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Retrospective of the most read articles of École branchée

What were our 5 most read articles in this first part of the year? We reveal them to you !! Have you read them all? Otherwise, it's a good time!

Digital transformation of education: what future for education?

The appearance of new technological innovations has transformed the uses and behavior of individuals, companies and more generally the structure of markets. Educational institutions are not spared either.

Launch of Profhelper

The École branchée received a service suggestion from its creators. Here is a press release in which they present their idea and their approach.

21st century skills and innovation in education

Marc-André Girard talks about innovation in education and 21st century skills with François Taddéi, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI) in Paris.

Creativity in math: opening closed problems for further study

An interview with Simon Lavallée, “netmathematician”, on the occasion of his participation in the CréaCamp in Montreal, on November 17th.

Letters to Anthony: Christmas Vacation or Holiday Vacation?

Ti't'oeil le reenne is asking itself some good questions as the holiday season approaches! Can you help him answer them?

Letters to Anthony: The Holidays are just around the corner!

The holidays are fast approaching! My friend Ti't'oeil le reenne is asking himself some good questions! Can you help him?

"Monsieur Connard": the self-mockery of a teacher in the face of his colleagues' non-verbal comments

Marc-André Girard recounts his meeting with a teacher with a thousand projects, who gave himself a revealing nickname: Monsieur Connard.

The MMFA, with the support of Ubisoft Montreal, is launching Quelle Histoire!

Designed and produced by the MMFA, WHAT A HISTORY! is an interactive digital tablet application for high school students.

An airplane traces a Christmas tree in the sky

Last week, an airplane pilot traced the shape of a Christmas tree in mid-flight over Germany. Let's take a closer look at the tradition of the Christmas tree recognized today across the world.

Teachers and students, creators of video content in mathematics

Mr. Alpacca is professor of mathematics at the European School in Varese, Italy. With his students, he creates math videos on YouTube.

Launch of the call for workshops for the 2018 ACELF congress

The Canadian Association for French Language Education (ACELF) announces the start of the call for workshops for its 2018 conference to be held in Moncton.

2018 School Day Care Symposium: Call for Speakers

The Association québécoise de la garde scolaire (AQGS) is preparing its Colloque de la garde scolaire on November 24, 2018, to be held in Longueuil.

Participate in AQEP's strategic planning by giving your point of view

Our partner, the Quebec Association of Elementary Teachers (AQEP), would like to know your point of view on its strategic planning.

Alimentarium revisits its digital educational platform

The Alimentarium academy is intended for teachers, children and adults to educate them about healthy eating and nutritional habits.

Letters to Anthony: Where do hens lay their eggs?

You've already asked me where the hens lay their eggs ... That's a good question to ask yourself! And here are some answers!

Letters to Anthony: What did you learn in school today?

When we are young, we are often asked by our parents in the evening if we have learned something new at school. Me, that annoyed me a little.

A study day in Lille: robots at school

On November 29, the Lille-Nord-de-France ÉSPÉ held a study day on the integration of robotics into educational activities.

A viral video of a hungry polar bear

In the past few days, a viral video of a hungry polar bear in Canada's Far North has shocked thousands of internet users. Let's go back to these moving images.

Online interactive class: ÉtudeSecours signs an agreement with TAMAPLACE

ÉtudeSecours contributes to educational success by offering online educational services to support young people, their families and schools.

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