest your professional development

We met Stéphanie Lemieux, assistant principal at École le Sommet, who talks to us about professional development, reinvestment and sharing of practices within a school team.

Matrix of professional development activities in education

Here is our matrix of activities aimed at stimulating the taste for continuing education among teachers according to their style (more individual or social, more in reflection or in action).

Classo now offers its solutions to all schools in Quebec

The Classo platform aims to facilitate the search for digital resources as well as the sharing of good practices and innovative educational suggestions. Solutions now available to all schools.

Open educational resources, factors of educational innovation

In the field of educational sciences, innovation is reflected either in new production or in the improvement of certain teaching methods. More than ever before, open educational resources are contributing to educational innovation.

The Far North at the forefront of global warming

Tuktoyaktuk is an Inuit hamlet located completely in the north of the Northwest Territories. This village of less than 1000 inhabitants is threatened with disappearance at any moment. There, in the Far North, global warming is far from an abstract concept (as some still say) and an entire community is in danger of being engulfed by the next big wave.

You are invited to the 2nd Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education

Idea Entrepreneurial Education, in collaboration with Laval University, will hold its annual International Fall Congress on October 24 and 25 at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Center under the theme "Self-enterprise at the heart of educational innovation. ".

The museum class: the very first student exhibition in augmented reality and 3D virtual reality

Jean-Philippe Payer is a social universe teacher at the Odyssée high school. He has just been recognized by the Ken Spencer Prize for Innovation in Teaching for his 3D augmented reality and virtual reality classroom-museum project.

A combination of giraffe, lizard and stork: discovery of the Cryodrakon boreas

Measuring ten meters and weighing 250 kilograms, a new species of pterosaur, a huge flying reptile that lived during the Cretaceous Period, has been identified in Alberta by a team of paleontologists. Zoom in on the Cryodrakon boreas so that elementary school students can discover all of its characteristics.

Classcraft Secures $ 10 Million $ Funding to Help Teachers Motivate Their Students

Classcraft, a Quebec-based educational technology company aimed at improving the motivation of elementary and secondary students, has secured Series A funding for a total of C $ 10 million.

Turnkey tools reserved for teachers!

Discover a set of validated educational resources and turnkey tools developed specifically to meet your needs and simplify your daily life!

The school of nature, to cultivate the natural curiosity of our students

On August 16, the CréaCamp Ottawa was held in an original place to say the least: a sugar shack! About thirty education professionals gathered at the Muséoparc de Vanier to explore, discover, reflect on and develop new educational approaches.

The Millennium: an educational playground

We met Karine Godin-Tremblay, 1st year teacher at École au Millénaire, who presents the impact of the collaborative projects that she has been carrying out with her students for several years.

Activity sheets to start the conversation about protecting privacy with children

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in collaboration with its provincial and territorial counterparts, has produced a new series of activity sheets for young Canadians.

Micro-learning: training method adapted to our concentration abilities

Micro-Learning is a relatively new approach. It is supported by neuroscience, which encompasses all disciplines studying the anatomy and function of the nervous system, brain and memory.

Review of the first year of Digital Succession in Quebec

At the dawn of the new school year, CyberCap and its major partner Mon Avenir TI highlighted the achievements of the first year of deployment of Relève numérique in Quebec City.

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