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Reducing the consumption of candy on Halloween, is it possible?

For children, the Halloween party rhymes with candy picking. However, is it possible to intelligently manage the consumption of candy on this festive day?

Learning while having fun: the experience of Kathleen Morneau

At the Académie St-Louis, the iPad occupies an important place in everyday life. Kathleen Morneau tells us about her classroom experience with the game Minecraft.

Invitation to the 6th Digital Education Summit

The 6th Digital Education Summit will take place at the Sheraton Center in Montreal, May 3 and 4, 2018. The call for papers is available.

A section of the Colosseum in Rome accessible again

In the coming days, a section long closed to the public will again be accessible to the Colosseum in Rome. Let's take a closer look at this work of Roman architecture.

Wanted: Creative and Talented Students

The REFER is calling on secondary arts and multi-media classes to create a trophy to be given to the winners of the twitterature competition.

Academos invites young people to enter the cybersecurity game

The Quebec social network of Academos orientation announces the launch of the T'es-tu game web campaign in partnership with the Desjardins Group.

A collaborative work on the creative uses of digital technology for learning in the 21st century

Several Quebec educators have collaborated on a book entitled Creative uses of digital technology for learning in the 21st century.

Launch of the Sors de ta bubble mobilization campaign web platform

With the Sors de ta bubble campaign, the Monique Fitz-Back Foundation aims to mobilize high school youth in the fight against climate change.

Honey contaminated with insecticides

Honey is a food very popular with people on several continents. Did you know that it is very often contaminated with harmful pesticides?

Open classroom walls with digital technology

As part of the CIRT @ 2017 conference, an interactive transfer session entitled “Opening the classroom walls with digital technology” took place at UQAM.

Startup Jeunesse: Entrepreneurial immersion projects for the next generation

The MESI is launching a call for proposals for entrepreneurial immersion projects for high school and college youth.

A consultation project for community partners, schools and young people in Quebec

My Voice Matters! is an initiative of the RCJEQ to involve young people in Quebec in concrete recommendations that bring them together and bring them together.

Have a good Quebec week for the directors of educational institutions!

Have a good Quebec week for the directors of educational institutions! École branchée presents the press releases received by multiple organizations on this subject.

The deposit of coffee cups soon in Vancouver?

A Vancouver association, Binners' Project, believes they have found the solution to prevent coffee cups from ending up in the trash: add a deposit so that the cups go for recycling.

An educational program to prevent early sexualization for free download

The On est encore des enfants program is intended in particular for school workers who work with children in the 3rd cycle of primary education.

Discover the Canadian Francophonie differently

Learn about Canada's francophone communities interactively with the multiplatform educational site Voyage en francophonie canadienne.

The Battle of Mosul, one year later

On October 17, 2016, Iraqi government forces began the battle to retake the city of Mosul from Daesh fighters. One year later, what is the situation?

The Canadian Waters Challenge: Explore and Celebrate Water with Your Students

Discover a participatory game that brings young Canadians to discover stories on the theme of water and then to educate the public on different issues.

A professional recommendation on how to best respond to bullying between students

Ontario's regulatory body for the teaching profession issues recommendation on how to best respond to bullying among students.

Conquer the great depths

The idea of living under the sea continues to inhabit our collective mind. Let's explore in more detail how the French oceanographer architect Jacques Rougerie pursues his quest for the oceans through the SeaOrbiter project.

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