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Roots to grow: towards identity building and better living together!

“Separated families, blended families, children from immigrant backgrounds, lack of dialogue between generations… through this, who am I? "

Scholarships worth 200,000$ awarded to students from across the country

Offered for the fourth year in a row, the Government of Canada History Awards recognize high school and university students from across the country for their outstanding work and their interest in great moments in Canadian history.

(Discover #Edteq) Chenelière Éducation, a publisher looking to the future

Chenelière Éducation is a publisher that is resolutely contemporary and turned towards the future. It develops digital content and technological platforms for the school and the classroom of today and tomorrow. This article will allow you to discover his approach.

The animals at the Montreal Biodome are moving!

The Montreal Biodome modernization project got underway this week. In the coming days, the Biodôme will be emptied of its animals to allow for major renovations. Let's take a closer look at how this unusual move will be organized.

(Discover #Edteq) Develop voluntary autonomy with Studyo

To learn to organize, you have to participate actively. Thus, the Studyo application was designed to be more than a digital calendar. It relies on a skill essential to the academic and professional development of students: organization!

Plants - Episode 2: my plant is alive

All living things share the same characteristics. Here is a series of short activities to be carried out with your pupils which aim to promote the discovery of these characteristics from the observation of the plants in the kitchen garden.

When a minister has a vision for education in the 21st century

The Minister of Education of Quebec shares his vision for education in a book: is it not necessary that all those who are concerned by it take the time to see what it is?

Go further by creating virtual reality applications

The Sainte-Anne Innovation and Surpassing Fund once again this year made it possible to award several grants to support innovative educational projects.

(Discover #Edteq) Access to reading and writing for all, without compromise!

Haylem Technologies makes accessibility to user-friendly and effective tools intended for people with reading and writing difficulties its hobbyhorse. Spotlight on a local company that takes the challenges of today's and tomorrow's learners to heart.

Extinction of the northern white rhinos

Sudan, the last male of the northern white rhino subspecies, died euthanized to end his suffering. His death marks the potential end of this subspecies.

“With digital, nothing is lost, everything is a matter of reinvestment! "

During the #Clair2018 conference, we met Manon Légaré, a sixth grade teacher in an intensive English program at Les Prés-Verts school of the Commission scolaire de la Capitale.

Do you know the Média TFO group?

This leader in the creation of media content in French has for vision "to be a public catalyst of rich educational and cultural experiences in French".

Teaching about the Holocaust and human rights

All Canadian school programs prepare students to become educated, responsible and engaged citizens. Teaching about the Holocaust and human rights makes it possible to address issues directly related to this objective of citizenship education.

BanqO! A tool to help develop, manage and revise intervention or transition plans

The implementation of intervention plans has been made compulsory by school boards since the 1988 Public Education Act, however several shortcomings and difficulties are associated with it. It is through this observation that the technological tool BanqO! has been thought of.

International day of happiness

On March 20 of each year, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Happiness. Let's take a closer look at what each of us can do to help.

Code Create Educate: Inspiring the Next Generation of Creators Starts in the Classroom

Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), a Canadian non-profit organization, in partnership with Lighthouse Labs, is undertaking a national campaign called Code Create Educate.

Plants, episode 1: seeds

In education, I belong to the branch of science didactics which is based on a "hands-on" approach. I propose here to combine school gardening activities with plant study activities.

(Discover #Edteq) Classcraft - Motivation for learning

The Classcraft team wishes to contribute to the complete development of the student, through a playful approach. Empathy, collaboration and self-awareness are at the heart of their thinking!

Here is Chef Ratatouille and the school canteens of Nice

With the "Lab-school" project, will Ricardo Larrivée be able to offer school canteens in Quebec something other than the "Chef Poutine" who reigns too often there today? What if the Nice experience could serve as an inspiration for him during this month of food?

Discover the Science Bunker: a team building experience

Do you know the Science Bunker? It's a place to discover! Located in Lévis, this site was designed by Zapiens, enthusiasts convinced that science must be part of the basic education of all Quebecers.

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