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Computational thinking, a skill at the heart of the 21st century

The fall 2017 edition of École branchée magazine has just been published. The main dossier deals with computational thinking as a skill to be developed.

FLIPTUBEUR 2.0: the Franco-Canadian YouTube talent competition is back

As of September 1, Franco-Canadians aged 12 to 15 living in a minority environment will be able to participate in the pan-Canadian hearings of FLIPTUBEUR 2.0.

Education: spending increases, number of students decreases

Over the past 10 years, spending on education has jumped, the number of students has declined and results have improved little. Findings of the MEI.

The colors of body diversity: a challenge to feel good about yourself

In September will begin a month of awareness of body diversity. Here are various resources to participate with your class!

Sketchnoting: creative note taking that makes thinking visible

We are discussing today with Marie-Andrée Ouimet, technopedagogical advisor, who explains the interest of sketchnoting to make thought visible.

Learning computers and electronics in a fun way is possible

A French electronics company is testing its human-machine interface (HMI) programming environment with high school and college students.

A Quebec teacher receives an "Emerging Leader" award from ISTE

Meeting with Amy Tran, computer science and mathematics teacher at Collège Beaubois, who received an Emerging Leader award from ISTE last June.

Opinion: How to learn English on your own

Marc Belley, linguist, has created a website where he gives his tips for learning English independently. He explains here his vision of the thing.

#ludovia14: The 14th edition of the Ludovia Summer University is in full swing

From August 22 to 25, follow the Ludovia Summer University, which takes place in Ax-les-Thermes in the Pyrenees, thanks to the retransmission of certain activities.

Setting up or reassessing a makerspace at school: a short practical guide

Are you thinking of setting up a makerspace in your school or want to reassess the one that is already in place? Our collaborator found a little guide that could be very useful to you!

Back to school: 341,970 magazines given to students

341,970 copies of Les Débrouillards, Les Explorateurs and Curium magazines were given to schools this week.

The skills to be privileged in the era of abundance of information

Guy Rocher, Quebec sociologist, recalls the changes experienced by our education system in the 20th century and suggests skills to be favored today.

#Scratch2017BDX The 4 Ps of Seymour Papert: Projects, Passion, Peers, Play

At the 10th International Scratch Conference, Professor Mitchel Resnick explained the philosophy of MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten group.

3D modeling for the study of volumes? " Yes we can! "

4th year (CM1) primary school students identify 3D printing as the ideal solution to their educational approach… and build their own printer!

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada marks 50th anniversary

Provincial and territorial ministers responsible for education were in Charlottetown at the end of July for the 106th meeting of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).

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