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18-34 year olds: heavy users of mobile devices

In 2016, 81 % aged 18 to 34 owned a smartphone. This is the age group that has posted the highest adoption rate of this tool for 5 years.

2016-2017: Most read articles in École branchée online

We end the year with statistics! Here is the list of the most read articles this year in the École branchée online! The #1 will surprise you!

Artificial intelligence (AI) to promote mutual aid at school

Identifying student support needs in real time and matching them with the right peer helper: an example of using AI for success.

300,000 Les Explorateurs, Les Débrouillards and Curium magazines offered free of charge

Les Explorateurs for the first 3 years of elementary school, Les Débrouillards for the other 3, Curium for the secondary classes: quite a gift!

NAO, a promising humanoid robot tested in Quebec schools

The NAO robot is tested with students with an autism spectrum disorder, in special education, as well as for learning programming.

New guide to support cultural intervention in Francophone minority communities

The new guide To move from activity to impactivity is a reference tool in cultural intervention that offers school stakeholders a framework for reflection, planning tools and a common language.

#ISTE17 Congress: Under the sign of the "maker" movement

At the 2017 Congress of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), “makerspaces” workshops, design thinking and creative chaos are on the menu!

22 ways to innovate at school

Ms. Nancy Brousseau shares 22 approaches that promote innovation in schools. (For skeptics: the word "technology" only appears once!)

The little story of Imprezario, or the sabbatical teacher to carry out his project

We present to you the personal project of one of our collaborators, Pascal Provost. The teacher took a sabbatical to create the Imprezario collaborative agenda.

Educational success policy: the different points of view

The École branchée shares the different points of view of several organizations concerning the Policy on Educational Success in Quebec, launched this morning.

A professional love at first sight to collaborate in the pleasure!

François Bourdon and Eric Tremblay, 6th grade teachers, one in Montreal and the other in Quebec City, recount the professional love at first sight that brought them together.

Teaching about the Holocaust through digital resources

Digital has revolutionized the way we teach history. In particular, it is proving to be an effective tool in learning about the history of the Holocaust.

The InnovExport Fund supports Studyo's international growth

Good news from our “edtech” industry: the Studyo team obtains financing from the InnovExport Fund to support its international growth.

Arts, math and digital fabrication: Escher comes to high school

A look back at a multidisciplinary high school educational project, inspired by the engraver Escher and facilitated by the use of various digital technologies!

September 29: “I like #MonPatefeuille” contest (Twitter and Instagram)

The École branchée is teaming up with the J'aime #MonPatefeuille photo competition of the Journées de la Culture, which will take place on September 29 on Twitter and Instagram.

3 obstacles to change in education

The president of the Canadian Education Association notes 3 factors that stand in the way of change in education: aging, structure and mentality.

Minister of Education creates advisory group on innovation

100 primary and secondary stakeholders, both public and private, have been advising the Minister of Education on various issues since April.

Pierre Lefebvre: Supporting teachers in using the iPad

The digital pedagogy advisor explains to us how the support for teachers is going in the use of iPad tablets in his environment.

Amundsen forced to interrupt scientific mission

The Canadian Coast Guard research vessel Amundsen had to interrupt a science mission in the Arctic this week. Let's see what caused the cancellation of the research project.

Experience virtual reality in the classroom

Virtual reality is knocking on the doors of our classes. Report of a workshop on the subject at the last Summit of the iPad and the digital in education.

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