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The first day of female leadership in education in Quebec

The countdown has started for the #ElleLead18 event, the first day on female leadership in education in Quebec. For those who have not yet registered, now is the time to do so, because there are still a few places left.

Ecosystem "Education - Business - State" for a viable environment

Can a conscious, responsible, community-based and digital entrepreneurial culture change the world, save the economy of our regions and rehumanize our organizations? Here is a reflection presented within the framework of the first Fall Congress in Conscious Entrepreneurial Education, of which the École branchée is a partner.

Cadre21: an affordable professional development offer

Thanks to the Digital Action Plan, teachers in Quebec have access to professional development training absolutely free. One of the partner organizations of the PAN within the framework of the training courses (digital combos) is the Cadre21.

ASMR: The biggest Youtube trend you've never heard of.

A guide by Annik Gilbert Tapping, whispering, somewhat strange role-playing ... The ASMR videos (Automatic Response of Sensory Meridians) would generate a pleasant feeling of ...

Lalilo: When artificial intelligence comes to the little ones

All the studies on the subject prove it: learning to read at an early age is a precursor to academic success. A good reader will therefore be more successful and less inclined to drop out.

iPad: Entertaining application to improve your vocabulary

Les Chausse-Trappes de Bernard is an iPad application that was created and developed in Quebec to quickly put us in contact with a multitude of words among the most beautiful in the French language.

Launch of the website Towards a positive identity in the digital age

Launched on October 22, the site Towards a positive identity in the digital age is intended as a resource to equip teachers to guide young people in their use of digital technology towards the development of a positive digital identity.

Tattoos: beyond fashion!

Tattoos no longer need presentation: one in five people in Canada wears at least one and more and more major events celebrate the diversity of this colorful form of expression. Look at a phenomenon which goes beyond fashion and which is very present in all spheres of our society.

Chess and digital game

Students with cognitive disorders often seek avoidance strategies in the face of learning. A project was tested in order to use their know-how while playing chess and their ability to move on a grid with the help of the digital medium.

Unleash children's creativity with digital technology

On the occasion of the 6th Digital Education Summit, we met Paul Carrière, plastic arts teacher at the FACE school of the CSDM, who shares with us his strategies for developing both artistic and digital skills in students. .


The new free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States, which had been at an impasse for 13 months, has just been signed and dairy producers are now wondering about the impacts of this new agreement.

New Canadian Research Finds Parents Need More Resources To Become Digital Role Models

Technology is making families and households more connected than ever, according to the latest research on digital parenting, but parents feel they need more resources to be better digital role models.

Digital Trophies 2018: The winners have been announced!

Organized by TÉLUQ and under the theme of the next CIRTA congress, the Digital Trophies competition aims to highlight innovative educational projects that combine digital technologies, tools and approaches.

7 reasons to become an entrepreneur at school

When you read education blogs, you feel a firm intention to make a difference. Why not imagine a school open to its community and oriented towards the full development of all the individuals who attend it.

Robotics at the service of children's imaginations

On the occasion of the 6th Digital Education Summit, we met Lynda O'Connell, educational advisor at the RÉCIT national service, who talks to us about the extraordinary possibilities that programming and robotics offer to toddlers.

Give yourself time.

Speaking and thinking about pedagogy, for a teacher, ironically turns out to be quite difficult. However, on October 5, more than forty teachers gave themselves time, took the time. A column by Marjorie Paradis (RECIT DP) who was a facilitator at CréaCamp in Bois-Francs.

Advocacy for continuing education training

Continuing education is a springboard for our personal and professional aspirations, but also for those of the people around us and the institution we represent.

Running a school in the 21st century

A file intended for school administrators, which proposes avenues for establishing a coherent working framework for teachers and students alike, taking into account the expectations formulated by society and the aspirations of young people.

Academos demystifies vocational training for young people with the Breathtaking Careers campaign

Academos launched on October 10 the second edition of the Breathtaking Professions web campaign, the objective of which is to introduce young people to vocational training (VET) professions while connecting them with the world of work.

Giftedness: avenues to promote the development of the full potential of gifted students

Presented in the context of the International Congress on Learning Disabilities, this article addresses the subject of the impact of giftedness on students and suggests ways to support them and promote their full development.

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