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Continuing education: registration for CréaCamp Beaubois is open!

We can now register to participate in the CréaCamp which will take place on November 17, 2017 at Collège Beaubois, in Montreal!

Hannah Wilson: female leadership in education through WomenEd Canada

The instigator of WomenEd Canada tells us about the context of the launch of the movement at uLead 2017, an international summit on leadership in education.

The awakening of the cicadas

The so-called periodic cicadas have a sleep cycle varying from 13 to 17 years. Let's take a closer look at the impacts linked to the fact that they woke up 4 years in advance.

eCampusOntario launches digital free textbook library

Ontario Minister of Advanced Education and Training announces investment in digital open textbooks.

Valérie Poirier: Raising students' awareness of digital citizenship

Talking about digital citizenship so that students share what they do in line with who they are: this is the lesson of our interview of the day!

The CréaCamp, a creative continuing education for teachers

The CréaCamp allows teachers to deepen a creative subject in the company of mentors for a day. We are discussing today with the organizers.

Beluga rescue operation in New Brunswick

A beluga stuck in a New Brunswick river arouses the curiosity of residents and the interest of the scientific community. Scientific authorities are preparing to relocate this cetacean, a risky rescue operation.

Clair: to go from virtual to real

In this pedagogical meeting of the École branchée, Roberto Gauvin presents the unifying event of Clair, which has been held annually since 2010.

How to get started with the Scratch programming application

The free Scratch software was created to introduce students to the basics of programming. Here are some ways to get started with confidence with them!

The appearance of Homo sapiens postponed by 100,000 years

A team of researchers have discovered the oldest bones of Homo sapiens. These would date back 300,000 years, which postpones the appearance of the first modern humans by more than 100,000 years.

Vision and action in Mr. Éric's class

Today we meet Mr. Éric, a “rebellious and against the grain” grade 6 teacher, who introduces us to his premises and his “team”, his students!

ChallengeU and De Marque become partners

We learn today that the ChallengeU platform will henceforth be represented by the De Marque company in the school environment.

Food waste and waste

Food waste, combined with food waste, is an increasingly problematic in our society. Let's take a closer look at how gluttonous maggots, and composting, are used for our benefit.

8 key things to look for in today's classroom

During the last AQUOPS conference, I attended Frédéric Lavoie's workshop. I made some great discoveries there that I absolutely had to share!

Destabilize yourself in the 21st century: a sharing of creative approaches

During the last AQUOPS conference, I attended a workshop on educational innovation in the classroom, the objective of which was to leave with questions!

The next great Franco-Canadian “YouTubeur”?

A competition enabled 140 young Franco-Canadians aged 12 to 14 to compete for talent in operating the YouTube platform. Here are the winners!

"Imagine the school of tomorrow" at the 49th congress of the FCSQ

The FCSQ congress is in full swing and dares to “imagine the school of tomorrow” by presenting various workshops that address aspects relevant to the theme.

Carl Parent: My iPad Class, One Step at a Time

Today we are chatting with a teacher who has created his own iPad class! It was far from easy, but possible by going one step at a time.

Alloprof's cyberprofs: real virtual teachers at the service of students

Using voice exchanges, chatting and an online interactive whiteboard, student assistance takes on a new dimension via Alloprof's cyberprofs!

The “agile mentality” in education: knowing how to adapt and respond to change

What is the secret of a good leader in a school environment? Part of the answer, according to Australian speaker and researcher Simon Breakspear, is his attitude to change.

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