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Free classroom activities to discover the maritime world of the St. Lawrence River

These activities are aimed at elementary cycle 3 students and introduce them to the maritime transport industry thanks to the game Delivered by ship.

Call for workshops for the 2017 GRMS congress (mathematics)

The GRMS is looking for facilitators for its next training session which will take place in Drummondville on October 19 and 20, 2017.

How about rethinking the school?

When we talk about change and innovation in education, some people tend to want to heal the school rather than think about it. Back to "Rethinking school"

Canadian Space Agency is looking for two new astronauts

The Canadian Space Agency's fourth astronaut recruitment campaign is in full swing. Find out why the 17 candidates still running are inspiring role models for young people!

Call for papers for the CIRT @ colloquium

The CIRT @ expects communication proposals no later than May 1 for its annual conference! A bridge between practice and research.

MILSET International Science Fair - 5 young people complete the delegation representing Quebec

The Quebec delegation that will go to the MILSET International Science Fair from August 6 to 12, 2017 in Brazil is now known.

So, do we learn to “code” or “program”?

According to the definitions of "code" and "program", the latter term comes closer to what we should wish to convey to our students.

Virtual reality for immersive learning

Practice delicate manipulations, visit inaccessible places, meet disappeared companies… these are some examples of the potential of virtual reality in education.

Begpacking, the new beggar tourism

A blogger from Singapore stirred up a stir by posting photos of young Westerners begging to "finance their trip around the world." This new phenomenon is called “begpacking”.

Three mothers testify to the importance of technological aids in the success of their boys

Three mothers testify to the small victories of their child with learning disabilities thanks to the technological aid tool Médialexie.

Alloprof launches videos for learning math and science

Don't waste your time, go to YouTube! Each video created by Alloprof explains in a fun way and in less than 4 minutes a key notion of learning.

Opening up to the community and supporting teacher networking is a winner!

Feedback on the discussion “Teacher Leadership in Turbulent Times” between a teacher, a principal and a president of the teachers association at the uLead17 summit.

The passion for student entrepreneurship

Corinne Germain is a teacher passionate about student entrepreneurship who educates teachers and their classes with workshops and activities. She tells how she helps students achieve their projects, while pushing schools to open their doors to entrepreneurship.

Electronic waste on the rise

Electronic devices are more and more present in the lives of consumers. Let's take a closer look at the impacts of this reality on humans and the environment, especially in Asian countries.

Let's go for the 39th edition of the Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, Quebec final 2017

From April 20 to 23, discover the 125 best scientific projects in the province gathered at the Mgr-A.-M.-Parent high school in Saint-Hubert.

Finding Your Way with Copyright in the Classroom

There are different ways to use works in the classroom while respecting copyright. Here are some ideas presented during the AQUOPS conference.

Stimulating ideas, creating sparks: the iPad at the service of creativity

Feedback on the Bootcamp Creativity workshop (presented at AQUOPS) aiming to create, collaborate, solve problems and meet different challenges with the iPad.

A river disappears quickly due to global warming

Recently, scientists have announced that they have discovered that a river in Youkon has quickly disappeared from its bed due to global warming. Let's take a closer look at this strange phenomenon.

The "little box": for listening to children

A school nurse tells about her “little box”, a listening space for elementary school students who also have their sufferings and problems.

Ideas to mark “Let's talk about money with our children” day

Today, across Canada, thousands of teachers, parents and children are talking about money in the classroom and at home.

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