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The ACELF awards the 1st Cultural Passeur Prize

The ACELF awards its Cultural Passeur prize to Chantal Desgagné, consultant in cultural education and identity construction at the FrancoSud School Board of Alberta.

iClasse: refocusing your class on the student in a digital world

Meeting with François Bourdon, co-founder of iClasse, an innovation support program for teachers.

The Quebec Bridge celebrates its 100th anniversary!

The Quebec Bridge recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the end of its construction. Begun in 1903, the bridge collapsed twice before being completed in September 1917. Let's take a closer look at this bridge, still considered a major work of engineering today.

A competition to discover the cost of different means of transport

The Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation offers college students the opportunity to compare the personal, social and environmental costs of three modes of travel.

Educational resources in secondary school financial education

The UQTR and the RÉCIT of the social universe offer a bank of free educational resources for the new financial education course in secondary school.

Fish with personality

Researchers have observed the behavior of guppies in various contexts. Let's take a closer look at why they claim that these little fish have a personality of their own depending on the environment in which they live.

News: The role of journalism in dealing with "fake news"

Thanks to a grant from Google Canada, the Canadian Journalism Foundation and CIVIX will develop the Actufuté media literacy program.

The challenge of the earth: "What is it made of?" "

Your students will soon discover What on Earth are their things made of? And where on Earth do they come from?

Better understand democracy and give a taste for politics

CPAC Route 338 is a website and giant maps resource that aims to motivate Canadian students to participate in the political process.

Open house at the Académie Sainte-Anne, on Saturday September 23

From teachers to administrative staff, from robots to alpacas and chickens, everyone involved in the success of Sainte-Anne's students will welcome the general public.

Resources to develop its power to act against climate change

To encourage young people to participate in the fight against climate change, the Government of Canada recently launched the Youth Climate site.

Ladies-in-law passing through Quebec

Quebec is currently witnessing an unprecedented migration of orange butterflies. Confused with the famous monarch, they would rather be ladies-in-law.

Play around with classroom management to support student motivation and participation

Meeting with Dominic Guay, 5th grade teacher at the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs, who gamifies his classroom management with ChallengeU and Classcraft.

TFO is back to school in Ontario, Canada, and now also in France

1 million French students will have access to Groupe Média TFO's educational content via the Beneylu Spot platform.

Resources to reduce back-to-school anxiety and support perseverance

Back to school: source of joy for one student, stress for the other. Discover the various resources of the PRECA to help you support them.

New Anglicisms Now Permitted

The Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) adopted a new language borrowing policy in 2017. Let's take a closer look at those that can now be included in our communications.

Security, plagiarism and cyberbullying conference in distance learning

REFAD, Canada's Francophone Distance Education Network, is launching its call for papers for its 2018 conference.

September 20, we read science

On September 20, science books and magazines will be on the menu for many schools and families for the first National I Read Science Day! ".

Dare with a single iPad in class… not easy, but possible!

An Ottawa teacher shares designs from preschool and grade 2 students made with a single iPad for the whole class.

The school's “digital file”: a site to work hand in hand

Your management, knowing your resourcefulness and your interest, entrusts you with the “digital file” of the school. Good news? It depends!

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