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A new association between TECHNOCompétences and Mon Avenir Ti to raise awareness among more young people about careers in technology

TECHNOCompétences is partnering with Mon Avenir Ti to organize high school tech tours in the Capitale-Nationale region.

Thousands of videos at your fingertips

More than 3000 capsules on many trades, careers and training programs are available on the My video training platform.

TurtleArt: When the arts and programming merge happily!

RemixEd / EdCamp Montreal 2017 notably allowed to meet Artemis Papert and Brian Silverman, in addition to discovering the TurtleArt software.

Discovery of the tomb of Saint Nicolas

Archaeologists have recently discovered in Turkey a tomb possibly containing the remains of Saint Nicolas, this character at the origin of Santa Claus. Let's take a closer look at this discovery.

Three help functions offered free of charge for students with a learning disability

The Lexibar now offers three free help functions: spell predictor, text-to-speech and spell checker.

Good game ! Fight bullying with Classcraft

On October 2, the unveiling of an educational tool designed to respond to the problem of bullying in schools was held.

The adventure of École branchée at the 2017 Coopérathon

The École branchée participates in the 2017 Coopérathon! During these "25 days to impact lives", we will keep a logbook here, guts on the table!

The Squirrel Hunt

Petitions tabled in the National Assembly, media reports, inappropriate commentary by a political commentator, never has such a small animal caused so much controversy in a single day.

15th edition of the My Most Beautiful Story for the FGA writing competition

The FSE, together with the CSQ, is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the My Most Beautiful Story writing competition, intended for adults in training.

50 innovative projects in education

The Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) is launching a site that presents 50 innovative projects implemented in Quebec schools.

OPINION: Let's dare to create an innovative education now!

The book “Osons l'école”, by I. Senécal and U. Cavenaghi, was born from the authors' desire to share their experience and their vision of innovative schools.

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Happy World Teachers' Day! Here are various press releases issued today on this subject by many organizations! 

ÉducArt, the museum for everyone, everywhere in Quebec

On September 20, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), the innovative digital platform ÉducArt was launched.

1.5 million computers donated to Canadians through Computers for Schools

Minister Bains marks a milestone in the program that is helping the rising generation acquire digital skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

World Teachers' Day

Public School Week also coincides with World Teachers' Day on October 5 of each year. Let's take a closer look at how these people have influenced our lives from our early childhood.

Develop historical thinking through the creative use of ICT

Benjamin Lille is interested in the integration of educational technologies to engage students in social universe lessons.

Learn while playing at Learn Quebec

On September 15, Learn Quebec received a group of educators including teachers, school administrators, educational advisers and MakerSpace facilitators.

The limits of augmented reality in education

Highly relevant, augmented reality technology serves the education community well, but is not yet perfect. Here are some limitations.

Resources and references on augmented reality in education

Here are the resources and references that made it possible to write the dossier on augmented reality in education. 

Augmented reality for learning

Augmented reality changes the student's relationship to learning content, decompartmentalizes the classroom and allows for a better understanding of abstract concepts.

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