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Collaborate with local resources to enrich student learning

Interview with an inspiring teacher who brings her students to life with authentic projects highlighting the local cultural riches.

March is the month of children's magazines

For the 7th edition of Youth Magazine Month, Bayard Canada, leader of Francophone youth magazines in the country (Popi, Pomme d'api, Mes premiers J'aime lire, Les Explorateurs, Les Débrouillards, Curium, etc.) is celebrating in style.

Live your digital week at school: many prizes for the class to win!

NumériQC week at school offers free educational activities for the 1st cycle of secondary school. Register for the regional competition and receive a small free gift and the possibility of educational support!

A historic chicane

On February 12, the Republic of North Macedonia was born, at the same time abandoning the name of Macedonia, which was an issue with its Greek neighbor. The conflict between the two countries dated for almost 30 years.

Give yourself time to rethink your role with the student

We live in an age where things change, like it or not. Our young people live in this same world and, in addition to building their identity and developing their full potential, must meet the challenges of digital technology.

Opération Avenir offers educational content to demystify 7 sectors of the future

The world of employment is changing rapidly, and our young people are aware of it. 53 % of 14 to 26 year olds say they don't know what they want to do for a living. It is difficult to properly target your career choice when 85 % of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been created.

Back in the past!

Have fun re-reading these articles drawn at random from our archives!

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