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The École branchée is associated with the Quebec week of school daycare

The École branchée has forged a partnership with the Association québécoise de la garde scolaire in order to set up a special publication introducing the world of cinema to preschool and elementary students who attend school daycare services.

The planet comes to school

As part of the Planet Invites School event, more than 750 participants from elementary school to university, gathered at Regina Assumpta College for a Forum on Climate and Eco-Responsibility at School. In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Digital at the service of our brain

Two years ago, Steve Masson presented a Webinar that offered study techniques based on the reproduction of assessment situations in a review context. In 2019, how can digital technology support and motivate our students in their revision? There are several great apps to help them out, here are a few.

These math teachers who do otherwise

We met Guy Gervais, math teacher at the Académie des Estacades and president of the GRMS, who talks to us about the interest of integrating programming to work on students' problem-solving skills.

Launch of SOS Mentor: accessible support for exhibitors

The Technoscience Network is launching a brand new online mentoring system for young people preparing for a Hydro-Québec Science Fair.

From a simple idea, a FABLAB was born!

Thanks to the will of the deputy director and the members of the creation committee, the Sorel-Tracy Vocational Training and Adult Education Center recently launched its FABLAB, this manufacturing laboratory using machine tools controlled by computers. The École branchée was there.

IBI: the web application that will change the way you assess

We met Catherine Michaud, teacher in the Voie d'Avenir program at Collège Saint-Bernard, who won the Education component of the Coopérathon thanks to her visionary Web application project to evaluate differently.

The Periodic Table of the Elements: 150 years of science

On March 6, 1869, scientist Dmitry Mendeleev revolutionized the world of science by presenting his work on the periodic table of elements. Take a look at 150 years of history of the famous Periodic Table of the Elements.

Apple offers free events to support teachers

To support teachers who aim to achieve the goals of the Digital Action Plan, Apple is offering a series of free events.

History: a powerful tool for understanding society

We met Laurent Turcot, teacher in the human sciences department at UQTR, writer, historian, historical popularizer and YouTuber, who reveals how the study of history helps to develop students' critical thinking.

High school students fight planned obsolescence

On February 21, 2019, high school students will hold a Reparothon. This free community event mobilizes computer volunteers who help people diagnose and repair faulty or slow devices to extend their lifespan.

École branchée is involved with the Cultural Lab

The École branchée's mission is to promote innovative approaches and creative digital projects that allow educational players and students to develop a range of skills. It is with this in mind that we got involved with Culture pour tous as a jury for the Cultural Lab.

My 360 ° coach experience in 13 tweets

The 360 ° coach is a training program offered by EscouadeÉDU to support participants in the development of their educational leadership. Our collaborator Julie had the chance to experience this training and she tells you about it.

A female copyist

A study of diets revealed what few believed possible: Women played a role in the making of literary works in the Middle Ages.

Learning Fair: the unmissable event for those who care about education

The Apprenticeship Fair is preparing for its second edition at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, on March 23 and 24. This large-scale event is free and open to anyone looking for resources or tools to help elementary and secondary school children.

Inspirational testimonials to break the taboos of gender diversity in employment with the Ouin Pis campaign?

In order to provide young people with the means to counteract the obstacles and make them aware of the advantages of mixed employment, Academos is today launching the third edition of its digital campaign Ouin pis?

Electricity in the air for the 20th edition of the event “Girls and science, an electrifying duo! "

There will be electricity in the air for the 20th edition of the event. Three days of activities to promote science and technology to young girls in order to alleviate the shortage of female labor that persists in these industries.

Digital technology: an upheaval that will force us to rethink teaching pedagogy?

Digital technology is a profound change in our societies, which, for example, transforms relationships between people. The important thing is to understand that.

When sexuality meets digital: let's talk about sexting!

Sexting is now part of the reality of young people in the 21st century. It is a fact and it is not tomorrow the day before that that will change. Prevention and modeling then play a primordial role, in the perspective that adults must teach the right behaviors to adopt in order to minimize any unnecessary risk. Thinking about stopping sexting is clearly a utopia, but educating young people and making them aware of the dangers they can run if necessary, it is exactly in this context that the participation of the school community is essential.

School perseverance or those gestures that change everything

There are these little gestures, these little attentions, these little words that make all the difference. A handshake, a smile, a bravo or a thank you, it is often said that it is in the little things that happiness is hidden.

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