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Schools on the move: an avant-garde solution for temporary schools

The industrial designer Charles Godbout and the architect Luc Plante are among the finalists of the Alcoa competition "Architecture engaged in our communities, a matter of aluminum".

Ignite the passion for ICT by sharing its practices

During the AQUOPS conference, we met Nathalie Charest, a mathematics teacher at the Commission scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke, who tells us how AQUOPS ignited her passion for ICT.

Some winning attitudes to integrate ICT in the classroom

Faced with the use of technological innovations and the lot of unforeseen events they entail, what are the winning attitudes to develop among teachers when it comes to integrating ICT in the classroom?

Mass tourism forces the closure of a paradise island

This week, the Philippines closed for six months the most popular island of the archipelago which seems to have become, according to President Rodrigo Duterte, a "septic tank" because of mass tourism. Let's take a closer look at this phenomenon visible on a global scale.

Young people connected, parents informed

On Wednesday April 25, the official launch of the book “Young people connected, parents informed” was held in the presence of the author Cathy Tétreault and the preface Madame Claire Beaumont.

The clash of generations to guide our interventions

In a conference presented as part of the Les Tablettistes event, Carol Allain invites us to take an interest in the particularities of different generations in a context of educational change.

DOSSIER: Implanting the iPad in the secondary in "1 to 1" mode

This dossier shares the experience of the massive implementation of the iPad in a secondary school. It highlights both the tools and the people who made it a positive experience. The avenues for reflection will adapt to all brands of tablets, and even to other types of mobile devices.

(Discover #Edteq) Brand: from student project to vector of culture transmission

In 1990, the founder of De Marque, then aged 15, used his programming skills to develop his first software for schools, Tap'Touche. Since then, the company has grown and now shines internationally, not forgetting the environment that saw it grow.

The cutting edge of Silicon Valley at Collège Mont Notre-Dame

The Collège Mont Notre-Dame unveiled its new learning space entirely dedicated to zSpace technology, which combines virtual and augmented reality.

CHAPO to three ICT enthusiasts

On the occasion of the 36th AQUOPS conference, we met Marie-Élaine Boisclair, Yvan Fortier and Benoît Petit, all three recipients of a CHAPO award for their contribution to the integration of ICT.

The Support our Companions project: an inspiring twinning!

For their last year in high school, six students from the Collège des Compagnons wanted to share their community and entrepreneurial values with young Quebecers and Haitians.

Génome Québec offers scientific content and activities with the Education Platform

In order to introduce genomics to students and meet the needs of science and technology teachers, Génome Québec is launching its new Education Platform.

A mermaid in the St. Lawrence River

Nathalie Lasselin is about to experience a crazy urban odyssey in the St. Lawrence River. Let's take a closer look at how this modern-day mermaid combines caving and scuba diving to fully live her passion.

3 ways to use Edutechno in your classroom

Whether it is to vary its teaching activities, to practice the flipped classroom or to consolidate student learning, Edutechno is the solution for many elementary teachers! Indeed, this web platform offers a range of resources and functionalities.

(Discover #Edteq) Nanomonx: motivation for writing above all!

Nanomonx is the young Quebec company behind La Constellation de l'Ours, the creation and sharing game that motivates elementary school students to write.

Develop and grow through education

On the occasion of the first professional development summit in education, held on March 19 and 20, 2018 in Drummondville, we met Danièle Henkel, a seasoned entrepreneur, who gave the opening speech of the event.

21st Century Skills Development Workshop

21st Century Skills for Our Students… you've heard of it, but not sure what it is? Take part in a one-day workshop on the subject with Margarida Romero, from the University of Nice.

Tunnels under Los Angeles to reduce traffic congestion

A high-tech company proposes to dig numerous tunnels under Los Angeles to reduce traffic congestion. Let's take a closer look at this other project by billionaire Elon Musk known for his electric car company Tesla as well as SpaceX, his interplanetary rocket company.

#Summet18: Never too late!

By the end of the school year, a number of events will be held to promote professional development in education and the integration of digital technology into practices. Is it too late to register? The answer is no in most cases. Until the last minute, we will accept your registration. However, several questions remain unanswered ...

Consignaction encourages elementary school children to recover

Consignaction is launching a tour of primary schools to encourage young students to adopt healthy lifestyles. This campaign aims to educate young people about nutrition, physical activity, cultural diversity and the environment.

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