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To tame distance: training and support guide for distance training actors

The Francophone Distance Learning Network (REFAD) has set up a training guide to meet the specific and very current development needs of practitioners working in the field of distance education and learning.

Reference framework for digital competence: feedback on a much-awaited webinar

It was this Thursday, May 30, that the webinar of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES) was held to present the Digital Competence Reference Framework. A look back at a session attended by nearly 1000 educational players who care about the present and the future of their students.

Digital and youth mental health: what if that wasn't exactly what we like to think?

A first scientific milestone showed that our fears about young people and social media were probably exaggerated.

When student motivation is there!

We met Danis Michaud, grade 8 teacher at the Haut-Madawaska Learning Center, who passionately shares with us the pedagogical approaches she uses to engage students in their learning.

LOJIQ is looking for a Program Coordinator for an internship at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development

The International Youth Offices of Quebec - wishes to support an intern who will act as program coordinator at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development through Education (UNESCO) in New Delhi, in India, September 23 to December 13, 2019.

I sketchnote, you sketchnotes… you sketchnoterez!

What I like most about the CréaCamp training offered by the École branchée is the tolerance that I have to develop in the face of my educational discomfort. What a privilege to give yourself time for creation! This is what I experienced, once again, during Marie-Andrée Ouimet d'EscouadeÉDU's workshop on the sketchnote.

The online archives of the REFAD "Inspiring or innovative practices in distance learning" conference are online

To view or review communications from the REFAD conference, held on May 23 and 24 in Montreal, here is the online archive of the event's webcast.

The 87th Congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) is in full swing

The congress takes place from May 27 to 31 at the University of Quebec in Outaouais. No less than 10 conferences and more than 100 communications are on the program.

Innovation and digital: find out what measure 15081 allows you to deploy in your communities

As part of the PAN, measure 15081 has been improved in order to stimulate the development of innovative teaching practices. The form for submitting innovation projects linked to digital technologies has been available since May 27 for school administrators on the CollecteInfo portal. In this article, François Lake shares with you the experience of his school team in connection with measurement.

The New Trades Game: a stimulating educational adventure

Creative and educational, the game of new professions was invented to discover, know and enrich the universe of new professions and question the necessary skills.

Memories of a visit to the Millennium

There are those encounters that change you forever. I invite you today in my head, in the memories of my visit to the Pavillon Au Millénaire, a school really like no other!

Measure 15081 can allow you to carry out innovation projects linked to digital technologies

Measure 15081 facilitates access to the training necessary for teaching staff so that they can use the technological tools required for teaching and learning in an educational manner as part of the digital shift in the school network. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The Canadian Space Agency offers educational material to follow the mission of the new RADARSAT satellites

With less than a month before the satellites are launched into space, this new version of the website makes it possible to discover the details of the mission.

The AQUOPS conference: vision of a new participant

Last April, Jessica Lecours, a techno-pedagogy enthusiast, participated for the first time in the AQUOPS conference. She shares with you her experience and her favorites.

On SEXiquer ça and krispii invite you to the launch of their multimedia content in sexuality education

Turnkey educational content, up to date and easy to transmit in the classroom for sex education, does that mean anything to you? On SEXiquer ça and krispii invite you to the launch of their project on September 20.

Facial recognition: more risks than benefits?

Paradox in the digital world: San Francisco, a temple of technological innovation, became the first American city to ban the use of facial recognition tools by the police and other local government agencies. It is because several concerns have been raised regarding the protection of privacy and respect for civil liberties. In addition, according to several groups, the risks associated with this technology are too great in relation to the benefits that could be derived from it. A look at a technology with major ethical implications.

A learning community is mobilized at École Fernand-Seguin

How are the orientations of the Digital Action Plan being deployed in communities? At the Fernand-Seguin school of the CSDM, it is through the mobilization of a learning community that involves students, school staff and parents. Testimony of an ICT resource teacher.

Antidote 10: new features not to be missed!

Antidote 10 brings more than 120 new content, functions and interface. Here are a few that you may find useful for your writing projects with your students.

MEES to host webinar on Digital Competence Framework on May 30

Register for the Ministry of Education and Higher Education webinar on Thursday, May 30, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For the love of the game: roundtable on gamification

During REFER 2019, the opening panel allowed experts to share the game's success factors: the narrative, collaboration, game culture, objectification and progression.

Back in the past!

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