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My discovery of CréaCamps

When I arrived at CréaCamp in Lévis, I had no specific expectations. I knew that the topics covered touched on technologies, that there were several players in the education sector to support us, but nothing more. I was charmed as soon as I set foot in the training room.

The transformation of winter over time

If each big snowstorm that comes on top of the previous one gives the impression that winter is never ending, well, think again: the white season is getting shorter and the snow is less and less present. . The repercussions caused by global warming are real and have visible consequences on the environment, but also on the economy and society in general.

The five teachers

A few years ago, I attended a conference by the architect Pierre Thibault who identified four “teachers” constantly at work with the student. For my part, I count five: two types are "human", but there is also the machine, space and time.

Is creating an escape game really for me?

Following her participation in the CréaCamp escape games workshop on November 1, Audrey Lefebvre tells us how she reinvested her learning in her own practice.

Vitamin C injections: what the science says

Olivier Bernard, alias the Pharmachien, has been the target of intimidation, threats and attacks on social networks in connection with his comments on vitamin C injections. By wanting to expose the scientific facts on this practice, the Pharmachien s 'has attracted its share of detractors. Facts versus opinions ... A look at an emotional debate that polarizes the population.

After eleven years on the school benches ...

Some think that mathematics exams should remain conventional, others think the opposite. As students wishing to develop skills that will enable us to meet the challenges of tomorrow, we ask ourselves: why settle for evaluating almost exclusively using standard written exams and not representative of “real” life?

The call for proposals for the Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education is open

The next Fall Congress on Conscious Entrepreneurial Education will take place on October 24 and 25, 2019 in Lévis. Do you want to promote an innovative project? Submit your idea before April 10, 2019.

Laboratories to foster collaboration and creativity

We met Kevin Pye, teacher at École Saint-Benoit of the CSDM. He talks to us about the two values that are at the heart of his teaching: collaboration and creativity.

Idée education entrepreneurial organizes an immersion stay in New Brunswick

In May 2019, Entrepreneurial Education Idea offers players in educational innovation the opportunity to participate in an immersion stay in New Brunswick to discover schools and initiatives that stand out for their creativity in conscious entrepreneurship.

Desmos: when creativity comes into math class

We met Frédéric Ouellet, PC at CS Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup. He tells us about the Desmos software to carry out creative projects from mathematical equations and presents us a tool that allows us to consolidate learning: the mathematical clothesline!

What you think you know about your brain ... and yet it is wrong!

To launch the activities of the Rendez-vous des Ecoles Francophones En Réseau (REFER) for the 2019 edition, a general public conference on neuromyths will be offered on Wednesday March 20 by Christophe Rodo, doctor in neuroscience.

Transform and learn to adapt like a balancing act

The message from the Director of Education of the OECD seems to me to be most relevant. However, digital is everywhere around us. Our young people and all of us forming the educational community now need to understand the science that develops it and supports it in its progress as well as in its challenges.

Beyond learning robotics

On February 28, March 1 and 2, 2019, the Montreal Robotics Festival was held at the Olympic Stadium. During this regional competition organized by FIRST Robotics, it is under the theme of space that the participants lived an extraordinary experience.

More than 45% of young Quebecers use Alloprof

Autonomy, motivation and a feeling of competence are among the factors of student success that Alloprof has been working to encourage for 23 years, thanks to ever more advanced and personalized academic support tools.

The flexible classroom: reimagining the learning space

We met Josée Portelance who tells us about the trigger that led her to adopt the flexible class as well as the positive effects of this new arrangement on the learning of her students.

Digital badges: where do they come from, what do they do?

The digital badge movement was born in 2011 and is now widespread in a multitude of learning contexts, especially in the deployment of the PAN.

Why implement digital badges at school

How to motivate students? In order to generate effort and break students' dependence on report card grades, Collège Beaubois will implement a digital badge system.

Arousing the curiosity of young people for history

We met Raymond Bédard, history teacher at the CS des Patriotes, president of the SPHQ and recipient of the Governor General's history award for excellence in teaching. He tells us about the projects he carries out with his students to stimulate their interest and promote intergenerational links.

Francophones… naturally!

The ACELF is launching the 27th edition of the Semaine nationale de la francophonie, which is held as part of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, throughout the month of March, under the theme “Francophone ... naturally! ".

Racism in Sport: Past and Present

On February 23, 2019, a racial scene took place at the Saint-Jérôme arena during a North American League hockey game. Indeed, Jonathan Diaby, defender for the Marquis de Jonquière, as well as members of his family gathered in the stands, were victims of insistent racial insults, so much so that the hockey player had to leave the ice and go find his relatives to that they leave the arena safely. Look at the phenomenon of racism in sport.

Back in the past!

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