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The RECIT Rendezvous: the Digital Action Plan (PAN)

In this webinar, Julie Chamberland and Guillaume Laforce discussed the history of the Digital Action Plan, the guiding principles by which it is implemented as well as the three major orientations and aspects that are more aimed at teachers.

Collaboration: a new educational approach

While the education system has long relied on competition, the teaching model of the Cours de demain at Collège Sainte-Anne places collaboration at the heart of its vision, because it is through interaction that human beings manage to give meaning. to their learning.

Develop your mentality of coeducation

Education is an increasingly widely shared concern in our society. Several studies show the importance of parental involvement in success ...

Help young girls discover science and technology for free

The Girls, Break the Codes! was held on Sunday, November 25 with a science and technology discovery program for girls aged 7 and over.

An engaging assessment to take the student further

We met Jean Desjardins, technopedagogical advisor at Collège Sainte-Anne, who explored with his colleagues the issues related to evaluation in order to make it a meaningful experience for young people.

Develop good reflexes with the financial education course

We met Claudie Vanasse from the RÉCIT national service for the social universe. She tells us about the financial education course and the resources developed by RÉCIT to support teachers.

For a reassessment of the assessment

Evaluating the progression of learning by targeting knowledge rather than the presence (or absence) of the latter within the manifestation (or not) of a skill contributes to creating unequal portraits. Here's why.

REFAD distance learning workshops in February and March 2019

For the start of 2019, REFAD is offering six distance education development workshops for secondary and post-secondary teachers, administrators and resource persons (tutors, counselors, technicians, etc.).

The Rendez-vous RECIT: #Selfies - Who are we online? Who are we online?

For the #Selfies workshop - Who are we online? Who are we, online ?, Tracy Rosen brought to life different situations that allowed participants to take a different look at this practice of taking pictures that is well established among young and old.

Ways to integrate digital into the social world

We met Maude Labonté from the RÉCIT national service for the social universe. She shares with us the multiple perspectives of the integration of ICT in history and geography.

The RECIT Rendezvous: the Chromebook

Here is a summary of the webinar on the use of Chromebook-type devices presented as part of the Rendez-vous du RÉCIT by Laury Bédard and Catherine Houle, one of the most successful duo.

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: creative laboratory

Can I start a creative lab in my community? What material do i need? Where to start and what are the approaches to favor in such a space? The RÉCIT Webinar on Creative Laboratories explored these questions and opened the door to new collaborations.

Small Fab Lab will become big: the visionary project of the CSMB

We met Mathieu Dubreuil, educational advisor in science and technology, who tells us the story of the Fab Labs network of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board and presents his vision for the establishment of these creative and technological spaces.

Fortifications dating from 1693: a major archaeological discovery in Quebec

Archaeologists have said they have unearthed wooden fortifications more than 300 years old surrounding Quebec City during the time of the French regime. An announcement that seems harmless to many, but which once again reveals the historic and heritage character of Quebec City. 

The Rendez-vous RÉCIT: virtual reality

With Steve Quirion and Claudie Vanasse at the animation, Alexandre Lanoix as RÉCITUS collaborator, in addition to Maude Labonté who ensured the link with a geography class of secondary one, the table was certainly well set for 90 minutes of fascinating discussions. on virtual reality (VR) and its concrete application in a school context. 

Polytechnique launches MISSION GÉNIOS to introduce young people to digital citizenship

The need to introduce young people to the safety of online exchanges and the digital skills that are the basis of future jobs in the field of science and engineering has inspired the scientific animation team of Polytechnique Montreal, Folie Technique , a new educational activity for secondary 3 and 4 students: MISSION GÉNIOS.

The RECIT Rendezvous: robotics

Watch or re-watch this webinar on robotics presented by RÉCIT: an opportunity to present the various robots of the Digital Education Action Plan and to answer teachers' questions related to the pedagogical integration of robotics.

The Culture Lab of Culture for all looking for innovative digital cultural projects!

Culture pour tous is looking for innovative projects to make culture more accessible to citizens through digital technology. Submit yours by Friday January 11 and you could benefit from financial assistance and personalized support.

The RECIT Rendezvous of November 20

On November 20, 6 free workshops were offered online by RÉCIT in order to introduce educational actors to various themes that can be explored within the framework of the PAN. The École branchée introduces you to the key elements of each workshop.

"This year, for Christmas, I offer an educational game to my child"

Anik Bois, remedial teacher, is offering the third edition of his educational game guide this year to answer the questions of many parents who wish to participate in the development of their children's academic skills at home.

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